Macaron Wedding Cake

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Macaron Wedding Cake – The famous French macarons have taken over the world! These delicious beauties with a wide selection of flavors built into the tower can be a refreshing and delicious alternative to the classic wedding cake. If you’re looking for ways to stand out, this might be just what you need.

A pink macaron tower with pastel blue flowers is a very cool idea, serve more pastel macarons to make the dessert table even more delicate

Macaron Wedding Cake

Macaron Wedding Cake

Bright green, orange and burgundy macaron wedding tower with white and orange flowers on top, with greenery

Laura’s Cottage Kitchen: Roses And Macarons Wedding Cake

An elegant ombre pink macaron tower with some flowers on top is a great idea for a spring or summer wedding and will be perfect for a tropical one.

A colorful macaron tower with peach, lavender and bright pink macarons, with colorful flowers and dark foliage is a fantastic idea for a summer wedding

Soft blush and pale pink macaron tower with blush and pale pink flowers and greenery for a beautiful garden wedding

A stunning ombre blue macaron tower with blue and pink flowers is a fantastic idea for a seaside or beach wedding

Wedding Cake Macaron

A fantastic wedding dessert with a black and white cake covered with black and white macarons and a white flower on top

Glam white macaron tower with black and pink filling, white flower and striped ribbon is a great idea

A hot pink macaron tower with white flowers, greenery and berries is a great idea for a bright pink modern wedding

Macaron Wedding Cake

Stunning pastel macaron tower with peach, pink and green macarons, with pastel flowers and greenery for a spring wedding

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A pastel macaron tower with red, blue and brown macarons, a purple flower and greenery and berries is an elegant idea

Pastel wedding cake with chocolate frosting and a pastel macaron tower below, with macarons and meringues on the cake, flowers and calligraphy

A pink macaron tower with a plain stone, pale pink flowers and neutral flowers is a lovely idea for a pastel wedding

Beautiful macaron tower with pink, pink, brown and emerald macarons, pink flowers, white wedding cake with pink and burgundy flowers Macaroon Tower Stand 6 Tiers Round Macaron Tower Stand Cake Display Rack Cupcake Stand Desserts Clear Macaron Stand Display For Wedding Birthday

A rainbow macaron tower with pink, orange, yellow, various green, lavender and brown macarons is a very fresh and bold idea

A sophisticated fall wedding macaron tower with some dark decadent flowers is a beautiful idea for any style fall wedding

A refined pastel macaron tower with blush, pink and green desserts, green and blush roses is a refined idea.

Macaron Wedding Cake

A refined wedding dessert consisting of an ombre wedding cake and a pastel macaron tower, pastel flowers and foliage is amazing

Two Tier Signature Macaron Cake — Sweet Heather Anne

A super modern black and white ombre macaron tower with a marble effect and white flowers is a bold and cool idea

You can customize the macaron tower more: determine its height, match the colors to the wedding theme, add flowers and greenery, etc. You can also create a very eye-catching dessert that combines the actual wedding cake and the macaron tower above it or on top as a decoration and part of it. We have collected the best selections of macaron tower cakes. They are sure to catch the attention of guests at your wedding or wedding ceremony and satisfy their sweet tooth. Take a look and get inspired!

A trio of white, coral pink and green macaron towers is amazing for a bright modern wedding, it’s an elegant and bold idea

Two mini pink macaron towers with gold bows are amazing for your glam wedding with pink touches

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A very cool neutral and green macaron tower on plain stone with white flowers is a very elegant and cool solution for a modern neutral wedding

A beautiful macaron tower with neutral macarons and blush and white flowers and greenery is a very cool solution

An ombré pale pink macaron tower topped with pink flowers, purple flowers and greenery is a very elegant idea.

Macaron Wedding Cake

A beautiful red macaron tower topped with neutral and pale pink flowers and greenery is a great idea for a modern romantic wedding

Macaron & Semi Naked Wedding Cake

A gorgeous pink and white macaron tower decorated with neutral and pink flowers and lots of greenery is a fantastic idea to stand

A super colorful macaron tower surrounded by bold flowers and fruit is a gorgeous and fabulous idea for a colorful or tropical wedding.

A beautiful macaron tower made of white, green and peach macarons placed on a transparent stand as if floating in the air, a wonderful idea for a modern wedding

A cool and bright green and pink macaron tower topped with fresh pastel flowers and greenery is a lovely idea for a romantic wedding

Macaron Towers: A Quirky Cake Alternative For Weddings

Pastel macaron wedding cake – brown macaron tower plus white sugar sheet, pink cake with white sugar detail for a super glam wedding

An extra large macaron tower built on a wooden base with lots of colorful macarons and glazed donuts and sugar flowers is an alternative to a wedding cake

A mini macaron tower with different types of macarons on a refined stand is a beautiful idea for a glam and glam mini wedding

Macaron Wedding Cake

A sophisticated alternative to a plain wedding cake – a white wedding cake with another pink macaron tower on top is a great idea for a fabulous romantic wedding

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

A pink ombre macaron tower on a clear stand is a bold and cool idea for a modern wedding, nobody wants a cake when they can have some delicious macarons

Gorgeous macaron towers with shiny foil-covered macarons are amazing for a glam wedding with a Parisian twist

A fabulous wedding dessert idea – a bare wedding cake in the middle and some white and lavender macarons served with it for a summer or Provence inspired wedding

For a glam wedding, a glam dessert table is ideal with a pastel wedding cake and macaron tower on top, with cupcakes and fresh peach blossoms

Two Tier White Wedding Cake With French Macarons

Macaron tower with clear stand and macarons of different colors, stand with matching cupcakes instead of a regular wedding cake

Refined metal stand with lots of colorful macarons stacked is a beautiful idea for your wedding with lots of colors

A mini pastel macaron tower with a matching bow on top is a great idea for a modern wedding with a pop of color, especially in spring

Macaron Wedding Cake

A wonderful ombre wedding dessert idea – a white wedding cake paired with an ombre purple macaron mini tower is a trendy solution for a modern wedding

Wedding Cake Alternatives Guide For 2022

Super glam and beautiful red macaron tower with edible pearls and pink flowers is a very elegant and beautiful idea for your glam wedding

A neutral and glam wedding dessert table with a neutral wedding cake, macarons and flowers on top and another neutral baby’s breath macaron tower is amazing

A pretty pastel pink, blue and yellow macaron tower with a clear stand is a great idea for a stylish spring or summer wedding

Featuring purple, hot pink and orange candies, the super colorful macaron tower is a gorgeous solution for a super bold wedding.

How To Make A Raspberry Lemon Macaron Cake

A super colorful and beautiful macaron tower that features light and deep pink plus green macarons, bold pink flowers on top is a wonderful idea for a summer wedding

A large macaron tower that includes light pink, green and brown macarons and pastel and white flowers for decoration is a wonderful idea

A beautiful and bright macaron tower made of coral and gold foil macarons is a great idea for a bright and fun summer wedding Old versions of your web browser are no longer supported to ensure the safety of user data. Update to the latest version.

Macaron Wedding Cake

* The cake board will hold a cake up to 8 inches in diameter and weighing up to 5 pounds. The

Macaron Wedding Cake

The boards can be attached to the top layer of the tower from below using double-sided tape.

*Dimensions (overall): 1 foot (H) x 13 inches (W) x 13 inches (D) / Cake base: approximately 7.25 inches (D)

* The layers are made of flexible PET plastic, which allows flexibility when placing the macaroons on the stand to prevent breakage. It will last for years if you take care of it, just make sure you hand wash each row.

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If you return an item that does not meet all three criteria, the return will be refused. A refused return will not be refunded and will be forfeited.

Macaron Wedding Cake

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