Plus Size Lingerie For Apple Shape

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We’ve never seen custom made custom underwear before. However, it is a serious change for the industry when one of the biggest bloggers of this size gets involved. That’s exactly what happened when New York-based lingerie brand Impish Lee teamed up with Fat Girl Trend’s Corissa Enneking for a fully customizable 16-piece collection that launched on February 13th.

Plus Size Lingerie For Apple Shape

Plus Size Lingerie For Apple Shape

Although this collection is made in sizes 0-30 and 28A-44J, each piece can be sized by measuring at checkout. Not only is this collection one of the widest offerings, it’s also the first underwear to collaborate with a blogger, size 24.

How To Pick The Right Shapewear For Your Body Type

Impish Lee is run by sisters Callie and Noel Lee Ventresca. They didn’t set out to become underwear designers, but when Noel started sewing seven years ago, she fell in love with her close relatives. They first started testing the waters with their line on Etsy, where Korissa first discovered it.

After deciding on Etsy, Callie and Noelle realized the need for more customization options while reducing waste. This became the foundation of their growing brand.

“We have a unique structure that allows us to offer one of the broadest product lines in the industry because we only design and manufacture what we buy,” says Kali. “This allows us to offer trillions of possible designs without having to mass produce, sell, label and duplicate the waste of the fashion industry.”

This business model lends itself to the plus size market, which often has multiple size options (ie 3X/4X), pieces that can only be purchased in sets, or (my personal nemesis) straight “queen size” versions. size categories. As a blogger who regularly reviews lingerie for her popular YouTube channel, Corissa knows firsthand the battle of shopping for lingerie for all sizes. He hopes to save them with this partnership.

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“For me, it’s HARD to find underwear made from scratch-resistant synthetic fabrics,” says Corissa. “It is impossible to find uncircumcised stretch marks. Rompers are heavy – a personal favorite that I’m always looking for – because I’m tall and tall. Impish Lee tailors everything to your requirements, making everything a dream come true.”

“We absolutely adore Corissa’s message of self-love, her cute, witty sense of humor and fashion sense!” Kali said. “We found that his vibe also matched our message very well. We are the biggest advocates of women owning their bodies, appreciating their uniqueness and exploring their own creativity and style aesthetic. We are a brand that allows our customers to be part of the creative process. Wear what you love.”

The Fat Girl Flow x Impish Lee collection includes a mix of bras, dresses, cardigans, bottoms, skirts, jumpsuits, pants and belts. Various styles are available for the 16-piece collection. Lim’s vintage feel is true, but with a modern Corissa twist.

Plus Size Lingerie For Apple Shape

With soft pink fabrics, deep reds and whimsical florals at the centre, the minimalist collection is a perfect departure from the all-black or bright red lingerie we usually see in plus sizes. Corissa chose this palette on purpose.

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“I wanted to stay away from black because most plus-size underwear is already black,” says Corissa. “I thought it was important to use colors that plus-size consumers don’t get because people think we’re trying to shrink them or hide them. Of course, the pieces can be ordered in black as well, and we just wanted to show you that we have fun color options just like everyone else, big and small! Impish Lee uses a variety of velvets, nets and designs all incorporated into the line, so luxurious.”

From the fabric to the fitting process, Fat Girl Flow x Impish Lee offers the ultimate lingerie shopping experience that you simply can’t find in plus size. Prices ranging from $98 to $168 reflect the ethically handcrafted designs. While this is likely a higher price point for larger buyers, this collection fills an important gap in the industry.

“A lot of women with big bangs struggle to find a proper knot, let alone a bracelet,” says Noel. “Depending on the size of the nails, we can give larger breasts the support they need. We firmly believe that whatever your size, you deserve the same opportunities as the rest of the plus-size world. We’ve gone to great lengths to create a snug fit that’s not only flattering, but extremely comfortable in all sizes. “This is very important to us and drives us to learn in a very critical way.”

When we look at how these pieces fit Corissa and her modeling lookbook, Illeanna shows that these pieces are suitable for different body types. Whether it’s big or small, tall or short, hourglass or apple, Impish Lee aims to create pieces that suit all body types.

The Different Body Shapes Of Women

“Every plus-size body is unique and beautiful, and we all carry our weight differently,” says Corissa. “We’re not all glasses and a lot of my plus size friends can’t afford underwear because they’re all different sizes. Impish Lee celebrates all bodies and has no preconceived notions of what bodies should be, big or small. They give you specific details on how to measure and all of their pieces are made for your body so you know exactly when you’re wearing them. I know it took a while trying to find the right outfit for your apple. The body shape is perfect. I have always found wrap dresses to be the most comfortable and flattering. They are also a great choice for busy women like me. Honestly, I don’t feel like we need to worry about our clothes flattering other people, but if we’re not comfortable in them…then what’s the point?

Flap Midi Dress in size here (wearing a size 24) // Elomi Underwear Bra here (under this dress) // Wide heels like these // Black and gold earrings like these.

I think it’s been too long since I’ve blogged about Eloquii clothing. They always have something for my body type! Some people think the Eloquii is a bit tall, but I don’t think so. In particular, they have 30, 40 or even 50% off their clothes almost every week. If you find you like Eloquii products, I recommend subscribing to their newsletter to find out when they go on sale. So you can grab what you are looking for at the lowest price.

Plus Size Lingerie For Apple Shape

I loved how this printed midi dress fit my figure. The patterns on this dress are very flattering on our apple shape. Black and white colors help to elongate the dress, making us look very statuesque. What do you think of this outfit? Do you feel cute in this outfit?

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18 412 21 244 77 1242 19 412 43 479 108 1523 24 354 35 722 156 2652 41 412 Knowing how to dress for your figure can make a big difference in your wardrobe.

A TikToker and fashion expert posted a video with outfit suggestions for those with a peach body type.

She started the video by walking in front of the camera to show off exactly where her curves are.

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The chest area of ​​the body has two chests of fabric, with a flared and vertical seam stitched on each chest.

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Plus Size Lingerie For Apple Shape

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The first top she added to the mix was a long sleeve leotard with a silver band tied across the chest.

Another dress that flatters peach figure types is the black and white dress that creates an hourglass figure.

A third added: “This is the best thing I’ve seen online in a week. Thank you “You have no idea how inspiring this is.”

Another TikToker commented, “Yes! I have been looking for such ways for a long time. More tips! »

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