My Mom Is Walking Me Down The Aisle But My Dad Will Be At Wedding

Sunday, December 11th 2022. | Weddings

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My Mom Is Walking Me Down The Aisle But My Dad Will Be At Wedding

My Mom Is Walking Me Down The Aisle But My Dad Will Be At Wedding

A big moment you will shine on your wedding day is your walk down the aisle. It’s the first time your guests — and maybe even your husband — will see you resplendent in your wedding dress, marking the beginning of your honeymoon with your partner. While some dream of recreating the famous scene

What To Do When Your Dad Can’t Walk You Down The Aisle

There are many unique ways to walk down the aisle at your wedding. Ahead, we tapped wedding planners Christina Cusick and Allison Jackson for etiquette advice on your grand entrance.

• Christina Cusick is a wedding and event planner at Mavinhouse Events, a modern event agency serving clients in the New England and New York areas.

Walking down the aisle in an unconventional way is becoming more and more common, for personal reasons or to emphasize your independence. “Walking with your pet, your mom, your parents, aunts or uncles, grandparents, or other loved ones is a very special way to include other important people in the day, in addition to the usual tradition of your father,” says Cusick. . . To help set the mood, you may want to consider other songs for walking down the aisle besides the traditional “wedding march.”

If you’re closer to your mom, there’s no reason she can’t walk you down the aisle. By hiring your mother as your escort, you can focus on the impact she has had on your life. This is a great option for those who don’t have a father in the picture due to divorce, death, or other circumstances.

Why Asking My Mum To Walk Me Down The Aisle Was One Of The Best Decisions I Made

Take a cue from Jewish tradition with both of your parents holding you in their arms as you tune into your favorite song. In tradition, they approach the chuppah with the bride’s father on her right and mother on her left. You can switch sides, but this is a heartfelt way to include your parents in your wedding ceremony.

Many stepfathers have been escorted down the aisle, especially when the two are closely related. If your stepfather is your significant other, you still want to include him in the ceremony. Guests will see how much he means to you, and you’ll have that great father-daughter moment.

Your wedding marching song can reflect your personality, your relationship or even your culture. “Be sure to use music to create personal and meaningful moments on your wedding day,” says Jackson. She tells of a wedding performed with “ceremonial music from Sierra Leone on the kora, a 21-string instrument known in West Africa” ​​to reflect the bride’s heritage. Kuusik adds: “I think it’s totally acceptable to choose your favorite song or a song that you and your partner like. It has to be consistent and something that you really feel comfortable walking to with short, short breaks between passes so that your photographer can capture that special moment.”

My Mom Is Walking Me Down The Aisle But My Dad Will Be At Wedding

“Here comes the bride!” Declare that Choose a contemporary tune like Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend,” Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose You,” or a movie score in your own unique way.

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Many people feel that their stepfather is just as important to them as their birth father, so having the two most important men in your life with you can be a sweet experience. Suggest that both of your “dads” take credit. If for some reason they’re not on good terms, consider having a heart-to-heart with them before the big day to make sure they’re comfortable.

In Hindu tradition, you attend the wedding ceremony along with your maternal uncles. Uncles often take them in

Or a small cart decorated with flowers. You don’t need all the pomp and circumstance, but asking to honor your uncle is perfectly acceptable in any tradition.

The options are endless when it comes to asking one of your loved ones to escort you on your big day. Make it meaningful by choosing someone you’re especially devoted to, whether it’s a sibling, a lifelong friend, or someone who helped you through some tough times – it makes the moment even more special. “I saw a bride walking down the aisle with her niece, who was also her flower girl, so she threw flower petals as she walked with her — it was beautiful,” Cusick says.

Don’t Forget Your Mom — Garden Rose

If you consider your pup a member of the family, why not let him walk you down the aisle? Wedding photos can be so cute, having your furry friend by your side may be just what you need to calm your nerves. “I encourage you to check with the venue (if the wedding is at a venue) because pets are not allowed or abandoned once dinner starts,” says Cusick. “I would encourage practicing with your pet beforehand and making sure he/she doesn’t run down the aisle trying to pull you or jump in your fancy dress.”

Cusick suggests appointing a member of the first few lines as a “handler” to shift the focus back to you and your partner. Once you reach the end of the aisle, he or she can quickly grab the puppy without interrupting the ceremony.

Meghan Markle set the tone for half of her walk to Prince Harry alone down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. By meeting an escort at the 50-yard line, you can show off your independence while still respecting an old tradition. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, we can’t think of a more memorable entrance.

My Mom Is Walking Me Down The Aisle But My Dad Will Be At Wedding

Who says you need an escort? In modern times, many women survive for years without a partner or parent to help them every step of the way. Show off your autonomy and self-reliance by making a grand entrance without an escort. Talk about the ultimate statement. As a little girl I always imagined my wedding day. Of course, the groom’s face wasn’t visible (yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m still looking for him), but everything else was set. My dress (Hayley Paige, please!), bite of cake with my dark, mysterious stranger; I imagined every moment perfectly in my head. However, I struggled with that one scene: the walk down the hallway. Tradition dictates that the father should walk the daughter down the aisle. But there was one problem: I didn’t want to choose a father to walk with me. My biological father was absent throughout my childhood, and while my stepfather was incredible and I was so grateful for his love and support, I found it strange that if my biological father ever came into my life, he would see me go to my groom with someone else. father

Bride Walked Down The Aisle By Man Who Received Her Father’s Heart

I grew up never knowing my biological father. He lives in Israel with his family and we didn’t meet until I was twenty. So he was out of the picture for a while and we are still disconnected today. The language barrier, the lost moments, the resentment that could not be completely eradicated no matter how hard I tried – all this made it difficult to build a strong relationship. However, my Israeli family will be invited to my future wedding, and I know they will be there to see me marry someone I love.

But this leaves me in a pickle. I don’t want to walk down the aisle with my stepfather and offend my biological father, because I know he’s good and tried to apologize for rejecting a relationship with me before I was an adult. But I don’t want my stepdad to feel unloved or neglected when he walks down the aisle with my birth dad because he’s been like a real dad since I was about 7 years old. Neither situation seems right. I can’t imagine, and when I try, I don’t feel as happy as I should. (This one

So I decided to walk alone. Honestly, I don’t need anyone to fire me. I dealt with everything that happened on this journey to understand who I am, who my family is, which people love and support me, and how I can give back to them (and what I really owe to those who don’t). Virtually no outside help. In my mind I’ve grown up so far and can walk anywhere by myself with my head held high.

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