Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

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Modern Wedding Cake Ideas – Is it cake? We’ve all seen the viral videos of cool wedding cake ideas made with everyday items turned into delicious cakes. The new wave of artistic baking has led to an abundance of unique wedding cake designs to consider when planning your big day. In addition, many brides still prefer the classic white, 3-tiered cake that retains the traditional meaning.

Keep reading to find traditional, unconventional, modern twists on classic wedding cake ideas that are perfect for your personality and wedding theme. When choosing a wedding cake, it’s important to balance how much tradition is meaningful to your wedding and how unique and unusual you want your wedding to be.

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Let’s spend some time brushing up on how wedding cakes work and break down some stylish ideas for different themes and seasons.

Modern Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes were originally considered quite a luxury due to limited access to ingredients. This hat-wearing status found its way into religious practices, symbolizing good luck, fertility (because of the corn) and purity (because of the white snow).

If you are traditional, a 3-tiered wedding cake is best. The bottom line should be presented during the event. The middle class should be divided after marriage. The main thing is to save for the future.

If you’re unconventional, go wild! Be sure to plan for flowers and fruits in season, and to match the wedding cake to your wedding theme.

Besides the wedding dress and rings, the wedding cake was the most powerful symbol of marriage. It’s a big event at the wedding reception and, if your wedding cake budget allows, well worth the investment.

Modern Wedding Cake Inspiration For Your London Wedding

Cutting the wedding cake is the first official ceremony that a married couple performs together. This custom, along with all the other symbolic meanings placed on the wedding cake, is reason enough to choose a traditional wedding cake.

In weddings, white is the color of wealth and purity and is best used in traditional or religious weddings. For an authentic experience, choose a 3-tiered cake decorated with real flowers. The color should be quiet and modest.

Lace wedding cake designs are the perfect compromise for couples who prefer a traditional approach but aren’t necessarily religious. The added texture forgets the traditional softness but is exceptionally beautiful. This choice pairs well with autumn-season florals, warm candlelight and metallic color schemes.

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

In many ways, rustic wedding themes are the antithesis of traditional white weddings. Modern brides and grooms are looking for a more authentic experience of their own design as opposed to following a regiment.

Modern Wedding Cake Designs We’re Loving Right Now

Rustic and country-themed wedding cake ideas need to find a niche between traditional symbolism and natural individuality. Consider choosing the familiar, decorated with freshly picked wildflowers and served on live-edge slabs of local wood. Complete the theme with a burlap table runner, string lighting, and mason jar wine glasses.

Another opposition to traditional weddings is the minimalist approach. If it’s not simple and raw, it’s not right. Compliment rustic wedding cake ideas with berry and red flower arrangements.

Burlap belts and ready-made flowers can make a wonderful wedding cake in wonderful ways. Bring it into any theme with the addition of contrasting bows, ribbons and lace.

Rustic wedding cakes and cupcakes are all about color and what you serve them on. For a proper rustic feel, choose wood or stone surfaces with a natural texture. Cake color should be neutral or have a single natural tone.

Modern Wedding Cakes

For many couples, colors mean more than a white cake. Colorful wedding cakes photograph well and offer a new level of versatility when it comes to wedding themes. This is especially true during colorful times of the year such as spring or autumn. This trend makes for beautiful wedding cakes and we encourage you to follow suit, just make sure guests check their teeth before photo time.

Choose blue wedding cakes for winter wonderland, nautical or beach destination wedding themes. Match your cake with seasonal flowers or a complementary (opposite) color scheme if you’re looking for a lively experience.

Golden wedding cakes work best in Gatsby or Art Deco themes. Single tiers are fine, but the bigger the cake, the more successful you’ll be in getting the meltdown. Complete the look with black and other metals.

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Modern wedding cakes are all about new shapes, amazing textures and unexpected decorations. Essentially, the bride and groom are moving away from the traditional 3-tiered white cake and into edible art.

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Ruffled wedding cakes have a fluffy texture that you can see from across the room. Shapes and sizes for common icing wedding cakes run the gamut of preferences and work well in a traditional white or single gradient color. The only problem is that it also looks pretty.

Metal wedding cakes require a very talented wedding cake designer. Painstaking efforts are put into creating multiple leaf shapes that add a functional focal point or decorate an entire surface. Add real flowers, berries, or gilded features to tie it in with your favorite wedding theme.

Wedding cakes are an asset for couples to have their unique personality or create a literal metaphor for their wedding theme. Expect superheroes, fantasy characters, seascapes or even outer space.

Flower wedding cake decorations can be customized with icing, artificial or fresh picks. Either way, it’s an easy way to add a splash of interest to your wedding photos and make a direct connection to the rest of your wedding theme.

Modern Wedding Cake Designs You Simply Have To See

Bright floral designs add a lot of visual movement to your wedding cake. This option is ideal for couples who want to keep the traditional meaning but still want a bit of dynamic individuality. Keep 3 colors or less, and make sure the flowers don’t overwhelm the cake.

This is a more casual way to decorate a traditional wedding cake. Rather than completely replacing the wedding cake, strategically placed flowers just add a dash of texture and interest. This method can also be used to add texture and depth to colorful wedding cakes.

Wildflowers are the hallmark of a boho wedding theme. In this case, and on other similar subjects, the definition of nature itself takes priority over the cake. This recipe works with any colored, or even bare, cake. Choose local flowers whenever possible for authenticity.

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Fruits and berries are delicious. They look great and are available in plenty of colors to match any theme. They also offer a wealth of symbolism. The best scenario for this option is mid-to-late summer, when they are at their freshest, served in outdoor settings.

Modern Wedding Cakes For The Bride Who Likes To Stand Out

Another new trend we love is the injection of humor into the wedding ceremony and reception. Cake toppers with fancy dance moves, naughty poses or “mature situation” messages are sure to set the tone. Just make sure your choice is appropriate for the audience.

Before reviewing wedding cake ideas, it is always best that you have already chosen your theme and decided how important your wedding tradition is. Always consider the season and choose something you like, not something that’s trendy. Oh, and it tastes good! Choosing a wedding cake is one of the most important decisions the bride and groom make in the lead up to their big day.

After choosing a stylish wedding dress, save the date cards and wedding shoes, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of delicious and decadent food you want your guests to take to the reception. For some this will include choosing seasonal and fresh produce, whether it’s lobster, chicken or goat cheese tartlets, while others may choose foods that reflect their heritage, or cake pops, cookies, candy floss and Even push the boat with donut walls.

Wedding food. Some of the most popular wedding cake flavors include lemon, vanilla, carrot and red velvet, but there are some emerging wedding cake designs that have captured our imaginations, including the ‘Ning’ cake, inspired by Marie Antoinette. Includes scalloped design and buttercream frosting.

Ideas For Modern Wedding Cakes

East London-based cake maker Lily Vanley is known for her stunning, elegant and charming designs. We can’t get enough of this mint green ‘sun tea’ cake, topped with buttercream icing and glazed cherries. This option is real

The sunset-inspired colors on this cake are just stunning and would perfectly suit a burgundy red color scheme at a wedding. It’s almost too good to eat (we said almost…).

Apple pie at a wedding? We had never heard of such a thing until we saw this amazing piece of cake design made with cinnamon spice cake layers and decorated with flowers and geometric piping.

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Keep things simple with this all-white, four-tier cake. We love elegance, minimalism, simplicity and flowers with just a touch of color as decoration at the bottom.

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Buttercream florals are ‘in’ in our opinion all year round. We love the intricate design on this cake. It may not be big in size but it definitely packs a punch for the eyes.

Introduce a pop of color to your wedding with this stunning two-tiered ivory cake decorated with shades of blue.

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