Navy And Lime Green Wedding

Wednesday, November 16th 2022. | Weddings

Navy And Lime Green Wedding – O! There’s something about navy blue and navy weddings that instantly draws me in, especially when it’s done right! One of Michelle’s dearest college friends, got busy a few weeks ago at the Lighthouse and set a date for July in Shark, California. I think the wedding was inspired by this.

I’ve had it ever since I had the chance to submit it to The Knot Southern California last year and it’s on newsstands now! What I love most about this Hamptons and Cape Cod style nautical wedding is how classic and timeless it is with starfish, sand and nautical inspired elements!

Navy And Lime Green Wedding

Navy And Lime Green Wedding

The wedding took place at the bride’s family’s vacation home on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, which they have owned for a century, so much history there! With the dream team of Happy Weddings and Events, JL Ideas, Meg Perotti and The Sweet and Saucy Shop, this wedding was beautifully brought to life!

Dress My Wedding

Each bride carried a different green flower with a hint of celery or lime. The maid of honor carried a variety of flowers

The cocktail hour consisted of wooden vases and all white flowers in glass vases, double tulips, ranunculus and sweet peas.

The bride just finished school to become a licensed sommelier, so their favorites were wine glasses! It’s not unfair for your fiancé to show his loyalty to his beloved team at your wedding. But how do you do that without being cheesy and obvious? A good designer’s eye can make any color team color in an urban and elegant theme for your wedding. Good thing the Seahawks colors are already a fantastic combination of Navy Blue, Lime Green, Silver and White. Who could ask for anything better?

Designer Rachel Andrews of Bellingham Wedding & Event Rentals arranged a theme park in honor of our NFC North Champions and future Superbowl winners. Genaro Shaffer Bellingham toured the table in the elegant and newly renovated Springhill Suites Marriott banquet room in Bellingham, Washington.

Spring Color Combinations We Cant Get Enough Of!

Various linen fabrics – Pintuck in Crinkle in Poly. A doll supply picture frame to the table number!

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While some trends come and go, blue wedding themes and color palettes remain popular among couples every year. The plan? Blue is a classic and effortless color, and there are so many shades of this color to choose from that it’s easy to work with any wedding style, theme, or season. If you’re in the process of choosing your wedding colors, or if you already have a color scheme and want to start looking for inspiration, these blue wedding color ideas show how versatile (and beautiful) it can be.

Navy And Lime Green Wedding

Traditionally, the color blue is associated with calmness, stability, and tranquility (think of how relaxed you feel after seeing a clear blue sky or clear liquid water). Blue is one of the endless colors for your wedding day, but with a variety of accent colors and metallics, you can make it as modern or classic as you like.

Emerald Green Wedding Bouquet Wedding Flowers Green Silver

As one of the three primary colors, blue acts as a complementary tone in more ways than you might expect. Lighter shades of blue, such as teal and dusty blue, often form the color palette for spring and summer weddings, along with other pastels such as red, lilac, green, and buttery yellow. Navy blue is a popular color for fall weddings and winter weddings, especially when the color palette incorporates deep jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald, and purple. If you like bright and vivid colors, combine green and blue (such as blue or aquamarine) with coral, orange and fuchsia for an eye-catching effect.

Pale blues—including cornflower blue, dusty blue, navy blue, and French blue—are ideal for creating a romantic, cozy atmosphere. These lighter tones are perfect for country weddings, beach weddings, garden settings and vintage-inspired themes. Feeling modern? You’ll love Pantone Color 2022, a beautiful periwinkle blue called Peri.

Swap the white envelope for the light blue envelope field. Adding a vintage stamp adds a totally unique touch to your wedding station.

Blue is one of the most popular wedding dress colors of all time, and it’s something that looks good on almost everyone. Embrace the mix and match wedding dress trend and let your bridesmaids choose their favorite style in a light blue color or pattern.

Clemson Girl: Wedding Wednesday

While you can certainly add a bouquet of blue flowers to your wedding, this is not the only option. Incorporate a blue wedding theme by wrapping the stems in decorative ribbons instead, like these luxurious silk and raw silk pieces.

For summer and spring weddings, blue suits are perfect for darker tones. If you’re too worried about casual, opt for a three-piece set and keep your accessories classic.

It’s deceptive that your flower girl is all white (and if she doesn’t, she’ll look just as beautiful). Another way to show off your wedding color scheme is to choose a flower girl dress with blue embroidery, lace or other decorations.

Navy And Lime Green Wedding

Sometimes it’s the smallest difference. You might not think it’s important to have special wedding books, but a custom book doubles as a beautiful column for special wedding photos—plus, it will preserve your handwritten wishes for decades to come.

Top 13 Wedding Color & Decor Mistakes Not To Make

I do not underestimate the impact of the monthly decorations. If you are planning an addition with a standard white table and dining table, the simple addition of colorful tablecloths will immediately surround your table, without breaking up your tables at all.

Your wedding reception chairs are different to relate to the blue (or blue) wedding theme. Cover your back and your partner’s seats with airy blue chiffon and a touch of green to make your seats feel special.

This fondant wedding cake is a great example of how you can gracefully incorporate a modern design element like blue ombre sugar flowers.

Guests are welcome to a cool sunset ceremony or evening reception by offering woolen shawls in a blue color that complement your wedding decor.

Yellow Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Day Bright And Cheery

Beautiful wedding bouquets and pink flowers A guide to our favorite pink flowers and how to use them.

Certain shades of blue, such as royal blue and cobalt blue, are great for adding a vibrant and energetic vibe to your big day. These saturated colors look especially fun when paired with other bold tones like pink, orange, and lime green.

A few well-placed accents of royal blue tie together this black and red invitation, taking it from classic to festive.

Navy And Lime Green Wedding

Light blue shoes are one of the easiest ways to add the wow factor to a wedding outfit, and they also double as going for blue if you’re sticking to tradition. Love Bradshaw’s wardrobe? Two horses of the famous royal blue Hangisi by Manolo Blahnik is an obvious choice.

Boho On A Budget

If a white wedding dress isn’t traditional in your culture (or if you want something unexpected), consider wearing blue instead.

This royal blue tuxedo is modern and stylish. Dress your groom in dark blue or gray suits to make them stand out even more.

Instead of exchanging vows, place a colorful vase, or chuppah, like this one, with hydrangeas, delphiniums, roses, orchids, and green vines of blue and purple.

Design your table numbers using royal blue and white ceramic tiles. They add an artistic and eclectic look to your landscape.

Wedding Flower Checklist: A Guide To All The Wedding Flowers You’ll Need

Rental furniture is another great way to add pops of color throughout your space, especially if you need to fill a lot of empty space. Add a floral arrangement on top of a blue velvet sofa to transform the space into a “grammatical style” that your guests will love.

No room in the cocktail lounge? Use HAPPY rental chairs for your reception tables – you can use special chairs just for the head table or for the favor table to stay on budget.

Macrame is an essential part of a boho wedding. Use a blue fabric such as a decorative tapestry to add a look to your ceremony, table setting, or anywhere in your venue that could use a pop of color.

Navy And Lime Green Wedding

The blue waters stand out against all the black stalks

Striking Emerald Combinations Wedding Color Palettes

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