How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

Saturday, January 21st 2023. | Weddings

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding – If you’re thinking about planning a Renaissance themed wedding, you won’t want to miss this editorial! For this styled shoot, San Francisco-based planner Chloe Alice worked with an all-female team along with special event photographer Stephanie Klotz to bring some surprising and original elements to life. The creative team tried to create a feel for the design and overall aesthetic that no one had done before, with moody lighting, perfectly selected linens and elegant decor chosen with the end result in mind: a scene painting like a Dutch Renaissance Let’s check it out!!

“While there are some traditional table top shots, the dramatic addition of lighting and sliced ​​fruit, cakes and food items add a more realistic and dramatic effect to the scenes we create. We shot this setup in a studio in South San Francisco, with a great model and a handful of vendors that contribute to the photo lineup you see now!”

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

This decadent three-layer cake from San Francisco-based bakery Butter and, topped with cherry blossoms, compliments the seamless aesthetic.

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The beautiful bride wore an asymmetrical gown by Waters Designs from Janine’s Bridal. Her peach makeup and side swept curls by DA Bridal SF complimented her look perfectly!

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Big thanks to this female dream team for sharing their massive renaissance inspiration with us! Looking for more inspo? Check out this Italian Renaissance romance or this old fashioned rustic barn wedding!

Photography: Stephanie Klotz Photos // Planning: Chloe Alice Special Events // Flowers: Forslund Floral Design // Wedding Dress: Waters Mirror // Wedding Dress Boutique: Janine’s Bridal // Hair Stylist: DA Bridal SF // Makeup Artist: DA Bridal SF // Paper Products : Evergreen Press // Catering: Cheese Plus // Cake: Butter & // Table Rentals: Abbey Rentals // Furniture Rentals: One True Love // ​​Linen Rentals: La Tavola // Model: Abigail Matter

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Fashion + Beauty Semi-Formal Wedding Dresses – Everything You Need to Know for the Right Wedding Was an intimate desert escape perfect for this couple dreaming of a medieval wedding theme for their festival-inspired nuptials? We get it! This is a theme that immerses you in the romance of yesteryear with a unique and beautiful wedding.

We’ve prepared some tips to keep in mind when planning a medieval wedding theme for your special day!

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to wedding planning is choosing the perfect wedding venue. Happy here to make things easier! The largest online marketplace for finding event space.

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

Through it you will discover thousands of unique places in hundreds of cities. Sure to give you the best venue options for medieval wedding themes in your city!

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For a medieval wedding theme, you need a fireplace! On, you can browse spaces by filter, especially with a filter to find spaces with fireplaces, like this log home in Ridgefield, Washington!

Once you’ve completed the initial search for a venue using your location and wedding date, click “More Filters” and scroll down to “Features.” From there you can choose all kinds of options like a fire pit, fireplace, exposed brick and grill.

Another must-have for a medieval wedding theme is beautiful stone walls. Stone walls are an easy way to give your wedding a medieval feel without overdoing it – guests will probably be able to guess the theme as soon as they walk in the door!

On, you can find beautiful stone houses like this rustic and rustic lake house in Mohegan Lake, New York.

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Make it easy to book sensational venues within hours. Enjoy the largest location library and hassle-free booking today.

Want to go all out with your medieval wedding theme? Then rent a castle! You can find castles for rent all over the United States, but this one right under the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles is definitely one of our favorites!

Hollywood Castle is beautifully designed like a real British castle and comes with fantastic views of the Hollywood area.

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

What’s a medieval wedding theme without a hold? A wood and a garden are both key elements of the medieval look! This Texas venue features 1.5 acres of Renaissance-style gardens, a medieval gazebo, Renaissance-inspired grotto and a medieval cottage – a perfect location for wedding photos or an intimate micro-wedding!

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If your family already has a coat of arms — you’re all set with this piece of decor! If not, or you don’t know which coat of arms is associated with your family name – it’s time to research and design!

If you and your spouse both have coats of arms associated with your family, combining them can be a great way to represent your family’s unity at the wedding.

Dressing your groomsmen in full nightwear can be a bit overwhelming – but you can add fun knightly elements to their look, such as suits in “armour” colors (dark grey). While your bridesmaids hold bouquets, your groomsmen can be decorated with knives and small shields.

Green is the color that symbolizes the love of adventure for the people of Camelot. This makes for an absolutely stunning bridesmaid dress color for your wedding! To match the gray groom, we suggest the bridesmaids wear sage green.

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You can use this color palette to help you decorate the rest of the wedding venue. A light pink or dusty blue can also be a great complimentary color if you want to expand your color palette!

Take yourself back to the Middle Ages and celebrate by candlelight! Chandeliers, candles and torches will all give your wedding a medieval feel.

There’s nothing like the work of some great medieval blacksmiths! Creating faux metal rings to exchange on your wedding day is a great way to keep your wedding theme alive forever. Not to mention, you can find a legitimate blacksmith to forge the ring for you!

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

A medieval wedding would not be complete without a big and delicious feast! Using Concierge, you can find caterers near you who can create an amazing medieval themed feast for your wedding. Concierge takes your needs, gets quotes to match your requests and desires, and then gives you the best catering quotes to choose from that fit your budget.

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Once you’ve made your choice, the concierge makes sure everything is lined up and ready to go on the wedding day. There is plenty of beef stew, turkey legs and grass to eat! With the growing popularity of Renaissance fairs and greater freedom of personalization, the Renaissance is making a comeback. Considering the beauty, sophistication and harmonious progress of the Renaissance, it is natural that it became a source of inspiration.

During the Renaissance, especially for the middle and upper classes, there was more talk of family union than romantic love. However, as time gave way to a heightened sense of Enlightenment values ​​and aesthetics, actual ceremonies and celebrations began to evolve into what we consider a wedding today. According to author Donna Russo Morin, an Italian Renaissance wedding will consist of the following phases:

Impalmamento is the joining or parting of hands, where the couple will be introduced to each other by their families and matchmakers.

Sponsalia was a discussion between family leaders (usually fathers) about who would receive what in terms of dowry and economic benefits.

Bride In Front Of A Vintage Car In Cutout Illusion Lace Ballgown With Ruffle Skirt And Hot Pink Floral Bouquet Wedding Portrait

The marriage was the actual ceremony whereby the marriage was consummated and registered before the local authorities.

The whole community and the procession leading the bride to the groom’s house preceded the consummation of the marriage.

According to All About Renaissance Faires, hand-in-hand and financial agreements can take place years before a couple actually gets married. When the bride is fertile, there are ceremonies and festivals. For peasants, the Renaissance may have been a bit more Celtic, but followed the core of what was common practice.

How To Plan A Renaissance Themed Wedding

Renaissance ceremonies were civil until the church (then the ruling authority in most of Europe) changed the rules on marriage where they became Christian/Catholic depending on where you live. Renaissance Jewish and Muslim wedding ceremonies were celebrated according to their respective traditions, and in many cases became a mixture of what was civilly binding and religiously appropriate for each family. Some sources for reading from this period include:

Miami Wedding Planning Archives

Declaration of intention and announcement of the marriage in the city (ban) was the first step in the ceremony. This could be done in front of local authorities or religious authorities (which were often the same) in person or at the entrance of a church or town hall.

Proclamation of oaths before family and witnesses, usually after declaration of intention within a church or town hall and many

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