Lavendar Weddings

Sunday, October 2nd 2022. | Weddings

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We are often inspired by the color we see in many weddings, and today it is all about lavender. Lavender has such a beautiful and feminine quality, and it’s like an indie pastel. If you love how soft pink looks but feel for something a little more unexpected, try lavender for your 2020 spring wedding color palette.

Lavendar Weddings

Lavendar Weddings

Purple was historically the color of royalty because of how much work went into producing the dye. Queen Elizabeth, I also forbade any non-royal to wear the color. Transform your wedding party into a trendy version of wedding gifts with a touch of lavender. It combines the richness of muted purples with the calmness of pastels. Brides can wear lavender dresses. Grooms can wear lavender tie.

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Ideas Lavender Chair Decor

Lavender can be a wide range of shades of light or earthy purple. This soft, floral shade is ideal for any aspect of a spring wedding—from bridal party dresses to escort cards. Of course, it’s also great for flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, and boutonnieres. You can also add a few sprigs of fresh lavender if you feel you want some extra comfort in your wedding.

Try pairing lavender with deeply contrasting colors for a color scheme that will delight your guests and pop in your wedding photography. Lavender pairs well with shades of aubergine, amethyst, silver, white, pink, green, or dark blue, yellow, and brown.

Looking for more inspiration for your spring wedding? We’ve got everything covered – from color palettes to wedding decorations – on the blog! Even though purple was the color of 2012, brides and grooms still love lilac and lavender wedding decorations. And don’t be surprised when you see it! Lilac and lavender are not only beautiful, but also fragrant, they can also be beautiful and elegant without being too elegant. A good compromise if your groom is willing to avoid very feminine marriage. From feather to lace, ruffled chiffon to sequins, these colors look amazing with lots of texture, so you can opt for lilac and lavender accessories or, if you’re brave enough, just a white dress. Change in color. And one more thing: Add a splash of lilac or lavender to every space setting and it will be really beautiful. For the bride and groom of summer and spring, these flowers are in bloom now!

If you’re a daring bridesmaid, stick to a lavender or lilac wedding dress or choose something different – ​​a white lace top and a lilac maxi layered skirt. You can also add lilac and lavender to your outfit with shoes, accessories or a small clutch. If you’re the bride or groom, you can accent your outfit with chic lavender or lilac boutonnieres. Bridesmaids can wear lilac and lavender – choose a bridesmaid dress with any design you like.

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A chic bridal look with a white lace top and lilac layered skirt with short sleeves would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

A dark purple one-shoulder bodice with a train and a feathered skirt with white gloves.

Incorporate shades of lilac and lavender into your wedding decor. Start with a lilac wedding arch covered with all lilac and lavender flowers and light greenery or foliage. Another idea is to style your wedding tablescape with lilac napkins, table runners, chargers, candles and a floral centerpiece. Rock vases, blooms and even get some wedding bouquets in these colors.

Lavendar Weddings

A silver floral print charger, a menu, a napkin and some lavender with lilac ribbon for a chic place setting.

Color Collection: Lavender For Your Spring Wedding

A cup of tea with floral print plates and charger and lilac inside

A pretty lilac and purple wedding dress with lush flowers and some airy fabric is wonderful for spring and summer.

A lilac fabric runner, lilac and pink flowers plus greenery and a bouquet of thistles for a beautiful tablescape.

A purple and lilac wedding bouquet with a unique look is a stunning addition to the summer bride or groom.

A Romantic Lavender Wedding At The Franciscan Gardens In San Juan Capistrano

Add textural lilac napkins and a lilac and blush wedding centerpiece along with some plants for a beautiful garden wedding.

Continue your wedding color scheme with a beautiful cake! Opt for a lilac or lavender wedding cake with an ombre effect with different patterns and lots of texture. You can use different designs, levels and shapes and add lilac flowers and even succulents on top. Serve lilac lollipops and cupcakes, go for lavender lemonade with a sprig of lavender over it and complete your wedding!

A beautiful white and lilac wedding cake with ruffle ombre tiers and some purple flowers on top

Lavendar Weddings

A cool ruffle ombre wedding cake from white to lavender is a chic statement idea for a summer wedding.

Weddings At Lavender Farms

A sophisticated lilac wedding cake with a chic 3D gold pattern and some matching sugar flowers on top

A three-tiered textured ombre lilac wedding cake is a chic and stylish idea of ​​a dream! As a Parisian photographer, often shooting in the city makes me forget how magical the country’s warm natural light can be. After months in Paris and several weddings postponed to 2021, I needed to feel creative again and flee Paris for a refreshing Provence photo shoot.

I contacted Provence Wedding Planner Wedding by Mademoiselle C and together we brought this vision of an intimate dinner to life. June is the best month to get married in France, but in Provence, even more so because the days are the longest and the lavender is in full bloom.

It was the perfect time of year to get married and to set that long outdoor wedding table, lit by chandeliers and surrounded by flowers. The buzz of bees, birds and cicadas made the experience even more magical.

Lavender & Eggplant Wedding Flower Moodboard

We had planned to shoot this wedding in the South of France with a full team of incredible vendors and as a French wedding photographer, could not be more proud of the talent displayed by the French wedding industry.

Located in the heart of the Marais district of Paris, Audrey is a film photographer known for her fashion house-inspired aesthetic and distinctive, sophisticated, editorial and wedding photography work.

I’m Audrey and I’m so glad you’re here. This blog is a magazine about our life, travel, fashion and style. Stop by and say hello. They are perfect for weddings all year round. And when paired with colors like sage, teal, navy, gray, and more, you have a great wedding palette.

Lavendar Weddings

Lavender comes in a few colors perfect for your cakes, decorations, centerpieces, dresses and overall wedding setting. Therefore, it is in your best interest to choose and combine these colors. Finalizing these details quickly will help you create a unique, artistic and harmonious wedding look. Additionally, you will be able to add contrasting elements without ruining your theme.

Lavender Hued Southern California Wedding Dripping In Dried Florals ⋆ Ruffled

All that said, you won’t be doing this job alone. In this post, we’ve put together a variety of stylish ways to help you kick off your lavender wedding.

Lavender is a soft color that suits a lot of wedding styles. Styles include romantic, rustic country, garden, beach, ballroom, whimsical, sophisticated, casual, modern, industrial chic and jungle. Of course, improving these wedding looks depends on supporting colors, which we’ll get to in a little while.

A lavender wedding dress can be as stunning as you want it to be. See how to connect and access them.

Lavender wedding dresses are absolutely beautiful, perfect for brides who defy tradition. And whatever wedding style you choose, there’s a dress for you.

The Loveliest Lemon And Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lavender wedding dresses for guests can be difficult for stylish people. So the best bet is to take a small piece out of the fabric and take it for shopping. If you don’t feel like doing it all, here’s some help.

The final tip for lavender bridesmaid dresses is that less is more. Also, you should imitate the bride very carefully, so as not to overwhelm her. According to these rules, you would pair modest silver jewelry with an elaborate or patterned lavender dress.

Modern lavender wedding ideas incorporate various calming colors to create a stunning look. From lavender wedding invitations to bouquets and cakes, let’s get creative.

Lavendar Weddings

To create charming lavender wedding bouquets, think about color. You also want to include flowers that work well with lavender. Remember that stems are tough, so you should use them sparingly in anything other than large flower arrangements.

Lavender And Navy Blue Wedding Color Palette

Lavender wedding cakes are stunning and are suitable for a variety of wedding styles. If you’re having a garden-inspired wedding, choose a tiered lavender and silver icing wedding cake. Garnish the gum paste with lavender flowers and rose petals.

From aisles to receptions and flower arrangements, lavender’s grace never fades. Check out some of the latest lavender decorating ideas below.

Moving from the ceremony to the reception, lavender wedding flowers have great aesthetic appeal. And to maximize lavender’s visual diversity, mix it with other flowers. Choose soft pink and cream roses, white and black callas, stephanotis, garden roses and lavender for bouquets. choose

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