Purple Wedding Decor Ideas

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Purple Wedding Decor Ideas – One of the most popular wedding colors we see for brides all over the country is purple. From rich shades of eggplant to lighter shades of purple or lavender, purple instantly adds an air of elegance, style and regularity to your look. That’s why Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, called “Bright Orchid,” radiates beauty, design and everything from decor to fashion and flowers.

Bold brides love to incorporate purple into their wedding color palette, while couples who just want purple can incorporate the royal shade into their invitations, bouquets and even their wedding dresses. Violet lighting will add a vibrant glow to your reception design, and adding lavender to the white chuppa at the ceremony will create a romantic setting for exchanging vows.

Purple Wedding Decor Ideas

Purple Wedding Decor Ideas

We’ve collected some of our favorite images of weddings with purple palettes to give you 30 ways to use purple in your wedding design and decor. Want more ideas? Check out our purple wedding inspiration board on Pinterest!

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Photo by Jason and Rebecca Walker for Ira Lippke Studio; Wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier; Consulting with Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

Photo by Dalal Photography; Original Running Company’s Road Runner; Linda Howard Events Consultant; Rentals from Revelry Event Designers

Photo by Jason and Rebecca Walker for Ira Lippke Studio; Consulting with Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; Revelry Event Designers Rentals Although wedding planning may have “ultra violet” or “lily purple” or “lavender,” these very powerful names are purple in essence. On the color wheel, purple is a neutral color, connecting blue and red. Therefore, purple is a relatively mild and safe color scheme for wedding colors. Recently, more and more weddings prefer to use purple color in their wedding decoration ideas.

Monet was probably the artist who knew the use of purple. You can find a lot of purple color matching inspiration in her paintings, we have created purple color ideas that you can refer to Monet color matching for your unique wedding ideas.

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Purple and blue are paired together on the color wheel, so purple and blue are also “natural pairs”!

Monet paintings have a lot of purple + pink colors. Purple and red are paired together on the color wheel, so purple and red will match. Purple and magic are also very close on the color wheel.

Green is also a neutral color, so it goes well with purple. In money paintings, purple and green are often in the same frame. Blue green, dark green, army green, olive green, etc. everything can be tried. Before red and neutral color palettes ruled the wedding scene, purple was one of the most popular wedding colors (remember Khloe Kardashian’s purple wedding in 2009). From subtle lavenders and shades of purple to dramatic shades of aubergine, plum and plum, purple can be seen in weddings of every style – until the trend shifted to a monochromatic palette a few years ago. Now that bold wedding colors are making a comeback, purple wedding ideas pique our interest as the color takes on the role of a key player, especially at fall weddings. But this rich, romantic color is versatile enough to work in any season or wedding style, and there’s photographic evidence to prove it.

Purple Wedding Decor Ideas

Get inspired by the latest purple wedding ideas that bring new life to this red color. Photo by Emma McMahan

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Sometimes, you just need a pop of color to take your wedding invitations from basic to bold. An abstract purple watercolor wash is modern and striking, especially when paired with a minimalist font.

On the other hand, an airy shadow design will give your invitations a romantic, ethereal look. Try combining pink lilac and lavender for a spring party.

If you have a bride, you need a ring to go with it! Velvet rings are ideal gifts for someone you just met or if you feel like treating yourself. A pastel purple box looks good with both gold and silver jewelry.

Alternative and non-diamond bonds are becoming more and more popular. An amethyst ring is a beautiful option for pink lovers. A colorful variation of quartz, this gemstone is known for its calming properties and ability to enhance creativity and focus.

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Monochromatic bouquets are one of the biggest wedding flower trends of the year, and this trend is also one of the best pink wedding ideas to incorporate into your special day. Even if your wedding decor is color neutral, purple flowers will instantly brighten the mood. Try combining flowers such as tulips, lisianthus and vandal orchids for different shades of purple.

If a purple bouquet doesn’t suit your wedding look, try a subtle variation of this color instead. Mix purple flowers such as tulips, phalaenopsis orchids, calla lilies and roses from your wedding florist with white flowers and greenery to impress.

Ribbons are another way to add a touch of purple to your wedding bouquet. A long velvet bow looks especially beautiful when tied with purple and white ribbons.

Purple Wedding Decor Ideas

Don’t wear purple on your wedding day – wear it! If classic dresses don’t work for you, a colorful wedding dress is a fun option. Embellished with gold floral embroidery, this muted mauve style is romantic while making a statement.

Pretty Shades Of Purple Wedding Color Combos

Blue, purple and green tuxedos are trendy for grooms right now, but dark purple jackets are trendy.

Purple is an all-season flattering bridal color that looks good in all seasons. For the most flattering look, we pair three or four shades of purple and let your bridesmaids choose their own dress silhouette. Limiting styles to one type of fabric, such as tulle or satin, will help keep the ensemble cohesive.

A ceremony arch made of lilac and greenery will not only look amazing, but it will also smell heavenly. Use this backdrop for a garden wedding venue to add dreamy vibes to your gathering.

Or you can plant some wisteria vines on your tree and pergola fabric for instant purple fabric.

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Fill a wooden ring with fresh lavender for added protection to your wedding bands (and turn a functional item into a beautiful wedding detail photo).

For an earthy, bohemian element, use purple agate for place cards or escort cards. Gold calligraphy makes agates a keepsake that your guests will love to take home with them at the end of the wedding.

We know that not every wedding venue will have a field of lavender in bloom, but if you can find one, it’s guaranteed to be beautiful. (Tip: Most lavenders bloom in late spring and early summer, June-July). Check out our list of the best garden wedding venues to see if there’s a lavender field in your area.

Purple Wedding Decor Ideas

Create garden-style centerpieces by filling small compote jars with flowers, such as Queen Anne’s, lilacs and butterfly bushes. Then add English moss, moss and roses to complete the arrangement.

Colours That Go With Purple For A Wedding: Best Combinations ▷ Legit.ng

Bare and minimalist wedding tables are trendy, but there is something to be said for using luxurious tables and other decorations to create a stunning wedding reception. Make a statement by decorating your banquet tables with purple tablecloths, gold plates, soft centerpieces, and coordinating purple placemats to create a beautiful setting worthy of a fairytale.

Bring a moody wedding vibe to your setting by using mauve accent plates, dark purple menus and colored glass.

This purple wedding idea nails two trends: neon signs and bold wedding decor. Place the sign on top of your wedding table, centerpiece, or turn it into a photo backdrop for your guests. Although purple is the color of 2012, couples love lilac and lavender wedding decorations. After all, it’s no wonder! Lilac and lavender are not only beautiful, they smell divine, they can be beautiful and elegant without being too harsh. A great compromise if your husband wants to avoid very feminine weddings. These colors look great with lots of texture, from cotton to lace, chiffon to sequins, so you can choose lilac and lavender accessories, or if you’re feeling bold, switch up the white dress with a pop of color. And one more thing: add a lilac or lavender fountain to each place, it will be really beautiful. Happy for summer and spring brides, these flowers are blooming right now!

If you’re a bold bride, go for a lavender or lilac wedding dress or opt for separates – a white strappy top and a lilac maxi layered skirt. You can also incorporate lilac and lavender into your outfit with shoes, accessories or a small clutch. If you are a bride or groom, you can

Glamorous Dark Purple Wedding Inspirational Ideas

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