Night Wedding Ideas

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Night Wedding Ideas – If you’re a fan of sparkling candlelight, moody color palettes and vows exchanged under the stars, an overnight wedding is the non-traditional option you’ve been looking for. Don’t let the fear of the dark hold you back from your favorite design aesthetic or overall vision. With adequate lighting and some strategic decorative elements, achieving your dream wedding after sunset is an option available to any newly engaged couple, no matter what style of celebration you prefer. While it’s true that evening ceremonies and receptions certainly lend themselves to deeper, darker color palettes, there’s no rule that says you can’t bring your favorite pretty pastels or bright colors, too. The same goes for formalities. Whether you’re planning a casual party or an ultra-formal black-tie event, know that you can do either (or anything in between!) after the sun goes down.

So, how do you plan a wedding after dark? We reached out to some of the wedding industry’s top experts to share their best tips for hosting an overnight wedding. Here’s everything you need to know about planning and executing the ultimate evening party – they’ve got it all covered, offering much-needed advice on everything from lighting requirements and dinner menus to portrait timing tips and logistics.

Night Wedding Ideas

Night Wedding Ideas

The most important thing to remember is that anything you can do in the afternoon, you can do in the evening. But if you like the idea of ​​planning a party that guests will only enjoy at night, embrace the atmosphere. After all, you don’t plan a party in the dark for nothing, do you?

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“We love how romantic a wedding can be at dusk and think lighting can create the most magical atmosphere,” says Sarah Duke, co-founder of Duke + Van Deusen. Whether you choose string lights, lanterns or chandeliers, lighting is an important part of any party or evening event. For this tent reception, lights are placed outside and inside the tent area to ensure the entire party is well lit.

Since evening events often provide a more formal atmosphere, it’s important to reflect this in your menu choices. “For an evening party, multiple courses in a sit-down setting are ideal,” says Melissa Panico, director of marketing at Taste Catering and Event Planning. “This is not the case for after-parties, where couples tend to experiment at the other end of the food spectrum with mini versions of comfort favorites like fries and cheeseburgers,” adds Panico.

To illuminate the reception at night, we recommend using lots of candlelight on your reception table and throughout the room. “Capturing the softness of candlelight creates photos that naturally radiate a romantic glow,” says Sara Wight, owner of Sara Wight Photography. “Photographing the event’s tall taper candles and modern votives creates beautiful images.”

“Keep in mind that little details in nighttime photos can look subtle and authentic,” says Laura Kleinhenz, owner of Docuvitae. “Grain sometimes results from shooting at night, especially when the photographer is shooting with film or using high film speeds,” adds Kleinhenz. Rely on unique features that make your night party even more unique.

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“It has become clear to us over the years that the entertainment we provide is greatly affected by the times,” said Clay Johnson, lead singer of The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. “For after-dark receptions, the music can tend toward the topical and edgy. While it’s common to play those classic favorites late at night, it’s a bit of a pain to try and create a nightclub atmosphere at 11:30 in the morning.”

“When you’re choosing your lighting color, amber tones are perfect because they make everyone look great,” says Jana Rosenkrantz Kraskin, director of sales and marketing at The Seagram Building. “Retro disco balls are also making a big comeback. Just one makes the whole room sparkle!”

“If the couple wants to take photos together during the day, they should look before the wedding to get enough light,” advises Merilee Hennings, wedding planner and designer at EverAfter Events. Work with your photographer to set a time for your evening. I do that to make sure the day is full of bright enough photos.

Night Wedding Ideas

Add natural elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially as the evening draws in. “Use a green ceiling treatment or a floral chandelier that fills the negative space,” suggests Jennifer Zabinski, owner of Jennifer Zabinski Events. “A good rule of thumb is to use fake flowers that your guests can’t touch.”

Starry Night Theme Wedding Inspirations

“The biggest source of inspiration when creating centerpieces is the venue itself,” says Maria Zois, event coordinator at Ariston Wedding & Events. “It was important to create something cohesive for the space.” Let your flowers complete the room by creating a meaningful contrast. If the space is a little darker and more masculine, brighter, more romantic flowers will really pop.

Just because your reception may be dark doesn’t mean your beauty look has to be. “Getting the most out of your highlighter can enhance natural bone structure and make the look more natural without feeling overdone,” advises Linsey Snyder Wachalter, owner of Face Time Beauty Concierge. “Achieving a simple glow can be as simple as running highlighter along the nose, a little on the forehead and the inner corners of the eyes, and a little on the cupid’s bow.” Candles used throughout your space will illuminate your face in the most beautiful way.

You don’t have to host an indoor wedding just because you’re getting married at night. “The peace and quiet of the night combined with the warmth of the lighting creates a truly magical atmosphere for an outdoor event,” says Lisa Gorjestani, principal planner at Details Event Planning. With adequate lighting, an outdoor ceremony at night can add a unique magic to your entire wedding.

“There’s nothing like capturing a couple’s goodbye at night,” says Jeanann Wilkinson, owner of J Wilkinson Co. “Lighting the driveway with twinkling lights adds a sense of wonder to the couple’s final moments and photos,” she added. A classic car or other transportation can make your farewell night even more memorable. A starry night wedding is one of the most whimsical, subtle, downright mind-blowing wedding themes I’ve ever come across. It’s so romantic to have your wedding under the twinkling stars and soft glow of the moon, whether the light comes from the night sky or is artificially created. To show you how beautiful this theme is, I’ve collected thirty of my favorite starry night wedding ideas. Read on for suggestions on how to put together a starry night wedding your guests will never forget.

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1. You can create a luxurious starry sky ceiling for your wedding, or just choose a string of lights or a beautiful star background or for your night wedding.

2. You can create a magical starry sky outside and inside with star-shaped pendant lights, candle lights or a giant piece of artificial twinkling lights “ceiling” to reflect the night sky.

3. Whether your wedding is under the night sky or indoors, hundreds of twinkling lights are a must. A very beautiful effect can be produced by different sizes of disco lights with multi-colored starry sky and glacier lighting. They will dance and twinkle like stars in the sky.

Night Wedding Ideas

4. Create a star-themed wedding table with sparkling sequin tablecloths and a star-studded dinner menu.

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9. Let all your guests who arrive be dazzled by this beautiful starry sky entrance on their way to your wedding.

13. A starry night-themed wedding definitely calls for star-themed jewelry. A set of crystal bridal jewelry with twinkling stars and moons would be the perfect finishing touch.

This entry was posted in wedding themes and tagged starry sky wedding ideas, wedding themes. Permanent link bookmark. Your wedding is often seen as an all-day event, even though it’s not. There is a fairly standard timeline for the layout of your big day: it usually starts mid to late afternoon and lasts until midnight. However, according to some religious beliefs or simply because of their preference, some couples hold their ceremony after sunset. While it’s not very popular to stick around for the exchange of vows when the light goes out, if done right, it can be a truly amazing experience.

Crafting the perfect special with expert floral and event design – not to mention beautiful lighting – are the ingredients needed to bring your vows night to life. Whether you’re a fan of hanging pendant lights above your friends and family, or you prefer a simpler arrangement of candles around your flower-covered gazebo, it’s more than possible to create a peaceful yet eye-catching concept that works for you. will surely surprise you. guests. Such a sweet and sentimental moment deserves an appropriate setting.

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Check out our five favorite evening party motifs in the photos below, and be sure to click on each one for more inspiration from

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