Masquerade Wedding Ideas

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Masquerade Wedding Ideas – A masquerade ball is the ultimate statement of a wedding theme – it’s glamorous, it’s dramatic and it’s seriously dramatic. One of the best things about a masquerade ball wedding is that you can choose any color scheme you want! I love the idea of ​​rich colors – shimmering gold, royal purple and expensive turquoise create a luxurious wedding style. Here are my tips for creating an unforgettable wedding day…

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Masquerade Wedding Ideas

Masquerade Wedding Ideas

Create a little mystery with your wedding stationery. A wedding invitation based on a masquerade ball will definitely get your guests talking. Be sure to warn your guests if they need to bring masks. Why not give your guests wedding masks? Most wedding favors are forgotten after guests are seated, but they can be used after the party.

Masquerade Themed Wedding At The Inn On The Lake In Canandaigua, Ny

As a bride, you must have a veil that will ‘wow’ not only your guests but also your husband. Create an impact with a shimmering gold veil adorned with glitter, pearls and sequins. If you want to keep your corridor style simple, a chic white mask looks classy. A black veil looks great on your groom – especially if he’s wearing black tie. As for your wedding dress – the options are endless! If you want to look extravagant, choose an ornate, fishtail gown to match your chosen veil. If you go for an elaborate veil, a simple gown can complement your look perfectly.

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Luxury jewelry is a must if you are attending a masquerade ball as a bride. Choose accessories that don’t hide with your mask – brooches and hair combs look great when completing your mask. For added luxury, add jewels or vintage brooches to your wedding bouquet as well. If you’ve decided on specific colors for your theme, make sure your flowers match. If you don’t fancy the real thing, silk flowers are an alternative idea for a wedding bouquet and mean you can keep your bouquet later. Big day like a moment!

Your masquerade wedding match needs a dramatic setting! A majestic, castle venue will fit your theme perfectly. You can have a lot of fun creating statement table centrepieces, I love the idea of ​​mixing flowers, feathers and pearls to create a ‘masquerade ball’ feel for your big day. Looking great, feather centerpieces are relatively gentle on purse strings and super easy to DIY!

Get Ready For The Masquerade! Themed And Costume Wedding Ideas

There’s no reason to miss out on your wedding cake fun! Follow the theme with a mask cake topper that will be a cake topper your guests have never seen before and one they will never forget. Jackie doesn’t want to plan a wedding, but as a Disney event producer she loves planning a fun event. Luke suggests throwing a fancy Halloween party in New Orleans with friends dressed up for an evening masquerade on All Hallows Eve weekend.

They wanted their wedding guests to fully experience their home and use their original home as inspiration for their day. “One of our guests said she had never been to a wedding before, but it felt like going to someone’s home,” explained Jaxy. We love the moody black, red and gold color scheme and really lean into our favorite time of year.

With a Halloween theme firmly embedded in their ceremony, they also wanted to incorporate their faith, as Jackie explained, “The theme of our wedding was our wedding.

Masquerade Wedding Ideas

. We believe that energy continues after passing away and ‘death is considered final, so I want to be bound out of it.’

Couples Costume Ideas: Masquerade Ball

Their friend was dutifully assigned to perform the ceremony, and the couple’s vows focused on mutual respect and earthly aspects. Jaxi continued, “I wrote the script for the show, where ‘through their marriage, they find protection and sanctuary as they travel and chase through life’. Our ring exchange is a nod to Tim Burton’s vows

Music played a big part in the day, setting the tone for the masquerade ceremony. “Our bridal party walking down the aisle

By Bobby Tahouri, and our flower girl was diligently removing every leaf that fell from her basket. I walk down the aisle

Graveyard girls with my father, my beautiful mother pushing her wheelchair. Lana Del Rey after being pronounced husband and wife

Best Halloween Wedding Ideas For Tasteful Decorations & Elegant Cen

We used to play together as we walked away from the alter. We want the music to be upbeat and upbeat to set the tone for the night ahead.

Jackie loved to design and plan their weekends and save money by doing most of the work herself. They chose a ‘day-of’ coordinator who brought her vision to life and kept the day on track while the couple enjoyed the celebration. “The great thing about planning our wedding was that it felt like the perfect combination of Luke and I — visually and lovingly at home,” she told us.

“Plan the wedding of your dreams for yourself and your partner. You’ll probably encounter some surprises and that’s okay. Take the opportunity to find out who’s there for you and take your new relationship with this loved one into the next chapter of your life. Also, the fog. Don’t miss the machine!” Besides romantic gondola rides, the city of Venice is famous for its extravagant masquerade ball era. Spectacular settings, ornate decorations, female guests in elaborate ball gowns, wigs and bejeweled masks are all part of the scene. And you can choose a Venetian Masquerade Ball theme for your wedding. In retrospect, they could be again! From these gorgeous style inspiration photos we’ve collected for you, see what ingredients you’ll need to recreate this awesome event.

Masquerade Wedding Ideas

It all starts with a jewel tone palette inspired by the dazzling jewels worn head to toe by past ball guests. We chose the purple of the amethyst, the blue of the sapphire and the turquoise of the aquamarine to contrast with the rich gold. And now, we show how this luxurious motif can be carried across a ball-inspired scene.

Purple And Red Masquerade Wedding {canyon Gate Country Club}

Announce a grand occasion with an ornate gold foil wedding invitation suite (1), letting everyone know an extra-special masquerade theme is in store.

To simulate a grand ballroom, paint the wedding reception space in a purple marquee and decorate it with matching flowers, greenery, lanterns and fairy lights (2). And for a modern take on the traditional ball gown, choose a sparkling beaded creation in a beautiful lilac (4) to transform for a “masquerade ball” celebration.

Set out masquerade masks in purple, blue, and turquoise (6) to give to each guest as they arrive. In true Venetian fashion, accessorize them with designs of sequins, beads, crystals, feathers and gold.

Your wedding cake (5) must be equally decorated. A vision in turquoise fondant, gold leaf and ruffles – displayed on a purple glass cake stand. Also serve wedding-matching cocktails (3), mesmerizing guests as these color-changing cocktails turn from blue to purple.

Overseas] A Gothic Themed Masquerade Wedding Party

Finally, as a luxury wedding favor, give beautiful blue-and-white porcelain slippers in a white gift box (7) — similar to Victorian-era boots once worn by elegant women. Fill them with purple candy or gold confetti to match the chosen palette.

For a more modern, glamorous take on a masquerade-themed wedding, check out our “Phantom of the Opera” inspired post in black, white and silver.

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Masquerade Wedding Ideas

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A masquerade wedding is a refined affair, so forget about the laid-back look or rustic details. Highlight hot and bold florals for trendy moody decorations such as weddings

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