Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

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Indian Wedding Theme Ideas – The idea of ​​this dream marriage has always been associated with girls rather than boys. Men may not think about what their dream wedding would be like, but girls certainly do. Yes, men definitely think about the girl of their dreams, whom they want to marry.

The girls think they’ll do this, they’ll do that, the entrance will be ravishing, the stage will be amazing, the flowers will hang everywhere, the girls and boys will dance, this will be the food, and they have countless thoughts about them. wedding. .

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Indirectly, if it is technically speaking, it is all related to thinking about the girls’ dream wedding, how to decorate their wedding. Indirectly we are talking. We know you might think this as we mentioned. It’s all about wedding decor ideas, such as how to decorate your wedding venue with eye-catching starry, crystal, sparkle, floral, and floral decorations for your guests. Feel like they’ve gone to heaven when they come to your wedding.

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So for the girls who are envisioning their dream wedding, we are giving some simple Indian wedding decoration ideas so that they can decorate their wedding venue. Or ask someone else to do the same. How you do it or how you do it, your choice.

Here are our best, creative, unique, never-before-seen wedding decorating ideas for weddings:

Although flowers traditionally look beautiful, flowers are not always chosen. You can hang a kite by making a layer of it. The kites of various and different colors look great for wedding decoration. This is a low budget Indian wedding decoration idea and we think one of the best.

Whether it’s your Haldi ceremony or an evening wedding function, hanging pretty colorful tassels looks photogenic and wonderful when paired with twinkling lights. You can honor your music under it, don’t you think?

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You can use those unused colorful roses for wedding decorations that the women in your family don’t use. If it is no longer worn, you can definitely use it. For mandap decoration, these colorful sarees are the best choice, which customers are sure to appreciate if you don’t skip them.

Weddings are a week-long event in Indian families. And they have always been traditionally used in Indian weddings. When your last wedding day arrives, place different wreaths at the entrance on that day. When the groom arrives at the barat, he and his friends are sure to be adorned with gentle wreaths. Or you can use it anywhere.

Creative people can use anything creatively. Where there is greenery at the wedding venue, you can hang yellow or other colored gota ribbons. The yellow Gota Bandi looks very attractive when hanging from the tree.

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

We all have lanterns in our homes. And when the power goes out, almost no one uses them. You can light up your entire wedding venue with them during your wedding. Put this place there in the glass box where the wedding ceremony is held, light the lights. They definitely change the whole atmosphere of the wedding especially as evening approaches. One of the best simple Indian wedding decor ideas for weddings, can also use small glass jars to hold them.

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For the mehndi ceremony, decorating with colorful umbrellas would be the best. Hang a series of colorful umbrellas all over a particular location. Designers can also be used, especially the Rajasthani. Whether you dance, have fun with your friends or hold a mehndi ceremony under the shade of colorful umbrellas, your choice.

Whether the bride is sitting, the groom is sitting or some other relative is sitting, when captured with this amazing photobooth, you will cherish it for a lifetime. This photo booth with the water background is very gentle, smooth, blooming.

Quotes decorating ideas are trending. The quotes written during the wedding like “collecting memories”, “these moments will never come” and others are very cute. It can be anything you want for friends, guests, family or individuals. If these are present in your marriage, it will be very soulful.

Whether you want to play interstellar games or just have fun or flirt with the bridesmaids, you should have a few balloons in the air. You can have any of its colors. Whether it’s mid-air or a little higher in the air, everything will look perfect. This is an attractive simple wedding decoration idea for weddings. Just choose a quiet, peaceful and appropriate place for it.

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Puppetry was and still is our culture but now it is probably rare to see a puppet show held. But you can still use market-bought puppets to decorate your wedding. You put them somewhere or hang them or use them in a different style. It will catch the eye of your guests and can be the center of attraction of your wedding. Everyone appreciates it.

A setting or place at your wedding where everyone can be photographed together. A rickshaw decorated with flowers is a great idea for a photo shoot. It is possible that the bride and groom or the entire family can be photographed together.

Instead of having chairs for guests to sit on, you can arrange a charpai (light four-legged bed) for them. If you do this, you will create a dhaba-style seating arrangement at your wedding that the guests will really enjoy.

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

When wind chimes are like a gentle breeze, their melodious sound is very soothing and soothing. You can hang them somewhere at your wedding whether it’s at all the entrances or just a bunch of them in each corner of the venue. They will bring sweetness to the marriage.

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“First impression is last impression.” It is always said. So a wedding entrance decorated with twinkling lights on columns or bamboo will give your guests a unique magical experience. You can also have different colors of light.

Don’t think they are not meant to record your memories! You can easily buy these unique lights for wedding venue decoration in the market. They look like golden bubbles falling from the sky.

Covered tents are very attractive to children and are the best seating arrangement for wedding drinks parties. Drinking, singing and having fun can all go hand in hand.

Bracelets of various colors and sizes woven with thread can also be used for wedding decoration. This is an easy wedding decoration idea that anyone can do. No need to do the heavy lifting, just take a few unused hoops and a colored thread, knot them and hang them in layers wherever you want.

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When you were a kid, you probably used colorful lanyards when making crafts during your school days. You can also use these ropes for wedding decorations, whether you are wrapping them around a tree, pole or hanging them on something, use a few of them. By using colorful lace, your wedding venue will have a rainbow effect.

Wedding chandeliers look traditional and elegant, creating a temple-like feel, giving the impression of many traditional wedding ceremonies.

Ask your wedding decorator to bring a kettle, musical instruments, washcloths, and other unique accessories and bring everything together except the heavy ones. It will be a cool, eye-catching place at the wedding.

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Origami is the art of folding paper and creating unique shapes with them. We all did it in our childhood. So create different shapes, be it a boat, your favorite cartoon character or anything else, that can be used for wedding decoration. This origami decoration is time-consuming but one of the simplest and low-budget wedding decoration ideas.

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Whether the leaves are yellow or green, pick up any fallen leaves and cut them with string or braid. Leaves can be different and have different shapes. Here’s a green, eco-friendly wedding decor idea. Artificial leaves can also be used.

Hence, here are some of the best chic, lovely, elegant, Indian style wedding decor ideas that you can make at a wedding or function. This is low budget and creative and requires no manual effort. And remember, your wedding photos only look as brilliant as you are!

Also, if you have other creative wedding decoration ideas that you used in your wedding or have photos of them, please share them with us and we will recommend them if they are beautiful and catchy. eye.

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