Reception Themes For Weddings

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Reception Themes For Weddings – A starry night wedding was one of the most whimsical, ethereal, totally surreal wedding themes I’ve ever known. It is incredibly romantic to hold a wedding under the twinkling lights of the stars and the soft glow of the moon, whether it is light from the night sky or artificially created. To show you how wonderful this theme is, I’ve rounded up thirty of my favorite starry night wedding ideas. Read on for suggestions on how to throw a starry night wedding your guests will never forget.

1. You can either create a luxurious starry ceiling for the wedding ceremony, or simply choose beautiful lanterns or a starry backdrop for an evening wedding.

Reception Themes For Weddings

Reception Themes For Weddings

2. You can create a magical starry night atmosphere both outdoors and indoors with star-shaped pendant lights, candles, or even a giant piece of artificial twinkling “ceiling” that reflects the night sky.

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3. Whether your wedding is under the night sky or indoors, hundreds of twinkling lights are a must. A very beautiful effect can be created by multicolored star and galactic disco lights in different sizes. They will dance and twinkle like stars in the sky.

4. Create a star-themed wedding table setting with a sparkling sequin tablecloth and a constellation dinner menu.

9. Make all your guests swoon over this stunning starry sky entrance as they head to your wedding.

13. A starry night style wedding definitely calls for jewelry in a starry theme. A set of crystal wedding decorations with sparkling stars and moons is the perfect finishing touch.

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This entry was posted in weddings and tagged starry night wedding ideas, wedding theme. Bookmark the permalink. What is a wedding theme? It is an idea or concept that runs through all events and ceremonies. It can be as simple as your favorite color or song. Or as specific as the styles of your favorite decade or movie.

Read on for some great bridal shower theme ideas and how to decide if they’re right for you, or for quick navigation, use our list of wedding theme ideas below.

A wedding theme gives you something to start with; It also helps you make decisions about wedding decor and colors. You need a theme to keep the look consistent, otherwise you risk turning your party into a chaos of different colors and decor. When considering some decor ideas or DIY, you can always ask yourself, “Does this really fit the theme of my wedding?” This can be a good filter if you don’t know what to choose.

Reception Themes For Weddings

For the couple who want to be trendsetters and try something different from the rest, new, different and other alternative wedding themes can be the right choice. Most importantly, it’s stylish and smart, so simplicity and elegance will be key. This type of theme can be minimalistic and modern, or even a little vintage.

Fairytale Wedding Theme Ideas For Your Own Happily Ever After

After Bridgeton hit the screen, we fell in love with the extravagant costumes, sets and elitist gossip. But another gift from the show is the influence it has on romantic wedding decor. We believe it’s now in fashion and can inspire weddings in 2023. The perfect venue for this wedding theme is a grand Georgian venue where you’ll feel like you’re in style.

The land, people and animals are at risk, and wedding events can be dangerous. To prevent this, couples are now choosing eco-friendly wedding ideas, which you will see below.

Eco style is becoming popular among environmentally conscious people. They choose digital invitations to eliminate the use of paper and in turn cut down trees. To reduce waste to the ground, couples are considering recycled or recycled decor options. And they will become vegans to save animals, especially the endangered species that have been taken from the population by hunters.

Multi-sensory wedding themes engage all the senses and come together to create a socially conscious experience. A wedding is usually something that guests participate in. This approach engages the audience and makes them part of the experience. Of all wedding themes, multi-sensory themes can be the most memorable with options such as Cirque Du Soleil or traditional Chinese Guoyue entertainment.

Romantic Wedding Style Guide

Elegant fashion is just right for the bride who wants something more than a traditional wedding theme. It means staying ahead of (or even setting) trends and taking bold risks. To create these modern wedding themes, you need to be confident and inspired.

For a late fall wedding theme, think “autumn harvest” with an emphasis on bright, natural colors. The color of stone, wood, metal and leaves – all this looks amazing against the background of bright orange pumpkins. Don’t forget to borrow from the rustic wedding theme with decorative items like barrels, rope lanterns and hay bale seats.

Outdoor venues such as a farm offer exciting summer wedding theme ideas. The fresh air creates a good atmosphere for events and creates a good setting for live music. This relaxed atmosphere is the perfect choice for couples who prefer a relaxed attitude and appreciate Mother Nature.

Reception Themes For Weddings

Couples looking forward to an elaborate and colorful event go crazy over a Moroccan theme. Rich vibrant colors, intricate lanterns, flowing fabrics and opulence define this wedding theme. If you like this idea but it’s too much for you, minimalistic versions of this theme are also very popular right now.

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Summer is a good time of year for a wedding and a theme in itself. Not just a season, summer embodies warmth and light and growth and abundance. These are the perfect feelings to bring back to your wedding and happily ever after.

Simple wedding themes give you plenty of room for creativity and spontaneity. Choose 8 colors for your palette. Mix satin, velvet and lace. Play rock, pop and country. What ties it all together? Something as simple as sunflowers were scattered everywhere. This iconic summer flower brings you joy the second you see it and is the perfect symbol for your big day.

The beach is a great wedding theme because it brings together (as mentioned above) the destination and the season. Throw in every vintage wedding decoration idea you can imagine, mix in any colors you like, and like sunflowers, sun and sand will tie it all together.

The nautical wedding theme has been around for a very long time, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The sea has always been a romantic concept that offered adventure and new discoveries. It’s great wedding vibes.

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With winter, you can either dive in and hug her or warm her to the core. Either way, you have a great wedding theme and some great photo shoot ideas. And this season has one thing the others don’t; more options! Since it’s cold, you can wear cute cardis, fur stoles or anything with long sleeves.

Ice blue wedding themes work best with a “winter wonderland” approach. Combine design elements from Frozen, Northern Lights and (if you’re particularly festive) Christmas decorations. There is something clean and cleansing about the season that pairs beautifully with weddings.

Cover the ground with fake snow, cover the ceilings with fake aurora borealis, and surround yourself with nocturnal trees lit up with blue lights for this sweet wedding theme. Your guests will feel as if they have just stepped through a wardrobe into Narnia as soon as they enter your venue. If you think the pictures look beautiful, you should see them (at your wedding) in real life!

Reception Themes For Weddings

This is possibly the funnest wedding theme of all. Dress up your hall as you would decorate it for Christmas. BUT, go overboard and make it romantic! Pine trees, holly, candy and reds and greens everywhere you turn. Oh, and don’t forget a generous helping of mistletoe at the bride and groom’s table!

Luscious Garden Themed Wedding Reception At Westin O’hare

Greenery, fresh flowers and an outdoor ceremony – if it’s spring, it’s better to celebrate outdoors. You will absolutely love our spring wedding themes – check them out!

Love is a beautiful, natural thing. Those of you who have found your soul mate know exactly what we are talking about. If you feel that way, this tells you exactly how to choose a wedding theme: nature. Surround yourself with plants, vines hanging from the rafters, and wear flowers in your hair. Princesses have nothing on Mother Nature.

Desert chic wedding themes take the symbolism of grit, brutal honesty and ruggedness and juxtapose it with the general emotions associated with marriage. It is unique, unexpected, beautiful, poetic.

There is nothing more peaceful than a desert wedding at sunset, with nature in the spotlight! The large and barren landscapes are a pleasure that many guests have never experienced! The desert lends itself very well to a variety of aesthetics, such as a boho theme, a glamorous black tie contrast, or even a sleek, minimalist vibe. Choose your shoes carefully! Hiking boots, ballet shoes or sneakers are the best choice – hidden under the dress of course! Also prepare your guests by giving them

Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas

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