Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

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Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City – According to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, there are 3,233 active, registered beekeepers in Arkansas, managing 48,514 colonies. We salute the over 1 million bees in Arkansas on August 17th, World Bee Day.

To enjoy more honey, check out some of the local raw honey brands at our warehouse and the Arkansas Bee Center.

Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

Honeyton Farm produces honey from a colony of rescued bees. In addition to raw honey products (in stores and online), they offer removal services.

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Brothers Honey Company manages over a million bees. They operate an online store as well as a brick-and-mortar store that offers candles, waxes, lotions and apparel in addition to their honey products.

Culp’s Honey Farm offers raw honey, but also offers five commercial hives with bees included to start your own colony.

Larry Kichler produces raw produce, cream, honey, and sweet honey for restaurants and retailers. You can pick it up from a small rock in the Green Corner Store.

Bemis Bee Farms sells raw honey and soft honey, as well as a large selection of honey and beekeeping supplies.

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Join or donate! There is a bee colony in your area. Search the map to find your local chapter of the Arkansas Beekeepers Association.

The University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Cooperative Extension Service has a comprehensive section on beekeeping in Arkansas. When you visit the site, you will find a lot of information including:

Protect your investment time and money with the Ag Promise of the Arkansas Insurance Bureau. To get started, use our staff locator to find an agent near you. Is the Beehive State really the second worst state for keeping bees? The national rankings put Utah near the front, but those numbers don’t tell the whole story, according to a pollster.

Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

(Trent Nelson | Salt Lake Tribune file photo) Beekeeper Amber Lawvor checks on bees in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021. A recent survey by the National Weed Care Center ranked Utah second bad at protecting bees – although a beekeeping expert said the study “uses too much data.”

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It’s an email line that makes any food writer sit up straight: “Utah is the 2nd worst state for beekeeping.”

That’s according to lawn care chain LawnLove, which released the results of its survey in mid-June, during the week of National Lawn Care Week, June 20-26. Only Nebraska ranked below Utah.


The rankings were based on data from the United States Department of Agriculture, which was only available in 40 of the 50 states. Of those, Utah ranked 36 out of 40 for honey production, 35 for honey cost per pound, 34 at farmers’ markets that offer honey, and 27 in the number of bee organizations.

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Julie Arthur, president of the Wasatch Beekeepers Association, reviewed the list of studies — and said she disagreed with some of the conclusions.

“The USDA data is mostly from commercial bees, so there is no data on backyard bees,” he said. “So, it’s a very telling story when you’re talking about bees in Utah as a whole.”

Hobby beekeepers, classified as keeping fewer than 10 hives, and sideline beekeepers, with 250 hives or less, are among the 3,500 members of the Wasatch Beekeeping Association. Arthur did an informal survey on the group’s website, saying he heard of one member with more than 500 hives – but more than half of the respondents had between two and four hives.

Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

Arthur said that beekeepers are encouraged to register with the state, but it is not a requirement. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, or UDAF, also does not collect data on backyard bees.

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UDAF, he said, “is actually a bee health organization that makes sure that bees are good stewards of their hives, and that they don’t disturb their neighbors. … They want to know if there is disease in the bee population, so we don’t end up with all the bees are dead.”


The study also ranked Utah at the bottom because of its hot and dry environment, which was said to be beneficial for native bees, but a bad environment for bees. It’s true, Arthur said, the flow of nectar depends on the flowers the bees can find – but that doesn’t mean people don’t need to keep them in the garden.

Arthur says most of the flow in Utah occurs in June, so the honey production season is over.

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“You can see a little bit with the fall flowers,” he said. “But because we are very hot and dry in July and August, most of the water sources are dry for bees. But it depends on the type of market we have. We hear bees say that they usually have three hives, and then we hear bees with one full hive.” a box of honey can hold 8 pounds of honey.

Arthur said the location of the trunk was important. “If you live in an area where alfalfa is still being grown, you’re going to get more honey than where I live in Draper, where my bees depend on plants that people planted,” he said.

“They’re just fascinating creatures,” he said. . that? Some people [protect bees] because they believe they pollute, some people do it for the environment. And some people do it just for honey. “

Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

In Arthur’s experience, he said, beekeepers generally don’t last long — because they’re often not interested in caring for the bees in a way that keeps them healthy.

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“Some people like it, and they’re like ‘Oh, I can see honey,'” he said. “They go out and buy everything they need, and they throw away the bees. Then … they call us and say, ‘I have all these problems,'” he said. And we’re like, ‘Did you read the book? Did you look on the web?’ And they’re like: ‘no’.”

Learning about beekeeping before getting a hive, Arthur said, “it’s really, really important to the health of the bees — not just your bees, but all the bees in your neighborhood — because if you get sick, it’s going to spread like wildfire. ‘fire in the square mile.’

Arthur is not against people enjoying honey from local hives. That’s why – especially when commercial bottled honey comes from many sources, and is rarely pure, despite what the label says.

“Buy honey from a backyard beekeeper, or a local beekeeper,” because it won’t be honey with syrup or sugar water or anything else in it. “

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Arthur called on Utahns to focus on pollution, honey and native wildlife — which threaten their lives more than ever.

Take, for example, the invisible impact of the disk, caused by water conservation (which Arthur advocated), removing grass – and trees, such as red clover, where bees feed – and replacing them with rocks, stones and other materials.

“It’s hard to get the weeds out of the rocks, so they use herbicides to kill them. And that’s terrible for the bee population,” Arthur said.

Nashville Bees Anyone In The Same Boat How To Make Friends In A New City

Drought-resistant, perennial flowering plants are good for conserving water and supporting bees, Arthur said. However, they recommend that when buying such plants, especially at large garden stores, check the label to make sure they are free from neonicotinoids, which kill bees. (Type “neonic” for short, and as the name suggests, it’s related to nicotine.)

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Arthur said that people interested in witchcraft should do their research first. Start by looking up your local laws about hives. . /beekeeping), and the Wasatch Beekeeping Association, at Utah State University and Wheeler Farm both offer beekeeping classes, and the WBA purchased a collection of educational hives and will begin classes in August. (Check the WBA website in the next few weeks for details.)

If the future goalkeeper is still motivated after all that, the WBA offers one-on-one advice with experienced goalkeepers. “They can go online,

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