Outdoor Summer Brides How Hot Is Too Hot

Sunday, January 1st 2023. | Weddings

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Outdoor Summer Brides How Hot Is Too Hot

Outdoor Summer Brides How Hot Is Too Hot

If your inbox is full of save the dates and wedding invitations this summer, you’re not alone. By now you know that 2022 is the year of the wedding boom; Our data shows that more than 2.6 million couples will tie the knot this year, proving that marriage is on the rise again. Of course, most of those marriages take place during the summer, as we understand that 80% of all marriages take place between May and October. So if you’re struggling with what to wear to a summer wedding, we’re here to help.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding In 2022

As a guest, deciding what to wear to a wedding can be a challenge in itself – you may be trying to decipher a complicated dress code or trying to find outfit options that won’t break the bank. Add to that the unpredictable weather that comes with summer, and choosing an outfit can seem like an impossible task. Don’t worry: As your wedding guest outfit resource, we’ve created this ultimate guide to what to wear to a summer wedding.

We’ve tapped stylists to share everything you need to know. Everything you need to know about summer wedding dresses. Read on for the season’s best styles, fabrics and silhouettes, plus expert tips on how to nail the most creative summer guest dress code. To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve rounded up the best sellers to shop for summer loungewear for men and women. Then, once you’re an expert on what to wear to a summer wedding, pick your own outfit and head over to our picks for this year’s best summer wedding guest outfits for Best Dressed Guest.

First things first: where do you start when looking for what to wear to a summer wedding? You might think wedding guest attire is all about vibrant colors and rich fabrics like silk or velvet, but these are the last things you want to be wearing on a July afternoon. To avoid unnecessary fashion faux pas, here are five things to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for a summer wedding.

Light, breathable fabrics can be your saving grace when it comes to choosing what to wear to a summer wedding, especially when you’re attending a high-profile event in hot and potentially humid weather. “When dressing for a summer wedding, keep the heat in mind,” advises Rent the Runway style director Blair Walsh. “Wear styles that offer some breathability and are lighter in fabrics like printed charmeuse, jersey, crepe, viscose or polyester.”

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The style of the event generally dictates what silhouette to choose. (Think: long skirts and dresses for formal weddings, or midi and mini skirts for casual dates and cocktail parties.) Plus, accessories like patterns, unique colors, and design details can help make your summer outfit perfect. “Wedding guests are embracing the summer heat with plunging necklines, cut-out details, unexpected lines and bold florals,” adds Walsh.

If you shop for summer wedding dresses, you may need a new dress. To keep your suit from overheating, look for styles made with mixed fabrics to increase breathability. “Lightweight wool provides the all-season wear that many customers are looking for when investing in a suit,” explained Dean Handspeaker, Indochino’s vice president of retail sales. She notes that while 100% wool is a reliable option, blends are more suitable for summer. “Linen towels are a popular choice for our customers because they have the strength and durability of wool, but are slightly lighter than linen and with a linen blend for a summery feel, they have the wrinkle-free feel of 100% linen. – Silk blends are also a good choice. , because the softness of silk is suitable for warm places.

Remember the “hot girl” phenomenon of 2021? Well, we have good news: it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, the spirit of focusing on the confident dress will continue into summer 2022, especially when it comes to wedding guest attire. “All signs point to 2022 being a sexier, ‘hot girl’ year than last year,” Walsh said. “Sexy styles continue to dominate with mini hems, v-necks and beautifully cut dresses. trend.”

Outdoor Summer Brides How Hot Is Too Hot

Summer has always been synonymous with bright colors and patterns, but this year, Walsh says, shoppers are turning to different colors. “Though color is trending throughout this month, basic black styles continue to gain popularity, with shiny metals such as gold and silver leading the way for 2022’s hottest colors.”

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While you might think glittery dresses are better for winter weddings, try shaking up the tradition this summer. As guests prepare to head back to the wedding, choosing an outfit outside of your traditional repertoire can add a little fun to fashion. “There’s a more ‘if more’ attitude when dressing this season,” added Walsh.

You can never go wrong with flowers when making your wedding dress. When choosing what to wear to a summer wedding, consider something like a mini floral print maxi chiffon dress for a fun and whimsical look. Or, if you want to take more of a risk with your style, focus on large or abstract floral prints to set your outfit apart. Find a new floral print blouse or pocket square for a season-appropriate outfit that’s just as elegant.

Maybe you don’t want to go dress shopping and wear a traditional black and white dress this summer. Instead, Suitsupply Style Expert Mark Harmeling suggests trying something more neutral. “Earth tones like beige, light gray and green are seasonal colors,” she explains. “A natural color palette with beige and brown tones, paired with a crisp white dress gives a fresh look.”

For guests looking to push the envelope further, Harmeling shares that bright shades are also big this year. “We’re seeing popular colors like lilac, green and navy perform well with our customers.”

A Summer Wedding

While the rising temperatures may put you in a cozy mood, summer weddings remain formal. Key factors such as location, venue and dress code will all determine what you wear. But what if the invitee says something unusual, e.g

Summer wedding guest dress interpretation is not for the faint of heart. And, as it is known, in 2022 more events may be informal. “After a two-year wait, weddings are back and guests are using their time to shine and feel their best,” said Walsh Rent. Runway customers. “Along with this excitement, the growth of the wedding season has brought unprecedented demand for our most formal inventory. Use of the black model is up 150% over 2021, the highest since the 2018 holiday season, which means guests want it it clearly shows what’s going on. Go ahead. it all came out in show-stopping, high style.”

It’s a good idea to check the couple’s wedding website for outfit details – if you’re still confused, check out photos of the venue to get a better idea of ​​what the vibe is. (What you wear to an afternoon wedding is different than what you wear to, say, a fancy country club dinner party.) For more help, read the summer guest dress codes below and follow our style tips. A great outfit for any occasion.

Outdoor Summer Brides How Hot Is Too Hot

Formal summer wedding attire may include black and white dress codes. In general, you can’t go wrong with a well-tailored dress or a beautiful long dress made from a material like chiffon or crepe. Today, the term “formal wear” refers to clothing that is less formal than black or dark cloth. This means that a tuxedo or fancy dress may not be required, but the event is still formal enough to be appropriate. (Tip: If you’re not sure how to dress formally, always go for something more formal.)

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Elements like high necklines, one-shoulder sleeves, or all-over printed pocket squares can make you look formal.

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