Red And White Table Decorations

Thursday, October 6th 2022. | Weddings

Red And White Table Decorations – Tis the season and I had to share more Christmas table decorations with you! I love so many different styles and designs that I couldn’t pick just one this year. If you missed yesterday’s post, check out my gold and white Christmas table here. Today is about PLAID! I’m surprised, you can tell!

For me, Christmas is sitting around the table enjoying our favorite Christmas dinner with our families and loved ones. I love creating spreadsheets because it’s a setting we like to create memories. I hope you’re inspired to add a little pizzazz to your holiday table this year! Read on for my favorite tips…

Red And White Table Decorations

Red And White Table Decorations

I started with the holiday table and topped it off with rattan chargers. I wanted to share a festive and fun but very informal Christmas table. That’s why most of us have kids at home who need a busy and uncomplicated vacation schedule.

Red And White Table Setting

Plain white dinner plates with gold rims paired with a red and white tablecloth. I love adding pops of red to my house at Christmas. I attached red ribbon and ribbon to the mini box wreaths on the chairs. I use these throughout the season and change the tape if I want a different color scheme. They last year after year, so they are a great investment!

A sprig of rosemary placed in the center of each plate not only adds a festive touch to the greenery, but also makes the table smell wonderful. I love the smell of rosemary! You can set it up a day in advance as it will dry well. I also loved using the little place cards for the bell ring.

Maybe I feel like a broken record lately, but coverage is everything! Especially during the holidays, you want the table to create a festive atmosphere. Let your Christmas table decorations do double duty by filling them with candles and string lights. I used simple copper lamps that I usually have sitting in my living room. They did the trick beautifully! I also have a set of glass votives that I use throughout the year. I just put them in the location settings.

Simple white and red flowers are perfect for Christmas! I used white hydrangeas and red roses in simple glass vases. I also added a few golden decorative trees. I use them all over my house before and after Christmas dinner.

Stars & Stripes Forever Red Door Table Decor

As you can see, it is! Christmas table decorations don’t have to be elaborate to look beautiful and festive.

Brass lamps with twinkling lights, pretty red and white flowers, and decorative wood accents did the trick! These ideas will work for any color scheme.

You can easily use all white flowers for a white “winter wonderland” theme. Or skip the flowers and add more holiday trees to the center of the table. Mix and match your favorite decorations to create your favorite decoration! My favorite dinner of the year is Christmas dinner with my family, sitting around a beautiful Christmas table! I love adding little touches like pink and red bows to Christmas tables!

Red And White Table Decorations

I loved the tables of Christmas past, our grandmothers’ formal china, elegant silver and traditional touches of the holiday. I’m all about Granmillenia trends!

Patriotic Party Decorating Ideas

I tried to move my favorite elements from traditional table settings (formal china, silverware, glassware) with a few touches of pizzazz for a magical Christmas table with pink and bows!

I had my second daughter last year and you can imagine how many colors I have around the house. Perfect because I love the color! Have you seen our annual baking party? This is the wonderful land of roses! So I loved the pops of pink on the Christmas table.

I encourage you to find an unusual twist on your Christmas table, maybe it’s blue among the usual reds, maybe it’s red! You might be surprised how beautiful your table looks!

The china I registered when I got married is what I used on this table, Royal Crown Derby Elizabethan gold. I know a lot of people don’t like formal china these days, but if you (or grandma) have a set, Christmas is a great time to bring it out!

Celebrate In Red, White, And Blue Style

I set the dinner plate on these beautiful white charger plates with gold plates. They’re an investment, but I’ve used them year-round for fun.

I chose a classic gold monogram napkin. You can never go wrong with an elegant monogram fabric, white gold is enough to wear year round! A beautiful pink bow on a double-faced satin is a feminine and whimsical touch.

A gold bell at each place is a simple and easy way to set the place for the holidays. I found them at Target, but you can find silver or gold bells anywhere on the weekend!

Red And White Table Decorations

I finished each layout with my favorite place cards, these scroll style cards. I recommend ordering your family’s names on the calligraphy cards, and pull them out year after year!

Gold, White And Red Reception Decorations

I think my favorite elements of this Christmas table are the red and pink bows and glitter theme that the pickers made. Red bows get *everyone* ready for the holidays! Oats are the perfect accompaniment to a traditional Christmas dinner (if you’re in the mood, roast beef is on our menu).

Behind each chair I added a bouquet of flowers and a rose satin bow. Makes such a beautiful Christmas table! Find small wreaths at craft stores and add your favorite holiday ribbons.

Check out our unique and festive Christmas table ideas to inspire a festive dinner or party! Tis the season! Happy summer! Here at Smart School House, we’re starting to dip our toes into summer. Most kids are on summer vacation, but we still have a few weeks left. In the spirit of the 4th of July, we decorated our yard with red, white and blue table decorations!

We recently moved into a new home on the golf course and are enjoying our backyard more than ever. It’s relaxing and fun at the same time! Our patio table has wooden frame tiles and a white board. If you know me, I am

Red White And Blue Table Decorations

For the 4th of July centerpiece, I used a white box and turned it upside down to hold a glass candle. I added lemon and fresh cut roses to the bulb. The front has a crochet hook ornament that I love! It will work in summer and look good in winter. There’s something about this embroidery hoop that adds a lovely rustic flair to red, white and blue table decorations.

It would be fun to make them with these red, white, and blue decorations. They are festive, but all are easy to make. Check out these 4th of July ideas by Smart School House:

On either side of the summer centerpiece are 4th of July containers holding paper straws. Our red unicorn viewing sticks are from Hobby Lobby, along with black and white unicorn viewing napkins. I used red and white twine to tie the dishes to the napkins.

Red And White Table Decorations

A favorite part of the red, white, and blue decor is the wrought iron pots. These little pots are fun to use as plates for summertime food like BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers. The black color of the iron skeleton plates is a great contrast combined with the white eucalyptus vases. Add a beautiful wildflower on top, it adds a little softness to everything.

Patriotic Table Decorations For Memorial Day

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