Themes For Bridal Showers

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Themes For Bridal Showers – Planning Bridal Showers can be difficult, but if you start with a list of Bridal Shower Themes, it can be a lot easier! Bridal showers are about more than gift giving. They are full of food, games and fun for everyone on the guest list.

If you were tasked with planning this party, perhaps because you were Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, or you volunteered, you probably want to make it memorable for your guests and the future bride. A themed bridal shower leaves a lasting impression on guests, and it also makes planning easier.

Themes For Bridal Showers

Themes For Bridal Showers

Some bridal shower themes already include food or games, so you won’t have to do much on your own.

Unexpected Bridal Shower Ideas

These bridal shower theme ideas are based on pop culture, sports and hobbies that the bride might be interested in.

Before planning a themed bridal shower, discuss the theme with the guest of honor to make sure she approves. Remember to set up the party for their own interests, not yours!

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Best Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

These Bridal Shower Themes are perfect for a fun and unique party idea. You can take any food, drink or gift idea and something else that a bride likes and combine them to get a special idea. Here are some examples:

If your bride is a rose lover, make a fun Rose All Day theme. Everything can be decorated in light pinks and balloons, and make sure all the Rosé Bottles are around and served throughout the party.

If her fiancé’s name happens to rhyme with Rosé, then have a party with his first letter…Rosé and J, Rosé and K…Rosé and Bae…etc.

Themes For Bridal Showers

Each married couple creates a new monogram when they marry and their new combined initials. Come and have a fun Monograms and Margaritas party to celebrate the new union.

The Best Elegant And Affordable Bridal Shower Decorations

Keep the champagne flowing all day with beautiful decorations full of diamonds and bling in this Champagne and Bling Bridal Shower Idea.

Have your guests wear these oversized diamond rings throughout the party, and you can even incorporate them into a game.

A brush is always a good idea, so it’s a great theme for a bridal shower. Throw a Brunch and Bubbly shower with a brunch buffet and a full mimosa bar!

Everyone loves puppies, and if your bride is a huge dog lover, a Puppy and Prosecco Bridal Shower would be a perfect fit!

Stunning & Adorable Bridal Shower Ideas

Whether you bring along real puppies to play with for the day or use them in decor, your puppy-loving bride will appreciate the idea.

Have a fun Pajama Party but don’t forget the pearls. It’s a throwback to getting your girlfriends to sleep while you’re still playing dress up in your PJs.

Encourage all your guests to wear pajamas to your shower and accessorize with fun jewelry.

Themes For Bridal Showers

For this theme, you can invite all of your guests to give the bride a new pair of panties, and serve an amazing pancake bar for breakfast or lunch.

Bridal Shower Ideas: Etiquette, Themes & How To Host One

This would be one of the best on my list, because I LOVE ice cream! And how cute would this be for a party?!

Your wife was “whipped” by a loving fiancé! Prepare a beautiful ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings, and enjoy decorating with their fun ice cream decorations to celebrate the occasion.

Since the ice cream is the main attraction, you’ll want to fill the party with games to keep guests busy.

Consider setting up a photo booth, guestbook and games that don’t need someone to run. Although you want to entertain people, don’t pull them out of the ice cream!

Adult Themed Bridal Shower

If you want to shake things up a bit, play a game with the bride-to-be. Sit her in a chair, blindfolded, and ask her to guess which flavors of ice cream she is sampling. Of course, don’t add this game to your itinerary without their permission.

Love is sweet! A candy themed bridal shower will mostly revolve around the food you serve. To make planning easier, use the wedding colors to help you choose decorations and candy.

Create colorful centerpieces using coordinating M&Ms, set up a chocolate fondue station, and create a photo station with candy-themed props. Instead of paper props, your guests can take Instagram photos with real giant lollipops!

Themes For Bridal Showers

As most of your food will be sweet, keep your drinks light. A choice of sparkling water, champagne, or drinks that won’t leave your guests hungry.

Lemon Themed Summer Bridal Shower

A really cool way to make sure the bride gets gifts that will be useful to her is to have a gift themed bridal shower.

This is especially good if the bride has already set up her whole house and doesn’t really need household items.

Of course, she can always upgrade and register for new things, but if she prefers not to register for kitchen and bathroom items, you can find something she will love to receive from her guests .

You can have a lot of fun with an underwear bridal shower. You can ask all the ladies present to give the bride a little something to add to her collection.

She Found Her Main Squeeze Lemon Theme Bridal Shower

Send the bride’s sizes on a card with the invitation, so each guest can give her something that fits the theme. This can be from risqué underwear to everyday panties.

For decoration, you can use a lot of lace and bows, and choose and stick to a few colors, so the theme looks a little more together.

Ask all the guests to bring a kitchen themed gift and together you can save her kitchen!

Themes For Bridal Showers

This is great for the bride who is just starting out and trying to create a whole new kitchen.

French Themed Bridal Shower

We did this for me! Instead of having everyone register and shop for a housewarming gift, we decided to do a “Date Night” gift idea.

Guests are asked to bring their favorite date idea to the shower so the couple can enjoy that date together.

We’re big on experiences and stuff, so this turned out perfect… and we’ve both been out on our own for a long time, so we’ve got all the home stuff that we sometimes need 2 of us!

Guests got really creative and we got great gift baskets to make a great date together.

This Is The Citrus Inspired Bridal Shower Of Our Italian Summer Dreams!

Need ideas for Date Night Baskets? We have a video where I reviewed my favorite dates from this bridal shower theme.

We just heard this one from another woman, and I think it’s a great idea.

Each guest is given a time of day, and can bring a gift that reflects that time.

Themes For Bridal Showers

So, at noon, you can make a picnic basket with some snacks inside … 7am maybe a coffee maker, etc. And midnight… well, we’ll leave that one to your imagination! 😉

Charming Spring Bridal Shower Ideas To Try

Choose a room that the bride would like to decorate and stock, and make your theme based on that.

The fun part of this is, they’ll be able to do some creative things that aren’t just decoration. If you do the bedroom, you will think sheets, mirrors, pillows, clothes, lamp, chargers, etc. but also lingerie, breakfast in a bed tray and much more.

A travel bridal shower is perfect for the girl who loves to venture around the world. Even if she doesn’t travel much, a travel theme can still be perfect for her…

Every woman who gets married has a “new destination,” which is “Miss” to “Mrs.” Even if she doesn’t change her last name, she’ll still have the Mrs. title, so this is the perfect way to celebrate that.

Unique Bridal Shower Themes To Inspire You

Plan this shower full of decorations with bags, passport photos, maps, etc. You can make this very elegant with a simple pink, gold and white theme to keep it more of a classic bridal shower feel.

For the woman who loves to travel and is always on the go, give her an “Around the World” shower.

When planning a meal, try to find different types of food that represent different parts of the world. Examples are mini tacos for Mexico, egg rolls for Asia, pizza rolls for Italy…you get the point.

Themes For Bridal Showers

Another fun travel themed shower could be about the couple’s adventure. The adventures they have already been on together, and the adventures to come.

Top 3 Yakima Valley Bridal Shower Theme Ideas For 2022

This is a cute way to use the movie “UP” as a theme too. Print out pictures of their favorite adventures together and spread them around the party, or use them for table centrepieces.

If she loves Paris, she will love this bridal shower idea. Decorate everything in Eiffel Tower decorations, black and pink, or get really fancy, and the movie Bridesmaids!

A great way to have the most personal bridal shower for any bride, is to have the theme based on her favorite book, movie or TV show.

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