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Is It Bad Luck To Try On Other Peoples Engagement Rings – Making “Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn” requires a “pair” of sex tapes to check out how police director Radu Jude told him about society, shame and judgment in the Romanian Oscar-winning film.

A leaked sex tape gets a Romanian teacher into trouble in writer / director Radu Jude’s brutal comedy, “Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn”. The film opens with an open sex scene between Emilia (Katia Pascariu) and her husband Eugen (Stefan Steel).

Is It Bad Luck To Try On Other Peoples Engagement Rings

Is It Bad Luck To Try On Other Peoples Engagement Rings

The first part of this three-part film, set during the pandemic, reveals the impact of her discovery. As Emilia tries to stop this situation, she encounters contempt in the shops and streets of Bucharest. In part 2, Jude compiles a “short dictionary of anecdotes, signs and wonders”, describing various dynamic forces, from colonialism, to censorship and persecution. The final act of the film sees Emilia “in court” as the school principal (Claudia Ieremia) tells the parents and grandparents of the students from Emilia to protest her actions. The conversation is intense and ugly and shows the hypocrisy of the accusers and Emilia’s defense of her private life and her teaching methods.

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Jude speaks the truth to power here, showing how people use power to control others, but they don’t want to be controlled themselves. The director told him about his political film, which this year is Romania’s Oscar nomination for best international film.

Open your movie with a blatant sex scene between Emilia and Eugen. It’s a sequence that viewers think about throughout the film because we can’t “not see”. It also prompts us to think about Emi and her actions, which some find shameful, others may find exciting. Can you talk about creating and using this scene as the basis for your film?

It’s early in the movie now, but it wasn’t meant to be. The scene went around a couple of times during the editing. In the end, I kept it at the beginning because I think it’s good that audiences know what [the video] was and know and judge or appreciate or blame – whatever reaction they have – because the video is at the heart of the story. This was one thing, but it’s also a bit perverse, because it tries to put viewers in their parents’ shoes.

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There is a kind of mantra or cliché that all directors say: “I create or create characters without judging them”. I do not think it is possible. We always judge the analysis of the truth. They may say they are judging the actors, but they are not critical. But the judgment is always there. It’s interesting because I’ve been researching amateur porn websites – I know it sounds very pretentious – and I’ve been trying to put together some of the fiction and stories I’ve seen in these videos. There aren’t many Romanians, most of them are British, and I’ve tried not to make it overly sexual. I made a lot of bananas.

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“Bad Luck Banging” is set during this pandemic and there are great moments that show how different people heal each other in terms of masking and social distancing and how we adapt to a type of control that is beyond our control and should. be respected. Can you talk about shooting in these conditions and how that added to your body of work?

Is It Bad Luck To Try On Other Peoples Engagement Rings

I’ve done some history films and when I wanted to get away from that idea and make a modern film, I wanted to keep something that interests me historically. I thought of a film to watch today with a person who goes back in time from the future, which is discussed in the second part of the film, where the camera pays attention to the little things. When the pandemic comes, when we’re still preparing, so let’s cover that one way or another and add another layer. The conflict we have everywhere, especially in Romania regarding social and medical measures, I wanted to show that it was another part of life. If people are aggressive or violent due to this epidemic, it only adds to that. In this situation, we are in a big problem because only 30% of the people here are vaccinated and many have died here. We are in the midst of a lockdown and it will only get worse. The schools are closed. It will be interesting to see what happens. Many people my age, 44 or 50-70 years old, are angry about the medical or health tyranny. But these people, older than me, under a real dictatorship, did nothing.

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There is a disturbing theme in your film about the collapse of society, and that kindness is a lost art: from shopping in a supermarket, or on the street, when Emi yells at a driver blocking the road, to a meeting at the pharmacy. and a man crossing the street. Nobody likes to be told they are wrong. This is a theme in your movie. People just want to embarrass others. How to fight such contempt in everyday life?

I’m not sure I have an answer to that, but it’s a good question. Yes, things are stable in Western Europe. We were shocked by the change of power in America and the attack on the Capitol. There was a dictatorship in Bucharest and, when it ended, we could have chosen what kind of society we would create. Romania is today a free society. There are many civil liberties that were difficult to imagine in the days of Ceausescu. Yet the result of all this is that people have accepted – without realizing the consequences – a very frightening neoliberal society without social security. All the scenes you mentioned, we see them every day. It is from this fact that people have no sense of unity. We are told to be individualists, so everyone has bought a car and public transport is losing money. There are eight times as many cars here in Bucharest and people park on the street. You see this community is suffocating and we are doing it for ourselves. Administrative and political leaders initiate change, but this is not happening.

The central part of your film stages the drama to show images and examples of oppression, colonialism, persecution, censorship. There are several lines in your film that speak well. One on the most idiotic opinion is more important. One on teaching is about power relations. Can you talk about these topics and your attitude towards the authorities?

In this case, not only the second part, but the whole film is not just about authority and our reaction to it, but that it is always wrong. When we’re supposed to be strong and fight back, it doesn’t happen, and when you have to, you turn into a bully. Another said that a Romanian is born a student, lives as an employee and dies as a pensioner.

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The videotape is a small part of the story, it’s not important, it’s a superficial, tabloid story. But if you think about it, and the reason I made the film, is that this little story is like a fairy tale that takes place in the midst of many conflicts in our society. It’s a mandate, but it also questions rights and the digital world we live in. All the questions of morality, education, physical and political relationships, what is allowed and what is not allowed, all these things disappear. together. The film shows the convergence of these problems.

The court in the final act revealed more about the accusers than about Emilia that she is still on trial. I like that “Bad Luck Banging” deals with public and private issues. What can we do without judgment?

Now we live in this culture of cancellation, and I, everyone can have their own opinions, but I’m one of those guys who can be called “legalists” and I’m less moralistic. I try not to be a moral person. In our private life, we can discuss moral issues with a friend or lover. But what I have tried to portray in this film is this conflict between morality and legality, and what is legal and what is not. I believe that every case must be discussed on the merits, statistically speaking, I am more inclined to stay on the legal side. If a person has a legal right to do something, she should do it if she wishes and not be judged for it. I have a strong reaction to behavior and I judge people by their behavior

Is It Bad Luck To Try On Other Peoples Engagement Rings

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