Valentine Tables

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Valentine Tables – Just because you’re staying for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same routine. In fact, sharing a meal at home can be even more romantic than eating at a fancy restaurant (and a lot cheaper, not to mention). And a stylish tablescape for Valentine’s Day will set the mood for a fun, exciting evening. Whether it’s just you and your friends or you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner, these Valentine’s Day tablescape ideas will ensure a night to remember (and homemade food looks even better), from Sub And to bold and dramatic, the heaviest. The department chooses which one to copy.

Add deep purple flowers like morning glories or orchids for Valentine’s Day glamour. Then light some black candles and set the table with gold cutlery. Choose a soft linen tablecloth for an effortlessly elegant and sexy backdrop.

Valentine Tables

Valentine Tables

Live where it’s warm in winter? Celebrate Valentine’s Day outdoors and channel this tablescape. The contrast between these rich green plants and the beautiful, geometric copper accents is so romantic.

Valentine’s Day Table: Candlelit Dinner For Two

Leave blank note cards on the table so you can write thank you notes to each other just like a real Valentine’s Day. Add a sprig of rosemary to any setting for a fresh scent and a splash of green.

Dim the lights to create a romantic atmosphere, then add drama to your table with dried cotton buds or sprigs of cherry blossoms. Then throw a sheepskin over the dining chairs for a warm and inviting vibe.

You don’t need to boldly choose a bright red color – keep a palette of soft, pastel colors to make the dinner more intimate. Set the table with pink salad plates, choose copper or rose gold candlesticks, and use lots of pale pink floral decorations for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

These watercolor place cards are attached to a sky blue plate and loosely tied navy blue linen napkins. Add dried flowers and gold flatware to take your Valentine’s Day tablescape to the next level.

A Pink Valentine’s Day Table Decor & Ideas

Choose a buffet for Valentine’s Day dinner or lunch. Then decorate the buffet table with beautiful flowers and eye-catching citrus fruits.

Why stand at the table? Dress up your chairs with white angel wings… or you can put them on your chair because the main angel in the room is the one who prepared this beautiful dish.

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’re limited to one theme. Let your table decorations and centerpieces reflect the food. For example, if you’re having Mexican food, spice it up with colorful succulents and pom poms. Tacos and marg repeat,

Valentine Tables

Print your own homemade food menu to make a special occasion even more special. Plus, it gives your friends or dinner guests something to keep and remember the night.

Eleven Favorite Valentine Table Decorations

Even small details like gold dinnerware tied with a red velvet ribbon can make the whole table feel cozy.

Hedley Mendelsohn Senior Editor Hedley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful’s senior design editor and host and executive producer of the Dark House podcast. I saw tablecloths and napkins at HomeGoods last month and knew I had found my Valentine’s Day starter. This year’s tables. I love the combination of amber and hearts. This table contains several additional layers of location settings. I had so many choices! The heart sentiment on the hatch came from Etsy and I have had a small metal heart necklace for years. I don’t remember where I bought it.

I found these little heart bags at HomeGoods a few years ago. I bought them in red, white and pink. I love honey rum. They are made by Chantal.

I can’t remember where I found these hearty salad plates, I’ve had them for years. They are made by La Porcellana Bianca. I really like the heart design around the plate, it looks so delicate.

Valentine’s Day Table And Snack Ideas

These Bordalo Paneiro heart bread plates are made in Portugal. I have bought them on ebay a few times over the years and they are not easy to find. I love all the raised hearts around the rim. I also have a similar plate with just stars instead of hearts. This unique design is perfect for other platforms.

These white dinner plates were a great addition to my dinner collection a few years ago. I was looking for a white dinner plate, but I wanted a rim with a detailed design feature that would enhance the stack of the plate. It was made by Fitz and Floyd and the model was Oakdale White. I found them at HomeGoods. I love the rope design around the rim. I often use it on beach tables.

This stone bar charger or dinner plate was from Pottery Barn. I love this plate, I have other colors. The model is called Cambria. It’s the perfect size to be both a lunch plate and a charger plate. I love plates that have this kind of versatility. I use this plate several times a year on tables.

Valentine Tables

I don’t remember where I found it. I had them for several years.

Stylish Valentine’s Day Tablescape Ideas

Milano Red Flatware is an international Ginkgo leprechaun. I’ve had this set for years, but I’m still selling it. Don’t know where he got it. I use it on tables several times a year. A simple design suits this busy tablecloth.

I found red metallic heart napkin rings on Amazon. When napkins are tight, I like to use simple napkin rings.

Sorry, this photo is a little blurry. I bought these little plastic heart card holders on Amazon and then used a small foam heart for the card.

Here, using my red Waterford Marcus Brookside glasses, only this time I added some iced tea. I really like this glass container. It is well made, heavy and a true red color. I bought it at HomeGoods a few years ago.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table ยป Alice Wingerden

I don’t remember where I bought the red glass candlestick, I’ve had it for years. These were one of the first I bought because I knew I would be making a lot of red tables and I would need them.

I saw this red cardboard box online at Target last year and quickly bought it before they sold out because I knew it would be the perfect size for a centerpiece. I love how the strong red contrasts with this tablecloth.

To see the other 120+ tables I’ve created, click here. If you’re on Facebook, join my Tablescape Ideas group! Just click on the Facebook search box at the top of the page and type in Tablescape Ideas. For more tips and tricks, see the top of this blog post.

Valentine Tables

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Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

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To celebrate my Valentine’s Day, my friend Marie created some beautiful Valentine’s Day tables. This beautiful table was set up in her dining room when we got together a few days ago.

Marie found this wonderful China in ancient times. It has a small crown and I had a hard time reading it, but I think it said H & C on the back. Perfect for a pretty Valentine’s Day or Christmas table setting. The King and Queen of Hearts playing cards are such a beautiful setting for this incredibly beautiful table.

It is very beautiful in person. Marie paired it with gold-trimmed stemware and gold-plated flatware. This cutlery is currently for sale here: Gold Plated Cutlery

Amazing Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Handkerchiefs are edged with gold. Marie and I bought this set together on a Tuesday morning shopping trip. These cute perforated chargers are designed by Ralph Lauren and feature “Ralph Lauren Dunham” on the back. Marie found it a few years ago on the home page of Ralph Lauren.

This table sits next to her adorable Valentine’s Day tree! You may have noticed this table in a previous post where I shared Marie Valentine decorations. (See this post here: Decorate for Valentine’s Day)

Marie finds Mr. Frog on the dock

Valentine Tables

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