Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

Wednesday, November 23rd 2022. | Weddings

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You don’t need to change the texture of your hair (or anything else about you) at your wedding. If you don’t want to use hot tools or wear knives at your wedding, we’ve rounded up 17 natural hairstyles that look easy. Whether you’re looking for an updo or a boho-inspired understated style, we’ve got hairstyles for everyone.

Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

If you choose to rock your natural style on your wedding day, we recommend working closely with a hairstylist to find out how to make your hair look its best. The specialist will be able to recommend products that will play well with your hair’s characteristics (think: styling cream for frizzy hair, oil for extra shine or hair spray for extra hold). Also, they will be able to recommend hair care products that you can use before your wedding day. Scroll through our favorite natural hairstyles below to gather some essentials (and browse The Knot to find a local expert to help bring your vision to life on the big day).

Rock Your Natural Curls With This Easy Wedding Updo

Show off your great shape with a low or mid-cut, low-to-the-heel style. We’ve collected our favorite hair ideas for a natural look, below.

Embrace your boho wedding style with this natural hair wedding hairstyle. Let your design shine and top it off with a beautiful flower crown or headband.

Top your natural curls with an oversized flower crown for a wedding hairstyle that’s equal parts boho and glam. (Pro tip: Keep the crown in place with bobby pins.)

Looking for a unique natural wedding hairstyle? Braid the top of your hair back to show off your volume at the back.

Wedding Hairstyles For Your Big Day

When it comes to your wedding hair, you should wear what makes you happy. Make a statement by rocking a bold color.

29 Classic Cruise Wedding Styles From sleek ’50s styles to glamorous ’70s waves.

Between braids, buns and ponytails, the options are endless for your natural wedding hairstyle. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites, below.

Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

We love this look’s versatility: You can wear it to any wedding no matter the season or style. Slip your hair into a low bun for a natural wedding hairstyle that’s modern and sophisticated.

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Show off your incredible hair texture with this artistic updo. Twist your hair into a high ponytail on one side. Add a glitter head for extra shine. Psst: Wedding hairstyles are trending right now, thank you

Braid your hair into a beautiful asymmetrical look. Top off your look with a cute accent, like a flower or a hair pin.

Calling all minimalists: this natural hairstyle is for you. Slide your hair into a low bun or chignon and leave a few pieces in the front for a smart, romantic look. Want a touch of shine? Add a hair vine or barrette.

Not only does a sleek ponytail look great, it also works. No matter how much you dance at your reception, your hair will remain intact.

Stunning Natural Hair Ideas From Real Brides

Brush your fringe. Pull your hair into a low bun (or top knot if you prefer) and leave your bangs for a playful touch.

Make a simple ponytail feel style-forward by adding a middle part. Slip the sides of your hair and let your natural texture shine through.

Here are natural hair accessories for a beautiful and glamorous wedding. Divide your hair into three sections and tie them all at the back of your head with a mohawk-plait.

Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than a low bun and braids? Get the look by asking your hairstylist to pull both sides of your hair into a low updo—then put a nice veil over it.

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Perfect Natural Hair Styles For Destination Weddings

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It can be challenging. But whether you’ve got fine hair or want to rock the celebrity look, we’ve rounded up the dreamiest natural hairstyles that are guaranteed to last—even during the electronic slide.

To recreate Solange’s perfect curls, it’s all about straightening your hair, according to NYC stylist Chereen Monet. “Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to blow out the roots. You don’t want to disturb the curls and make them too frizzy.”

Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

For your big day—or your friend’s—why not summon your natural afro like Viola Davis? Jasmine “Jazz” Bethea, a professional barber and stylist at Headquartz Salon in Jamaica, Queens, says first, it’s important to use scissors or clippers, then give the hair shine and hold.

Heat Free Hair

To achieve free curls like Tori Kelly, start with freshly washed hair. Then, apply a curl-defining product from root to tip, suggests Terri Alexander Ford, owner of Philadelphia salon Hello Gorgeous Hair Studio. “Using a hair dryer, press the hair up toward your head and focus on the ends without shaking the hair too much,” she adds. Add a spray of text, and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking to replicate Jill Scott’s afro, make sure you have a clipper or plastic tooth pick handy. Then use a pick to brush your hair up and out, says Miko Branch, CEO and founder of Miss Jessie’s natural hair care products. “For more length, use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment and straighten the hair in a downward motion.”

To achieve Kimberly Elise’s suggestion, use a curling cream or product like Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard before curling each section of hair with your fingers, recommends Branch. “After the hair is completely dry, you can pull it up. Secure the halo curls with bobby pins,” she says.

On freshly washed hair, apply Miss Jessie’s Multi-Cultural Curls and let dry. Once the hair is completely dry, take a large curling iron and curl it in a low motion, avoiding hitting the ends,” says Branch. “Run your fingers through your hair to achieve this informal-yet-formal style.”

Charming Bride’s Wedding Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

You’ll need to comb your hair to its full length if you want to recreate Janelle Monáe’s adorable top knot. “Create a French Roll placed at the back of your head while leaving the hair on top,” says Branch. Then, secure any loose hair with an elastic band and tie it until you can tuck it under the band. Secure your hair with bobby pins to create a perfect top knot. Once that’s done, add as many devices as you like.

Create a side part before straightening your hair into a large two-strand twist like Brandy’s. “With this difference of

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