Low Cut Gowns

Saturday, October 8th 2022. | Weddings

Low Cut Gowns – Brides all over the world are saying yes to the discount on wedding dresses these days, and you’ll see tons of dresses with plunging necklines and illusion fabrics. From the red carpet to reality TV, the trend is now spreading to a wedding chapel near you.

Yes, yes. We all know that the Spring Festival is a traditional wedding season. But when it comes to dresses worn by today’s blush brides, we see a slightly more traditional trend. In fact, other people may blush.

Low Cut Gowns

Low Cut Gowns

When it comes to weddings, the question of the day is … how far can you get off?

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– How can I say this politely? Mount Durham joked. – We have dresses cut to the navel.

A model walked the runway in a low-cut dress at this year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week. JP Yim / Getty Hidden Pictures

A model walked the runway in a low-cut dress at this year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week.

Monte Durham works in a luxury bridal boutique in Atlanta and co-hosts the TLC show, Say Yes to Atlanta. Open it or the original version

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Illusory fabrics cannot ease the anxiety of programs, especially expectant mothers. The propensity of brides to indulge in recital madness is not limited to reality TV. Durham sees him among the customers in his shop.

“90 percent of brides want to try on a revealing dress,” he added. However, he described one of Lori’s best-selling dresses from “The Bridesmaids” as “very revealing”. It is important to note that these type of clothing stores cost more than $ 10,000. These clothes are not cheap.

Sociology professor Patricia Arendt studies the marriage industry. She believes the trend was influenced by red carpet fashion, which she says she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards in a low-cut, semi-sheer green Versace dress by Jennifer Lopez. She exposed the singer’s chest and midsection.

Low Cut Gowns

“It actually took off on Google Image Search because a lot of people wanted to see what the dress looked like after the event,” Arendt explained.

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Amazing low-cut wedding dresses weren’t celebrity influenced. Nowadays people get married not only in temples, but also in barns and on beaches. Arendt said marriage is no longer seen as an event that transforms a person into an adult. On average, American women marry for the first time at the age of 27. In 1960 they were 22 years old. More than half of the couples live together before, she said. Our next great princess bride, Meghan Markle, is 36 years old. Her next engagement to Prince Harry will be her second.

“Something that over 90 percent of married women have had sex with,” she said. “Some of them have sexual experience with other women. So it’s this innocent person who loses their virginity on their wedding night, or something, that needs to be seen as pure and innocent who is being lost. ”He says.

Arendt says there is no secret or shame in brides being sexually safe, and this is reflected in what they wear on their wedding day. She added that perhaps what we see with super low-cut wedding dresses are old maid / worn out whore. They prove that the girl a guy wants to sleep with and the girl he wants to marry are exactly the same person.

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