Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

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Purple Yellow Wedding Theme – Purple, yellow and pink wedding decor is a combination of colors that will be perfect for a summer wedding, but can also be for a winter wedding. It’s nice and soft, which suits a fantasy wedding theme. If done right, it can look beautiful.

Deciding the colors for wedding decor is not the easiest task, but it is important. In fact, people spend most of their time choosing wedding decorations. This is because the decor is your set, so it must be perfect to make you even more beautiful. So, let’s take a look at this amazing combo.

Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

The best way to understand this is to visualize the colors together. If the theme of your wedding is ethereal, then this is the perfect combination of decor, especially for a wedding during the day.

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We know that purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel so they complement each other. That means they go well together. Pink and yellow are also a happy combination. So, of course, when you mix them all, the result is a beautiful background.

It is very important to choose the right colors. If you go for three colors together, they should not clash with each other. For this, choosing subtle and softer shades is a great option, you can also try bold colors, but you will need some trial and error. Make sure you choose a base color among these colors and use the dominant one and the other two will help emphasize the base color. Purple is a great primary color, but it’s a bold choice that scares people at first.

Yellow wedding color will represent sunshine, happiness and well-being. While the color purple will represent royalty, luxury and power, while pink will represent love, goodness and femininity. All together, it will make a lasting impression on your wedding guests. Make sure you have wedding favors that fit this theme as well. Try the combination of purple, yellow and pink for your wedding decor.

Believe it or not, colors have a very important effect on our unconscious mind. They have the power to put us at ease or on edge with other emotions in between. That is why it is important to know the psychology of color and to use it correctly.

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Because color affects our unconscious mind, it also affects our behavior. It can improve our mood and direct our thoughts in a certain direction. Besides, colors help us remember things. This is why a simple black and white wedding will not leave a lasting impression. The perfect balance of the right colors can be very impactful.

Make sure you balance the colors purple, yellow and pink well in your wedding. Have small pink and yellow decorations to enhance the purple and vice versa. Pay attention to the details and make sure all the colors make sense. In this way you leave a psychological impact on the guests. This will make your wedding even more special.

Finally, make sure you do your research and find colors in the same shade to make them work together. It is more difficult to combine three colors together than two, but the result is worth it. Good luck finding the perfect combination of purple, yellow and pink wedding decor for your wedding! Whether it is “ultra violet” or “purple alfalfa” or “lavender” in wedding planning, through these very strong names, their essence is purple. On the color wheel, purple is a very special color, a neutral color that joins blue and red. Therefore, purple is a relatively mild and safe color system for wedding colors. Recently, more and more couples prefer to incorporate some purple in their wedding decoration ideas.

Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

Monet is probably the painter who knows how to use purple. In her pictures you can find a lot of purple color matching inspiration, we made some purple color ideas, you can refer to Monet color matching for your unique wedding ideas.

Pink Wedding Color Combinations To Consider

Purple and blue are connected on the color wheel, so purple and blue are also “natural pairs”!

There are many shades of purple + pink in Monet’s paintings. On the color wheel, purple and red are connected, so purple and red go well. Purple and magenta are also very close on the color wheel.

As green is also a neutral color, it goes well with purple. In Monet’s paintings, purple and green are often in the same frame. Try blue-green, dark green, army green, olive green, etc. Before choosing and pairing colors for your event, head to these real color schemes for seasonal inspiration .

Your spring wedding is bound to be beautiful, thanks to seasonal staples like beautiful flowers and warmer weather. Spring is also associated with an abundance of beautiful colors that you can use to create your color palette. To prove our point, we give examples.

Color Scheme Archives

If you are going towards a spring wedding, you can also gravitate towards pastels. Softer colors are especially popular for celebrations from March to June, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite variations that are put to good use at truly intimate events. We’ve put extra emphasis on creative use, because popularity doesn’t have to mean predictability.

But spring is not limited to pale pink and light blue. We love seeing deep, cool colors, a nod to the previous months and their wet forecasts. As the temperature warms up, the palette can warm up too, becoming more vibrant as summer approaches. Alternatively, you can focus less on specific aspects of the season, and instead focus on the feelings that spring represents. Does the end of winter bring you joy? Work with happy hues, like bright yellow. The pictures ahead show all these options and more.

Finally, any color can feel true for spring, as long as you choose one with certain tones, and combine them in the right ways. To see what we mean, click on the following ideas, which show the wide range of colors and pairings used at parties in the past. Along the way, you’ll discover unique ways to showcase your chosen colors through every wedding detail, from your invitations to your cake.

Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

Soft and cool shadows fell under the tent of this reception. Everything from the aqua dresser and cornflower centerpieces to the fringed napkins and Rouge tablecloths contributed to the light and airy feel of the space.

Traditional Yellow & Purple Theme Odiya Wedding Invitation Card

Different shades of orange-pink were combined with white in this bouquet, and the happy colors carried over to the rest of the April wedding.

Pink is surprisingly versatile, thanks to its wide range of shades. This May wedding used a couple to coordinate escort cards.

There’s no denying that muted shades are popular for spring weddings, but the season also has its fair share of brightness. This saturated color landscape of fiery reds, oranges and yellows along with verdant greens was just so fitting for this time of year.

We love how the teal interior of the venue complements the green, white and orange decor of this April wedding for an overall elegant look. Draw inspiration from your own place for a cohesive and coherent palette.

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Darker reds are popular for fall and winter weddings, but when combined with lighter colors, they move for spring.

This bride wore a spring mix of peach, lavender and buttercup. The combination could be applied to your ceremony and reception flowers to great effect.

When mixed with ivory, emerald green gives off a royal feel. Need proof? Just look at this March wedding.

Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

This April couple really combined lots of colors for their reception space, including violet, grass green and sandy orange. But those weren’t the only colors – there was cobalt pop and bubblegum pink too.

Post Wedding Reception Invitation

Look to nature for palette inspiration, as this bride did for the woody scheme of her bridesmaid dresses.

Purple and red can be hard to match, but not impossible, as this May wedding showed. The tones in these bouquets went well with the dresses they wore, and pops of white (and a bit of yellow) softened the contrast.

Lush, rich shades aren’t reserved for summer – this spring wedding proved you can show them off beautifully during the transition season.

The dustier colors in these dresses go surprisingly well with the magenta pink, marigold and taffy flowers of the wedding. The unexpected combination goes well with spring.

Wedding Color Palettes That Are Perfect For Spring

This delightful arrangement in May straddled the line between spring and summer beautifully, as a mix of cervex and canaries always does.

This April brides pair silver-blue dresses with moody clutches. The color scheme was like a garden on a rainy spring day.

Embrace the wet weather with a slate and blue-green color scheme, as this May wedding did. Purple wedding color is clearly one of the wedding color trends in recent years. You can have lavender or mauve weddings in spring and summer. You can hold dark purple weddings in autumn and winter. Especially for Halloween themed weddings, adding dark purple and black elements is a good idea. So, if you don’t want a wedding of any color, purple is a good choice in a wedding together with

Purple Yellow Wedding Theme

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