Paris Wedding Theme

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Paris Wedding Theme – The first stage of planning a great and memorable wedding starts with the couple choosing the wedding date and venue, but even before that they need to establish the theme of their wedding day. Locking down the wedding theme early in the wedding planning process will not only help you shape and create the overall look and feel of your wedding day, including color themes, tablescapes, and wedding ideas. decoration and clothing and wedding dresses, but also help you create an unforgettable celebration. The reason we put so much emphasis on choosing a wedding theme is that there is no such thing as a perfectly planned wedding. A well-planned wedding can have elephants and everything you’ve always dreamed of (you’ll know if you were inspired by Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding day).

Well, speaking of themed weddings, these days our millennial guys are mesmerized by the allure of Paris themed weddings. There is something whimsical and romantic about a Paris themed wedding. Full of quiet streets, beautiful castles and unique restaurants, Paris is the perfect place for all couples who plan to hold an intimate and small wedding. But if you are a bride who has always dreamed of an extravagant Paris wedding in the city of love, your wedding wishes will come true. The best and most luxurious hotels and large terraces in every corner of the city reveal that Paris is ideal for finding your dream of having a wonderful wedding!

Paris Wedding Theme

Paris Wedding Theme

Even if you’re not getting married in France, we can assure you that the Paris-themed wedding ideas and inspiration mentioned below are sure to transport you and all your wedding guests to the wonderful City of Love! Whatever spirit you want to bring to your Paris themed wedding day, you can find it all! Just by the way, the charming Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul married the love of his life Lauren Parsekian in a Parisian carnival-themed reception that exudes Great Gatsby vibes!

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No wonder, or let’s just say we doubt that there are unique and special ways Parisians do everything from grooming to wearing a scarf! And so are their marriages. A perfect and elegant Parisian themed wedding exudes a charming charm and delicate balance between simple art and ornate accents. A perfect Paris themed wedding reflects all the important aspects of fashion and their beauty, such as simplicity and effortless elegance. So, if you are planning a Paris themed wedding for your special day, don’t forget to include all the romantic motifs such as traditional symbols like hearts, cups, love birds and love words and phrases!

To bring the essence and spirit of Paris to the decoration of your wedding, try to include Renaissance accents, urns, candelabra and romantic garden touches, as all these things speak for themselves. Don’t forget to bring beautiful flowers, drops and beautiful roses and romantic red tones to capture the vintage vibe of a Parisian garden or garden wedding. Trust us, the most decorated pieces in your wedding decoration, the most perfect will be the atmosphere of your wedding day. While the ornate pieces capture the rich history of Parisian luxury.

Worried about finding the perfect wedding venue that exudes the true charm and grandeur of a Paris themed wedding in the US, well, you don’t have to worry as you don’t have to travel all the way to France to have a flawless wedding. location. There are tons of wedding venue options available in the United States when it comes to planning your perfect and memorable Paris wedding. Explore your city and find the best castles and light gardens, and trust us, you will be sure to pass. These types of wedding venues in and around your city will be absolutely perfect for a wedding à la française!

Delicate and perfect lace details are a must if you are planning a Paris themed wedding for your wedding day! French wedding dresses all have long, slim silhouettes. If you are looking to evoke the true love and sophistication of a Parisian bride, always choose a custom sheath wedding dress or a beautiful wedding dress for your bridal look on the wedding day!

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You can also choose a wedding dress with intricate details on the back, such as a scalloped cutout which is also quintessence French! If you’re planning on wearing a strapless wedding dress so you can show off your toned body with those chic bracelets but want that French grace, try pairing your look with a lace bolero to light up that glamorous allure. Trust us, all eyes will be on you the moment you float down the aisle to the love of your life!

Remember, when the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel advised a woman to wear all the jewelry planned on her wedding day, and before leaving the house she should take a break! In short, the classic and chic Parisian bridal look is based on the subway. From bridal jewelry to accessories, the classic Parisian bride keeps her look simple yet elegant and glamorous!

Brides who plan to be a simple example of a Parisian wedding should choose a bridal look that will be better with an attractive accessory or fascinator. For a classic Parisian bridal look, you can never go wrong with long wedding veils. You can also check out the cage cover for a très chic flair wedding. Or you can ditch the veil look and bring your look to life with a bright, shiny head!

Paris Wedding Theme

There is another bridal accessory for your Parisian bridal look. What do you want to know? An umbrella. There is nothing more reminiscent of a pleasant evening in a Parisian garden than a delicate and elegant lace parasol to protect you from the sun on your wedding day!

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Unlike the bride, there is nothing special that the groom should wear to a Paris wedding. The groom should always be ready to show his magical charm with a versatile and casual wedding dress. A groom can change his husband’s look in a tuxedo paired well with a white tank top. Just one point here, the groom and the groomsmen, should ditch the formal formal tie and opt for an attractive black tie, made with a cool, metal collar!

Trust us, this look will remain timeless and at home dancing in an opulent ballroom and French chateau or dining alfresco alfresco. By choosing this amazing look, we can guarantee that your husband will cut an impressive figure against the background of the Parisian theme of passion!

A classic and traditional Parisian wedding is all about lots of flowers! Grand bouquets and sparkling garden centerpieces will never fail to give a soft atmosphere of true Parisian romance to your wedding day! Some of the best flowers you can think of to add to your wedding day floral arrangements are peonies, lily of the valley, dahlia, David Austin rose, garden rose, hydrangea, snapdragon, calla lily, baby’s breath, lavender, carnation flowers and fillers, moss and ivy are great choices.

Speaking of furniture or centerpieces, it should be updated, graceful and fluid! Make sure you keep a good distance from well-shaped flower pieces, including flower ball arrangements. All you have to do is make sure that the flower you choose for your wedding day flower arrangement should always look like it was just picked from an armful of land and strategically placed in the center of each table.

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A handsome groom’s team will dress the best for your Paris themed wedding. But we want to advise brides to look at their wedding day look with a certain touch. Brides can choose long and formal dresses. A soft and delicate blush palette to match the color theme of your wedding day will be the perfect choice. A cool contrast between dove gray or soft mauve will create a refined yet simple palette for your Parisian themed wedding.

There is no doubt that the wedding cake is a traditional and popular item on the wedding day. And a Parisian-themed wedding is served in secret by an accompanying bar. It is known that the French are famous for their small pastries, tarts and sweet desserts. Who can ever forget the delicious amaretti meringue cookies that are always a surprise at a wedding? Well, if you’re looking for some ideas to have a delicious Parisian bridal party on your wedding day, here are

Ditch all the over-textured fondant on your wedding cake in favor of a delicious French butter cream decorated with flowers like David Austin roses, or you could consider adding some frosting to bring out the charming French character! This is your cocktail

Paris Wedding Theme

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