Vintage Table Decor

Friday, November 18th 2022. | Weddings

Vintage Table Decor – Using beautiful cloche decorations as inspiration, the soft colors of the sparkling bottle brush trees combined with mercury glass accents create a beautiful vintage Christmas table setting that is perfect for holiday entertaining.

I’m excited to join my very talented friends today to bring you some Christmas table inspiration! If you’re coming from Life with Leana, welcome! I’m glad you’re here! Make sure you get to the bottom of this post to see some of the table settings my friends created!

Vintage Table Decor

Vintage Table Decor

My vintage Christmas landscape started when I was shopping for Christmas decorations with a friend and we saw a very nice oversized cloche decoration with a beautiful vintage display inside. We started talking about how to have fun at the table… and this got me thinking. I started thinking about soft colors, shiny wood and mercury glass coming together to create a precious Christmas table that was pretty but not too fancy.

Table Ideas For Christmas Decorating

I gathered some of my favorite trees and bottle brushes as a starting point and started layering.

I used the table runner as a base and placed some glittery pine boughs and holly leaves in the center of the table. I added some pinecones and soft green garland to the sides of the table to give the center height and width.

I sprinkled glitter and glitter decorations along the length of the table and added sparkling pears and mercury glass decorations. And of course the beautiful cloche decorations on each side of the table.

Finally, I assembled five sparkling glass bottle trees in the middle of the table to add height and drama to the look.

Southern Vintage Table Events

I love the soft, vintage Christmas feel of this product and the subtle palette that has just the right amount of shimmer and sparkle.

Another thing I found with my friend that day was a mercury glass ornament with a nice silver band around the middle. We talked again about how to be nice at the table,

I wanted a simple space with something shiny to incorporate the vintage look, so I used Vietri glass chargers as a base.

Vintage Table Decor

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Vintage Christmas Table Setting

I placed a basket weave plate on top of the charger and used a simple cream napkin to match the table runner.

I placed one of the mercury glass ornaments on top of each napkin. I filled the bottom of each ornament with marshmallows and added two fun chocolates on top.

I added a simple silk ribbon to the top of the ornament and left it open at each point.

I love the surprise of pretty decorations anywhere with sweets inside. It’s a great way to greet your guests and give them something to take away with them to remember the evening.

The Vintage Style Home Decor Guide

I completed each place setting with antique silver and standard glassware to set the perfect Christmas table setting.

Each guest had a different idea for the table with all the shiny things and glasses, but the whole look was nice and soft with a special Christmas feel.

The delicious decorations made the perfect gift for any guest and are sure to be the centerpiece of the table.

Vintage Table Decor

This color and style is a departure from my usual decor, but I love how they came together. I really liked using one simple thing as inspiration for the whole table.

Thin Glass Vase With Flowers And A Candlestick On A Vintage Table Stock Photo

It’s a great reminder to use the things you find beautiful to create everything from a table to an entire room! XO

Below are links to the exact items I used for this look and similar items when the original was not available online. No scarf or two scarves can create the same look. Check out these wedding table decoration ideas and get the inspiration you need!

After the wedding ceremony, it’s time to kick back, dance, eat and enjoy the wedding reception. On

Table decorations: napkins, tablecloths, candles, glasses, dishes and silver complete the picture. But it’s the little things that bind a marriage together.

Inspiring Vintage Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

If you want to avoid the usual pink and white wedding, one good option is to use coral.

For the flowers you can use coral, pink, orange and blush flowers, with a few white calla flowers mixed in.

Don’t forget the wicker basket and hanging macrame lights. Once finished, use these woven tablecloths to round out the boho-chic table decorations.

Vintage Table Decor

Is there anything more earthy or beautiful than green eucalyptus leaves wrapped around a table?

Spring Table Decor Ideas

You might not think cacti would make beautiful wedding flowers, but here they are. Is there any doubt that winged cactus pots are for him?

Did you know that angel wing cacti are also called bunny eared cacti? Whatever they are called, they look great on this table!

For flowers, you can remove the flower vase. Just drop a few rose petals into a simple glass of water.

You can put a white rose inside to tone down a bit of pink. You can also add some pink candles while you’re at it.

Spode Blue Room Collection Girl At Well Dinner Plate, Wall Decor, Plat

Just place a few of your favorite wedding favors next to the menu and you’re all set! Do you like these ideas? Check out the wedding ceremony ideas!

Nothing says summer like warm colors. So, bright and cheerful flowers against the dark wood of the tables are appropriate!

How about some coral, pink, peach and orange blossoms for the centerpiece? How do you feel about the only white flower among flowers?

Vintage Table Decor

Keep the dish settings and settings simple, nothing too complicated for an outdoor wedding in the sun. Simple white china with a gold trim should do the trick.

Lace Tablecloth Black 60×120 Inch Vintage Floral Lace Table Cloth Embroidered Lace Fabric Black Table Overlay For Halloween Vintage Table Cover Lace Table Linen Rustic Party Table Decor

An outdoor beach wedding can be incredibly romantic, especially in the sun. But it can be gray and colorless if you don’t have proper lighting and some kind of glow.

Red napkins should keep the table in the spirit! Of course, you won’t be able to make them fly in the wind, so these bright red rings can come in handy.

This is a table decoration you would see in a Dostoevsky novel. It’s beautiful, it’s shiny, and it’s all cool blue and shiny gold.

You’ve got luxury all the way to the table: silver and gold damask fabric sets the stage for the table, so to speak. You can find the same here.

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From the coldest palaces to the tropics: hot is what comes to mind when you see this table.

First, you need one palm leaf in a vase. It’s an olive table runner. You can even see small olive trees hanging from the branches.

A bohemian wedding isn’t complete unless you get a few cane stalks like this included in the wedding bouquet. The decoration is soft and gentle, but there are also things from the world.

Vintage Table Decor

As you’ll find on flatware and candle holders, golds and metallics help bridge the gap between black and pink.

Shabby Chic Interior Decor For Farmhouse. Lavende,plant And Vintage Table,shelf Over Pastel Wall. Provence Home Chair With Flowers Stock Photo

Solid black may seem out of place for a pink wedding, but this chart shows how you can make the most of vibrant colors.

Gold and silver decorations aren’t the only way to add richness to a wedding table. You will also need a crystal chandelier.

Under the chandeliers, however, there are lots of soft, almost tabletop decorations. The flowers are muted pastels, like ivory and cream.

It’s like a summer tea party until you see it crystal clear, that is. Then we return to luxury and prosperity.

Using Vintage Plates To Create A Soft Thanksgiving Table

Gold, ebony and citrus orange. It reminds you of a chocolate cake with orange blossom icing, doesn’t it? I wonder if the wedding cake is in that line.

Look for an orange peel napkin holder in these tangerine napkins. They add character, zest, color and eccentricity to decorations.

Speaking of table quirkiness, check out the seating cards. You have the guests of the bride and groom.

Vintage Table Decor

After the bold colors we’ve just seen, it’s a change of table decoration theme back to pastels. This table is all pretty, attractive and fun.

Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

You have a heart-shaped chocolate bar on the side, a heart-shaped napkin in the middle, and fluffy white candles to go around.

But what I love about the table is the vintage jewelry box with the ring inside. Of course, little things like that tennis bracelet go in there too.

Sage green is a soft color and not something you often find at weddings unless it’s part of the flowers.

But when combined with ocher and wood, you’ve hit the trifecta. I am

Elegant Vintage Wedding Table Decoration With Roses And Candles, Warm Night Light Filter Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 57907456

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