Masquerade Decoration Ideas

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Masquerade Decoration Ideas – A striking combination of shimmering gold and dramatic black creates a color scheme perfect for a grand masquerade event. Masquerade parties aren’t just for Mardi Gras. A masquerade theme is perfect for a Sweet Sixteen or La Quinceanera party, school prom or charitable fundraiser. Masquerade parties are an opportunity to dress up for the evening and become someone else (behind the mask).

Beautiful antique sheet music is applied to the face and nose of this Venetian mask by Casanova. A black background with raised gold leaf detail inspired the black and gold color scheme and centerpiece.

Masquerade Decoration Ideas

Masquerade Decoration Ideas

Set the stage for a dramatic black and gold masquerade with one of these fun centerpieces. We made two different versions using the same mask. To complement our black and gold color scheme, these centerpieces were placed on tables set with matching gold silk tablecloths.

How To Throw An Elegant Masquerade Ball

Step 1: Start with a black and gold vase with gold fleur de lis. To anchor the centerpieces, use standard green floral foam (the kind for dry arrangements, not wet). Cut the foam rectangle to the appropriate size for this round lily pot. Put the foam in the bowl. Press down until the foam is level with the top of the bowl. It should fit well in the bowl.

Step 2: Stick a wooden stick or dowel into the mask on the left side of the back of the Casanova mask. Hot melt glue heated in an inexpensive pot makes craft projects easy and hands-free. Dip the item you want to glue (the stick) into the melted glue, then attach the stick to the paper mache mask. Allow the glue to dry completely before removing the mask.

Step 3: Insert the Casanova mask stick into the floral form. On the opposite side of the foam, insert a wire of gold feather floral spray. Gold Floral Spray may need wire trimming to reach this preferred height.

Step 4: Add black feathers. Place feathers on the front, sides, and back of the center.

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A small plastic balloon stick is used to give the feathers some extra height. These balloon sticks are hollow. Glue the feather end of the feather to the center of the plastic stick as shown here. This addition of plastic balloon stick adds another 12 inches of height to the feather.

Step 5: Create metal curling picks from gold craft wire. Cut a piece of gold construction wire about 60 cm long. This craft wire is easy to cut and shape. Create fun curls with craft wire and straighten one end to insert into the floral foam. This craft wire can be shaped into any shape you want.

Insert the wire curl into the floral foam. Repeat this process for each curl. This center has 5 wire locks.

Masquerade Decoration Ideas

Step 6: Finish the top of the pot with golden angel hair grass. This scrap covers the green foam and adds another touch of metallic gold glitter to the arrangement.

Masquerade Wood Sign For Backdrop Carnaval Party Decor Mardi

Golden feather flower pickers were replaced with three illuminated LED branches. These battery-operated lighted branches add a natural element to the centerpiece and add mood lighting to your tablescape.

Final Step: Complete your tablescape by placing a square gold tablecloth over plain black table linens.

Plastic gold coin table confetti and black pearl necklaces add a finishing touch to the black and gold theme. This year, Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, March 4th, which happens to be the weekend in New Orleans. I thought it would be a good time to share pictures from a masquerade gala event I helped plan a few years ago. I wasn’t thinking about future blog posts when I was taking a few pictures, but hopefully you’ll get some useful ideas for your masquerade or Mardi Gras themed event. When thinking of ideas, I turn to the internet for help with ideas. I usually have something in mind but can’t buy it. When that happens, I make it myself, like these life-size masks that hang on the wall.

After a quick look at our event hosting space, I decided where to set up the band, seating, gift tables, and photo booth. I took a few photos of the room so I can refer to them when I get home when planning what decorations to buy. My favorite place to find inexpensive gifts and decorations is on the Oriental Trading website. The room we used had eight scones, which was perfect for the venue, but not my event. I made these large masks to hang in front of the sconce. These masks were covered in a brilliant glow at night with all the candles and lights of the band.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the finished tables. This is where we begin to establish what decorations will be in each setting. The center pieces came together easily. See below in the post.

Mascara sugar cookie mask I made. Baked with a cookie stick, these cookies actually looked like real hand masks. I was very satisfied with the result and the feedback from the guests. I will write a post on how to make these cookies.

This is what the masks looked like in the sconces in the evening in low light. They glowed and glittered.

Masquerade Decoration Ideas

Set up a welcome place. A photo booth was set up in an adjacent room where each guest could take a professional photo.

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Our beautiful daughter dressed up to hand out masks and beads and lead each guest to the photo area.

For the three color mask, I painted 1/3 of the mask with white glue, sprinkled gold glitter, then let it dry. I repeated it with each color, drying in between.

That’s all! you did What makes these centerpieces stand out in the middle of the table is the sparkle. Be sure to use dishes that do not obstruct the view of guests at the table. Older versions of your web browser are no longer supported to ensure user data security. Update to the latest version.

Masquerade party welcome sign with beautiful gold mask on elegant white and gold bokeh background. You can change the background color. The sign is 24 x 36 inches. You must use a laptop or computer to edit and download

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Masquerade Decoration Ideas

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Masquerade Decoration Ideas

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Masquerade Ball Decoration Ideas

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