Yellow And Blue Wedding Theme

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You may not be able to see the sun directly, but what about sunflowers? If happiness has a color, it must be sunflower yellow! What better way to bring naturally occurring sunlight to your wedding day than thousands of sun-like flowers!

Yellow And Blue Wedding Theme

Yellow And Blue Wedding Theme

Say the word “sunflower” and visions of sunflower fields in Tuscany, Italy dancing in the wind at dawn, dusk and dawn immediately come to mind. A sight worth seeing! A field of sunflowers is but a spitting image of a sky with a thousand suns! The funny thing is that this sunny summer really doesn’t smell like anything, but it inspires us that there is nothing like it in this world. Despite the curved stems, too-long petals, and too-thick centers, I always smile and never complain! They teach that actions done in light and love by rising towards the sun are rewarded. Named after the popular annual species Helianthus annuus, sunflowers not only look like the sun, but there’s something so magical about turning their bodies toward the sun! From sunflowers used as aromatic and cooking oils to taxi license plates, kitchen towels, oven mitts, and cookie jars, sunflowers aren’t physically (in the form of flowers and seeds), but they have been found. Prints or images, colors or scents) are ubiquitous!

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Sunflowers are probably not the favorite flowers in a world where there are millions of fragrant and beautiful flowers like roses, cherry blossoms, tulips and more in a fair and square way! TBH, if we had to choose between the two, we’d prefer roses to sunflowers too! But when we think of yellow, we think of sunflowers, not yellow roses. The color sunflowers add to Mother Nature’s fabric is truly incomparable! And we can understand why you might want to choose a yellow-driven wedding color palette for the happiest day of your life. Yellow is a bright and creative color, and you can’t think of a more bold or bright yellow than sunflower, not even daffodil. It is probably the color most associated with happiness, positive energy and sunlight. So this joy-inspiring creative hue can be effectively used to decorate wedding decorations that evoke joy and clarity. When it comes to being the trendiest Pantone color (2019 onwards) or the most energetic shade of sunflower, yellow conveys just as much activity as it can convey to the details of a wedding. It can be used to spark interest in a design and enhance areas that need action. There is no denying that sunflower yellow is the brightest and most attractive of all colors. It immediately transports us to a world of summer, sunshine, vacations, fun, and generally pleasant thoughts. It is a delightful color with many positive associations. There are endless reasons why this makes a great choice for a wedding color palette.

Wedding Gift Table: Thinking of a wedding gift table that will leave your guests in awe? All you need is warm and trendy sunflowers, turquoise flowers, and the color of ribbon you want, and voila! Decorate the two wedding invitation boxes by wrapping them in thick embossed white paper and embellish them with silver bling mesh. Place a gift tag with your name and wedding date printed on it and attach matching ‘card’ symbols. This cute card box holds approximately 80 cards.

Illuminated Wedding Gifts: We all love cute glass miniatures full of life and light! Sunflowers as guests can make a wonderful contribution to your yellow wedding. Sunflower decorations beautifully placed in a small terrarium or mini capsule-shaped glass container with a ‘thank you’ sign with the names of the host couple and the date of the wedding will be a gift that guests can enjoy along with their coffee. Tables, cabinets, desktops, floating shelves and windows.

The sky is over. If you’d like to incorporate the yellow of the sunflower into your wedding guest gifts, choose your favorite cup and saucer (or mug) from a sunflower-printed beach bag with a yellow Pendleton blanket or your favorite tea. . A cozy winter feast in the mountains for a summer wedding, a dinner to unveil a paper crown, a mystical gift for fortune teller fish and thought-provoking question cards, yellow firecrackers will keep your guests’ tables cool. Or, start the chase and gift your guests with their favorite dessert (even if they may not soon become a favorite). This is Laduree Macaron, a yellow macaron. Don’t forget to personalize your gift, whether it includes sunflowers, bright floral colors or prints.

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Dessert Table: Ladurée Macarons or French Macarons, these beautiful mini macaron treats are taking the wedding dessert table by storm! With the perfect balance of color, flavor and texture all contained in a bite-sized package, Ladurée macarons are not only delicious, but also colorful and a great addition to any wedding palette. Yellow can grab attention quickly, but can also be harsh if overused. Avoid visual fatigue and welcome cheery inspiration by considering a monochromatic macaron top or an array of yellow, orange, pink, and orange delights on your dessert table! A tower of these delicious and beautiful treats can also be a great cake substitute.

Sunflower Girl: Pale yellow, clear friends! The lovely flower girls will steal the show at your fall wedding when you show up in a warm, glam sunflower flower girl dress. Or, put on a simple yellow and white flower girl dress with a sunflower headband and toss a basket full of sunflowers and sunflower petals down the aisle. Your flower girls as well as your bridal party can kill it with sunflower yellow. From sweet lemon to sunflower, marigold to mustard, chartreuse to canary, yellow bridesmaid dresses and yellow and white bouquets add just the right amount of sunshine to a red-letter day, no matter the season.

Add some yellow to your wedding day dresses: sunflower boutonniers for the handsome groom and his gorgeous bridesmaids or sunflower corsages for the wedding mother are just some of the yellow wedding color ideas every bride dreams of! But have you ever thought that your dapper naughty boy can actually look like a gentleman in a bright yellow tie? Oh, it’s so cute (oooooo!). Have your bridesmaids (all sisters in the fall!) wear the same gray lace dresses and their own cowboy boots and carry beautiful sunflower bridesmaid bouquets! The bride and groom can create a bright look by attaching a sunflower boutonnier to the lapel of their jacket or tuxedo and matching it with a yellow pocket square! If you’re a pale bride, you can skip the puffy white wedding dress and opt for a sunflower yellow wedding dress, as she did when Amber Tamblyn said “I do” to David Cross. She said or wore sunflower yellow pumps underneath her. beautiful white people. If you’re not that traditional, dress your flight attendants in yellow floral prom gowns and sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses for a rave-worthy wedding group photo! Your big day color scheme should speak to both you and your partner. Get inspired by this beautiful wedding color that pairs perfectly with Sunflower Yellow.

Yellow And Blue Wedding Theme

Color acts as the glue that holds all the details of the big day together. Therefore, be careful when choosing wedding colors keeping in mind the season, theme, location, and venue color. Dark blues, greens, plums, and browns are just some of the colors that pair beautifully with sunflower yellow. It goes well with other bold and bright colors like maroon, pink, red and orange! You can’t go wrong choosing sunflowers as your wedding decor, especially for a whimsical winter wedding outdoors or a rustic spring wedding. If your wedding is themed around a farm or barn, it’s also a good match. And the best part is that it can be sourced locally in most rural settings! You can find this rich yellow almost everywhere, from dogwood branches to roses. Not only are they an excellent choice for wedding flowers, but they don’t cost you a penny. However, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the yellow hues of sunflowers into your wedding decor without including them, making them equally romantic and aesthetically pleasing. And we’re going to talk about two rustic wedding color ideas!

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Sunflower Yellow + Burgundy: A warm and meaningful color combination perfect for a fall wedding! Sunflowers, burgundy bridesmaids, white bride with tree and sunflower table decorations and some pumpkin decorations, gray groom and groomsmen suits in burgundy ties…

Sunflower Yellow + Mint or Green: Talk about a wedding that captures the spirit of spring. Cheers and cheers with a bright yellow and green color combination

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