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The cut and shape of a diamond can have a big impact on the amount of sparkle, as we previously noted in our Lightbox guide to diamond shapes. What’s not to love about stunning, sparkling diamonds? But, have you ever thought about how a diamond shines? It is called diamond fluorescence and occurs when small amounts of impurities cause the diamond to glow or glow under ultraviolet (UV) light. Okay, we know what you’re thinking: The last time I was in a club with UV lights, boy bands with bad reviews dominated the top 40. And with us. But what does it mean to buy a natural or lab diamond? Does it change the value or appearance? And should you avoid diamond fluorescence altogether?

Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry

In this guide to diamond fluorescence, we address common questions and analyze whether diamond fluorescence is good, bad, or somewhere in between.

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No, not all diamonds are fluoresce. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), 25 to 35 percent of all diamonds, both natural and lab, show some degree of fluorescence. Simulated diamonds (such as cubic zirconia) are also available.

You cannot see diamond fluorescence with your naked eye. But, as it turns out, there are limited places and conditions where you will see a diamond glow – and they require UV or black light to do so. So unless you have to worry about how your diamond looks on tanning beds or in dance clubs, diamond shine is nothing to worry about.

If you buy a diamond with a fluorescence grade, it will not be visible to the naked eye.

The 4C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat—do not include diamond fluorescence. However, similar to diamond cut and scale clarity, diamond fluorescence has different measurement standards. There are five levels, and they cover the range of fluorescence: weak, medium, strong, and very strong.

Our Lab Grown Diamond Quality

More important than fluorescence to a diamond’s overall appearance is cut and color—that part of the 4C’s. A diamond’s color actually refers to the lack of color in the diamond. All Lightbox lab grown white diamonds are graded ‘near colorless’. This is technically defined between G and J and means that only a trained gemologist can find a trace of color, while our Lightbox Finest™ stones are ‘colorless D, E, F’, the highest grades a stone can have.

The cut of a diamond ensures its brilliance and the way its parts fit together to shine and sparkle. Cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond, but rather to how well the stone has been cut into its shape. The better the symmetry, balance, and polish of a diamond, the higher its cut quality.

Every Lightbox lab-grown diamond is graded “excellent”—providing exceptional brilliance and fire. In fact, our manufacturing process means that we grow our stones to the right size and cut shape, maximizing the brilliance that each stone can provide.

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There are many misconceptions when it comes to understanding the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. (If you’re new to the lab-grown scene, read this article.) Some armchair experts are quick to explain that fluorescence is a sign that a diamond is a natural diamond, but that’s a myth. Lab-grown diamonds are known to fluoresce, too. However, not all natural diamonds will glow under UV light and some similar stones, such as cubic zirconia, will also glow.

Lab Grown Diamonds

At Lightbox, our lab-grown diamonds turn orange. Our diamonds always change the same color because we use the CVD method to grow our diamonds, which gives us incredible clarity.

There is no clear answer as many jewelers disagree on the relationship between diamond fluorescence and cost. Another camp feels that fluorescence can affect the appearance of a diamond by leaving the stone with a green or milky appearance. On the other hand, there are jewelers and gemologists who believe that fluorescence acts as a mask for yellow or very yellow diamonds.

When it comes to the long term, fluorescence does not affect the structural integrity of the stone. Diamonds are the hardest natural substances in the world.

Are you interested in learning more about what goes into a diamond’s price and look? Check out our diamond shape guide.

Different Types Of Diamond Cuts

Want to know more about lab grown diamonds or our products? Get in touch using our contact details below. We’re happy to help!If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry gift this Christmas, consider checking out Lightbox Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry.

The Lightbox Grown Diamond jewelry product line was launched about one year ago, and each piece of Lightbox jewelry is made with lab-grown diamonds.

Using science and technology the company can basically copy Mother Nature, recreating the billion-year diamond growth process in the lab, where it cuts the lengthy process down to two or three weeks. These lab-grown diamonds share the same chemical composition as natural diamonds, making them chemically, physically and visually identical to natural diamonds. The main difference between them is how they are made, and how rare they are.

Lightbox Jewelry

Although it is impossible to tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond with the naked eye, consumers can buy Lightbox with confidence as each Lightbox lab-grown diamond has a label that can be seen through a jewelry loop (loupe) that clearly marks the stone as lab-grown.

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Since these can be created almost at any time, they are rare in nature, and therefore, their value decreases, making them more affordable for you and your wallet. The price of each piece is based on the total carat value of the stone.

Lightbox Lab Diamond Jewelry covers almost every style, starting with traditional white stones, while also offering blue-green lab grown diamonds – natural colors are rare but incredibly valuable. However, with these now available at an affordable price, you now have the opportunity to gift your loved one with a beautiful piece of Christmas jewelry; the one they will surely love and never forget.

The company has a wide range of jewelry to choose from, including earrings, necklaces, and rings, but you can also shop by checking out the Collections Section.

Bright Lab Grown Diamond Earrings are amazing to look at. You can choose from tons of different lab-made diamond earrings or create your own dazzling look. The company’s range of earrings includes many different styles, from delicate classic pieces to contemporary settings.

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You can choose between white, pinkish green, or blue colors, and the carat weight of the jewel (1 carat, 3/4 carat, 1/2 carat, 1/4 carat, 1/5 carat, 1/8 carat , and 1/10 carat). You can also choose the type of metal you want your lab-grown diamond plated in, including 10k rose gold, 10k white gold, 10k yellow gold, Rose Gold Plated, and Sterling Silver.

Lab Grown Light Diamond Earrings look great, and their prices start at just under $150, making them very affordable. You can view all Lightbox earrings by going to the corresponding shopping page.

Lightbox Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces are probably the company’s most expensive jewelry, due to their size. These easily appear in your clothes, and are interesting to look at.

Lightbox Jewelry

The Semigexo category allows you to choose between lab-grown white, blue or green diamonds, and the carat weight of the stone (1-1/8 carat, 3/4 carat, 1/2 carat, 3/8 carat, and 1/4 carat). For jewelry you can only choose between two different types of metal – Rose Gold Plated Jewelry, and Jewelry Sterling Silver – but both look equally beautiful, and it would be a great choice with any color lab-grown diamond.

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Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces are, in my opinion, the “pièce de resistance” of Lightbox, obviously because of their size. These necklaces are, well, very lovely, and I assure you that your soul will not be disappointed if you are gifted with these. Their prices start at $300, which is a very affordable price point for a diamond necklace. You can view all of Lightbox’s hardware by visiting this page.

Lightbox Lab Grown Diamond Rings are very unique. These come in many different shapes and styles, and without a doubt, they are very fashionable and stylish. Check out the examples shown in the images below.

Like earrings and necklaces, the ring category allows you to choose between lab-grown white, blue, or blue diamonds. For the carat weight jewelry you can only choose between 1 carat, 1/2 carat, and 3/8 carat, but the ring, if maybe all you need, as you want a metal band wrapped around your finger, which shows a good image. . the diamond is embedded in it, not the other way around.

You can only choose between two different types of metal – 10k yellow gold jewelry, and Sterling Silver jewelry – the best choices for ring colors.

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Lightbox Lab Grown Diamond Circles

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