When Should You Put A Cat Down

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When Should You Put A Cat Down – I met Charlie when I was twenty and he was two. He was very thin, and I picked him up for free from a foster home near my college where he lived in a garage with “honestly” at least twenty other foster cats. At first I didn’t really care for Charlie and spent a lot of time between the closet and the shower, so I would sit on the tile and do homework next to him. Eventually he started walking around me, then my roommate, and then became a party cat who would lay on top of everyone’s coats in the winter and let me pet him. After getting drunk on whatever alcohol we could get our hands on, the guests would gather around him and say to me, “Man, that’s

Charlie’s first medical problem came five years later, a smelly ear. As far as cats go, it was pretty normal on October 10th too. we took him to the local vet. After the injections and tests, Charlie and I left with our bank account $218.58 lighter. With treatment, Charlie’s ear infection quickly cleared up, and the Goetz home was quiet for a while.

When Should You Put A Cat Down

When Should You Put A Cat Down

We usually feed our cats when we get home at night so they don’t bite our hands when we’re in bed in the morning. We were always surprised at night by Charlie (nine pounds) and his “brother” named Jack (sixteen pounds). Charlie always ate very quickly, eating his food and looking to see who took it from him. Jack lazily scoops dry food into his mouth before spitting it out onto the ground where he kicks and then feeds like a Greek god of feasting. It’s grotesque.

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However, on November 3, things did not go as planned. The Purina Salmon & Whole Brown Rice food was spilled, the cats landed on it, then Charlie nibbled, hissed and ran away. We tried coaxing him with different food and a can of tuna, but the results were the same: biting, hissing, running.

When we got to the vet the next morning, they left me with a band-aid and a cat pin stuck in the lapel of my denim jacket with sunglasses on. I felt really unbalanced as I held Charlie in my arms in the waiting room, his little head tucked into (sniff) my armpit. The vet came and placed Charlie on the table, opened his mouth and looked around. Charlie was quickly diagnosed with stomatitis – a condition where your gums are bad and bad – which was inflamed and causing him excruciating pain.

To make him comfortable, we were given small syringes filled with liquid medicine to shoot into his mouth to ease the pain. It cost $148.26 and we were told he needed to come back in a week so the cat dentist could remove some of his teeth. As much as I wanted someone to pick me up and hug me and then give my energy and health to Charlie, that wasn’t a service they offered at the time we visited.

Again, to control the pain, we took him to the vet before surgery. In addition to some other pain meds, they did a blood test to make sure there wasn’t a bigger problem. Everything is back to normal. $178.94.

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Charlie had surgery on November 9th, which went very well. The vet called me while I was at work and told me – “after a thorough examination of the cat’s mouth” – that they had to remove three and a half teeth. I asked him what he meant by “one and a half” and he said that one of his teeth had been absorbed by the gums. I googled a picture of something you might not want to do.

We picked Charlie up from the vet after work. I rubbed her velvety ears against the register as the receptionist went over the bill with us and patiently explained each charge. We added hypoallergenic food and paid $433.73.

Our total vet bills that week were $760.93, which is a little over a quarter of what my husband and I bring in every two weeks. On the way home in the car, with Charlie sleeping on my lap, I asked my husband, “How are people

When Should You Put A Cat Down

But when we got him home, Charlie didn’t seem to care as much as we did that his mouth was sewn shut or that his leg was shaved from the IV. He jumped on things so fast that I bumped and jumped after him to make sure he didn’t get hurt like Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in the movie.

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. He was still eating, sleeping and meowing and still followed me to the bathroom every time I peed.

November 12 when we woke up we found Charlie suddenly unable to walk in a straight line. We took him to the emergency vet who was sure he was dizzy. He removed a piece of wax from his ear and Charlie started walking again. $142.52.

Then he stopped eating and the vet thought he had a stomach shot from excess medication. We brought him another appetite stimulant and they did more blood work and x-rays, all of which came back negative for anything abnormal. They noticed a recurrence of the ear infection and prescribed more aggressive drugs to treat it. $552.02.

November 19 Charlie went back to the vet for a check-up and was given another appetite suppressant because he still wasn’t back on a normal diet. $72.29.

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After ten days, Charlie seemed to have gotten significantly worse. Although we were able to get him to eat small amounts before, he suddenly stopped eating completely. We took him back to the vet who did more tests which

He was completely back to normal – except for his lack of interest in food, Charlie was completely healthy. They forced us to give us a can of high-calorie food, and then advised us to make an appointment with a specialist, because they were officially out of ideas. $484.21.

In the morning Charlie went to the specialist and I hugged him and kissed his tiny head. At this point he had lost two kilos and I could put my fingers into the slits in his spine. While my husband cooked breakfast in the other room, I talked to Charlie. I don’t remember what I said, I just kept talking and finally said I would see him soon. I went to work and my husband dropped Charlie off at the vet and then we waited.

When Should You Put A Cat Down

A few hours later I spoke to the vet who laughs when he talks about how cute Charlie is. “Man,” she said, “that’s one

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She got me on the phone with the vet who laughed when I apologized for crying and said he was obviously very glad it wasn’t over. But she didn’t want to send him home only to have a relapse, so we talked about doing more tests. To see Charlie’s ear (which they were sure was the problem) they would need a CT scan. She estimated the bill to be about $3,000, including all the tests they had already done that day.

At this point, my husband and I were very excited, but we were determined to find out what was wrong with Charlie so that we could get proper treatment and not always deal with another matter. The vet told us about something called Care Credit, which is like a credit card for vet bills. (I also found out that you can cover a pet too, but not if your pet is already sick.) We applied and got approved right away, so we could continue our research without hurting our bill.

The next morning Charlie came in for a scan and about an hour later the vet called me. His voice was thick as he told us that a tumor had been found in Charlie’s ear that had started to burrow into his skull and he wouldn’t be able to do this. I thanked him and told him how glad I was that he finished his meal — one last stinking meal.

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On December 7, Charlie Cat was buried. The initial cost of Charlie’s specialist visit, including his CT scan: $2,481.34; with interest on maintenance loan for two years: $2,891.00.

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