Review Marys Designer Bridal Annapolis Md Long

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Review Marys Designer Bridal Annapolis Md Long – You’ll love all the dresses you’ll find at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique in Annapolis, Maryland. We’ve traveled the world to bring you the best dresses from bridal centers in the Baltimore/Washington area. Are you looking for something beautiful, attractive, attractive, popular or sophisticated? You can find it all at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique. You will love our attention to detail, quality and value. So come in and let one of Mary’s expert stylists help you find the perfect dress for your wedding day. Make an appointment

The most important day of your life calls for the dress of your dreams. You can trust that we give you the experience of a lifetime with our delicious selection of designer wedding dresses.

Review Marys Designer Bridal Annapolis Md Long

Review Marys Designer Bridal Annapolis Md Long

It is every bride’s dream wedding and how to dress. With more than 35 years of experience in beautiful clothes and professional designers, we want to help you say “Yes” to the dress of your dreams.

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Curvy Brides Every bride deserves to feel her best on her wedding day, which is why we stock beautiful, designer plus-size wedding dresses to suit every bride!

Our favorite story “I love everything about Mary. She made my dream come true and the dress was perfect for me. He is always professional and quick in his responses. My wedding was out of state, and her team made sure my dress was made. Go to Mary and get the dress of your dreams!!! “- Renata Zakarkim See More Bridal My friends and I went to Mary’s Designer Boutique in Annapolis, MD in August 2017. We were looking for the perfect wedding dress. We walked into the store and there was a sign that said , said, “Clothes Yes. “More excited, we started swiping our phones (Snapchat) We went to get dressed and Mary came to guide us to our seats.

Being a bride should be an exciting, fun and important time… But Mary’s designer boutique left a lot to be desired. Mary’s owner is not a good person, she doesn’t listen, she doesn’t invite, and she acts quickly. Customer service is very important to me. I have friends and appointments, but we feel that other clients are more important. Mary left our party for another client and never came back to check on us. Then the host gave us clothes etc. help me find it. The receptionist is always on her phone. As SÖONGI leaves the dressing room… On the phone. He went to bring another shirt and hide it between the shirts… On the phone. This is a problem! Then Meri said that every place in the area has the same dress and we will not see anything else.

I posted the above on the FB page to let you know that we are not the same group of people who had a terrible experience with their store. Another potential Hali customer (I got permission to review it) said the following:

They Found A Way To Get Married

The experience of buying clothes here alone is the worst. They are highly sought after and only care about making a sale. As soon as they walked in, they joked about how many people I was with, even though I didn’t take the number down first. Mary claims to be the designer of the “originals”, but I ran into an old employee of Mary’s (my long-time employer) who said that she does not make these clothes and that Mary is just a fraud. putting his own stamp on designer clothes. He makes me feel uncomfortable in the dressing rooms because he always wants to be there and I get angry when I can’t tell him what I did and anything he doesn’t like. He also said it was last minute to buy a dress…my wedding is about 10 months away. Needless to say I shed a tear. Mary and her staff are rude, rude and only care about sales. Avoid at all costs.

Mary’s Facebook page has many comments like the one above. It is sad that people lead people in a way that will make them lose heart.

From the moment we walked in the door we found a store only 10 minutes away (Love and Mug) with SUPERB customer service. If you don’t like good customer service and the cold shoulder, I suggest skipping Mary’s Boutique. Even if the bride finds a dress, it cannot be purchased at Mary’s Bridal Boutique.

Review Marys Designer Bridal Annapolis Md Long

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