Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

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Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget – Getting married in a foreign environment certainly guarantees a beautiful atmosphere. So why not let your outdoor wedding setting inspire themes, decorations, cakes, and more? Whether you’re planning a rustic barn wedding in the country or a romantic garden party surrounded by flowers, the al fresco theme will never go out of style. Say “I do” with our best outdoor wedding ideas for an unforgettable ceremony and reception. Not hosting a spring or summer party? Check out our winter wedding ideas, instead.

An outdoor patio means plenty of space (literally) to let your creativity reign. Think outside the box with ideas that would never work indoors, like an open truck bed full of greenery and galvanized buckets.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

Whether hanging above the dance floor or reception chairs, string lights can instantly make any outdoor space feel inviting. Plus, you’ll be thankful for more light once the sun goes down and the dancing shoes are on.

Low Budget Ideas For A Small Intimate Backyard Weddings

On top of the outdoor bar, you can also make guests feel at home with a happy table set for coffee or tea. The only condition? Beautiful porcelain, of course.

Leave the chairs and your closest and most expensive chairs in true country style. Top each lawn with a patterned pillow for extra comfort and much-needed pops of color.

Go beyond burlap and wood to bring your wedding symbol. Consider using mirror frames as a backdrop for your seating chart, or even to display a meaningful quote. Adjust the exposure between the two trees for the full outdoor effect.

There is no better way to spruce up your outdoor landscape than with beautiful foliage. This gorgeous arrangement by the planning company immediately dresses a wooden base for the perfect wedding set.

Small Backyard Weddings That Prove Home Is Where The Heart Is

Old meets new with this DIY photo setup, where a desk and stylish antique table prompt guests to take some photos.

For a budget-friendly DIY, use nature to your advantage as a one-of-a-kind photo display. Attach photos of you and your future spouse to a string, and place the display on a nearby tree.

Enhance your ceremony with a statement barrel, which you can use as a platform to hold bouquets, photos of the bride and groom, or attractive lighting.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

Unlike most indoor weddings, you can choose a focal point for your outdoor wedding. Use a theme to inform where you will exchange vows, and mark the spot with a festive bow decorated with fabric and flowers, like Bloominous.

Stunning Wedding Venues Across Virginia

A weathered wooden table serves as a rustic centerpiece for this beautiful white wedding cake display by Deanna Nash Events.

For receptions, picnic tables are just perfect, especially when placed under twinkling lights and decorated with floral arrangements.

An outdoor spring wedding means plenty of sunny hours for photos. Fly away for some precious first married moments together, maybe at the place of your first date, and bring your own wedding photographer.

Near the entrance to the hall, place a bouquet of flowers as a romantic gesture—and be sure to snap a Pinterest-worthy photo of your outfit hanging there before the day begins!

Rustic Wedding Dresses

Bright For a thoughtful touch, provide guests with passes to protect themselves from the sun or shelter from the rain.

Take advantage of the warm spring weather and take some bride and groom photos outside. Fingers across your front porch have a beautiful old bridge, like this one from Saddlerock Ranch.

We can’t think of a better place to say “I do” in the spring than in a botanical garden. Pictured is the Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens in Hawaii.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

Tossing petals to the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle is perfect for spring serrations.

Ways To Transform Your Reception Space

The elegant display featured pistachio wrappers from the groom’s family farm, which doubled as escort cards and wedding favors.

Instead of centerpieces, arrange reception tables with fresh flowers, like at this Menonaqua Inn party hosted by Smitten Events.

A rustic outdoor wedding needs a festive bow to match. We love this treehouse at Pine Rose Cabins. When it comes to wedding venues, it doesn’t get more intimate or personal than your own venue or your in-laws’ lake cabin. And planning a backyard wedding on a budget is not only possible, it can be downright AMAZING. No, really, we swear!

No worries, we LIVE for this kind of dream wedding day and planning. And we’re all looking for ways to save money because, well, we’re sure there are other things you want to enjoy after the wedding.

Backyard Wedding Ideas: How To Plan A Backyard Wedding

Like a honeymoon, or maybe a new pair of socks. And, if you are paying a big wedding bill, you can start walking barefoot. I’m just sayin’.

Ready to start planning your backyard wedding? Read on for inspiration on how to make every aspect of your wedding budget friendly. Also, read our general tips on keeping your wedding budget in check.

The neat thing about working with a small budget is that it encourages you to step outside the box and take creative leaps of faith. Whether it dives into the world of DIY, or discusses delicious recipes to feed a crowd for example. You will discover many ways to save money while creating a unique and unforgettable wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

Choose an area that makes sense to you or that you like for the atmosphere. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s garden, your fiance’s beach house, or your own backyard. Walk around the area and experience it on a wedding planning level to discover its potential.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Make sure it will meet your needs and the number of guests you are hosting. Ask yourself important questions such as:

Be honest with your answers or you may find yourself in trouble later on in your wedding planning adventures!

There are many great food and drink ideas for a budget farm wedding. To name just a few:

The great thing about most of these menus is that they are easy and inexpensive to put together.

Shine On Your Wedding Day With These Breath Taking Rustic Wedding Ideas!

Another popular option we’ve seen is ‘bar by donation’. It is a cross between an open bar and a paid bar. Place a nice magazine on the bar and invite guests to drop dollar bills to help cover the cost of drinks!

We just LOVE the food spread that Kaitlyn and Jeremy served at their backyard wedding in North Carolina.

Since you’re getting married outdoors, you’ll want to dress in something appropriate for the season and the setting. A summer wedding calls for something cool and casual, while you may want to wear multiple layers for a winter wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

While the weather should guide your dress choice, don’t let your venue stop you from wearing the wedding dress (or tux!) of your dreams. Whatever your style (elegant, boho, modern or vintage), you can find affordable clothes to match.

Sweet Ideas For Intimate Backyard Outdoor Weddings

Check out our guide to the best online shops for cheap wedding dresses and our article on inexpensive wedding dresses you’d swear would cost thousands!

Seasonal flowers and wildflowers are always popular choices and are usually more expensive than exotic flowers. Of course, you can look at what is already in front of you, from the colorful potted plants lining the patio to the approaching oak trees that line your yard.

Place single flowers in vases or bouquets in boxes or baskets. You can also create a hanging garden by making wreaths from recycled bottles or vases and hanging them from trees, doorways, etc.

When it comes to budget-friendly wedding decor, your natural surroundings are your best friend. Use them to your advantage when considering how to decorate the remaining space.

The Pros And Cons Of Each Wedding Season Bridalguide

Decor is an area where you can save a lot of money by getting second hand or DIY, without compromising the final look. Some of the prettiest weddings we’ve come across have featured lots of DIY decorating ideas.

Enhance any theme with candles and soft lighting, such as string lights and paper lanterns. Fill buckets with flowers, use textured fabric, or create an altar draped with flowers and fabric.

Wedding planning includes coordination such as cleanup, parking, permits and an alternate plan in case of bad weather. You also need to think about more electricity, bathroom space, neighbors, and yard maintenance.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Spring On A Budget

Many couples outsource wedding planning or coordination to a professional. While this saves time and stress, it can be a costly investment. Explore your circle of friends.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Ask them if they can help with some tasks before the wedding, but remember the time commitment.

For wedding day help, ask your family and closest friends to help you with tasks, such as delivering the cake or moving chairs after the ceremony. Distribute the work, so that no one misses the celebration, but so that everyone feels more special for their part on your wedding day!

Whether you hire a professional photographer or have a friend dedicated to capturing special moments, you don’t have to

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