Outside Country Wedding Ideas

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Outside Country Wedding Ideas – If you’re planning a wedding, you know it can be a stressful and expensive process. My son recently got married in our house, and I want to share with you some ideas of what we did and hope it will give you some inspiration. Even if a wedding is nowhere in your future, these are ideas that can really be incorporated into a fun party or event. So, follow along for some party inspiration!

A few months ago when my son and his current wife announced their engagement, we were overjoyed! They are such a sweet couple and want a simple outdoor wedding. They love any activity that involves water, so we all thought it would be great to have a wedding here at home on the lake.

Outside Country Wedding Ideas

Outside Country Wedding Ideas

I really like to entertain and throwing parties is one of my favorite things. So you can imagine how happy I was to get this opportunity. The bride has a good idea of ​​what style she wants and she and my son insist it’s simple, low key and relaxed.

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The theme, as it was outside was Rustic Boho. To keep it cheap, we decided to use as many natural ingredients as we could get our hands on and tried to find the basics we already had on hand. I chose to use “permanent” flowers for several reasons; they are inexpensive, easy to prepare and last a long time! As much as I like to entertain, I feel that I could use more on the green next time.

To welcome guests, we used a small wooden table to display a photo of the couple, a guest book, and 2 small jars for date night and advice ideas. My son made a sign out of plywood and they stained it a dark walnut stain. The final touch was a flower swag that I made using greenery and flowers attached with a staple gun.

My son built a beautiful arch and painted the same black walnut. In the front, sheer curtains served as draping and I made a larger version of the floral greenery swag to finish off the details.

We hired white chairs and to define the island, we added pairs of silver and real baby’s breath to set the rows of chairs. Having all the breath of a real baby creates a wonderful scent, a scent that smells like we have a garden of fresh flowers. This little flower is also hearty and a great complement to anything. As you can see, we use it everywhere. It just says “marriage” whenever I see it.

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* Tip: By layering different types and shades of green, you create a more realistic, complete look and more composition.

(Sorry for the back steps… this is the best I have to see the program details… real life!!)

At the table we used white table linens, put a piece of bubble in the middle, a piece of wood, decorated lights and ball jars wrapped in burlap and lace and filled with air over our baby. The place setting was a beautiful silver plated disposable plate and I wrapped the disposable flatware in a heavy linen cloth. I made a napkin ring by tying a small burlap heart (purchased at Michael’s) with jute and added a green sprig. It’s very easy! We put doily paper under the plate to add the look of the charger and other text elements.

Outside Country Wedding Ideas

The sweetheart table used the same elements, but I added more greenery to the floor in the middle of the table and a small wooden sign. The background drop creates great drama and beautiful features. We attached a fabric drop painter to the board that will cross the 2 trees. I attached greenery and flowers to various sizes of embroidery hoops and we hung them at various lengths with fishing line. I love the way it’s been softened, but the background is beautiful and helps define the dining area in the courtyard.

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* Tip: battery operated remote control candles are perfect for events where you need candles. Not only are they safe, but they are very convenient. You can turn them on before your ceremony starts so that the candles don’t have to be lit and create a good atmosphere.

I think the cake table was my favorite! We made the stands out of scraps of wood in our yard and I brushed them with clear polyurethane to protect the wood a bit. We made them in different heights and sizes with the idea of ​​an “offensive” cake display. I wanted the 10″ cake to have its own light so I put it on one side to create a story. The cupcakes are surrounded by a natural scalloped wrapper.

This cake is store-bought and can be decorated to give it a plain, rustic look. Just a few drops of baby’s breath clears it up. The bride bought a small wooden topper on Etsy. Cake knife and server handles wrapped in jute (purchased at a hobby store) To complete the look, I added eucalyptus greenery and other flowers to tie it together. To hide the ugly umbrella pole, it is covered with burlap and the greenery flows around the other elements of the text.

There are a few things we have created for that special touch that will only add to the fun of the night.

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The first was the S’more table. We placed it next to our beautiful fire pit and reused the wooden posts to create a tall look for the table. I used small wooden berry baskets for the candy labels and the candy name chalkboard. Adding various chocolates was a big hit and enjoyed by all! The table has candles and lamps to add the effect of rustic decor.

Another fun (and necessary!) item is the Bug Spray table. But have you seen how bad that can be? Not suitable for wedding decoration. So they were wrapped in marble contact paper, and a piece of jute tied around it. We added a fun little sign, put it in the basket and voila, a great bug spray station…

I also added floral symbols around it. The swags are surrounded by a gate post, and hang from the deck banister. The middle path where the bride walks down has a mix of different types and the length of the greenery goes down in layers where other floral symbols are added. Then to complete the look, I added an old crate, and some pretty lights. (The fur baby shown in the photo is the flower girl with her flower collar)

Outside Country Wedding Ideas

We also hung decorated lights from the tree, wrapped around the base of the tree with small twinkling lights. I’ve hidden unsightly yard items like water pegs and pipes with old pallets and green ladders.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

A chalk board easel was used for the menu and a little floral swag added a little charm to it.

One last detail is the sparkler you should send. We had big sparklers and displayed them in a big urn with signs and chalkboard instructions

It was a wonderful and memorable night, as it should be. To avoid stress, there are a few things I highly recommend (did I mention we planned and did all of this with less than 3 months of planning?)

Weddings are magical times. This is such a sad time, you are happy for your child and his future, but it is hard to believe that your child has grown enough and where did the time go? The best advice I have is to keep in touch, listen to the wishes of the bride and groom, research your options and resources and most of all, search Pinterest and blogs like this one for ideas others may have!

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I hope this article and photos have been helpful and inspiring for your next event. If you have any questions or need help with ideas for your event, please contact me, I’d love to help! Wedding plans may be on hold for some couples, but sometimes more planning time isn’t a bad thing. Wedding styles come and go, but there’s one tried and true style that’s always country. The word “country” can mean many things to many people, so how will that translate to your idea of ​​marriage? To refine your search, we’ve rounded up some of the best wedding ideas from real couples that will inspire your country-themed ceremony and reception. Your destination decision can help with everything from bridal shower ideas to your honeymoon destination!

The easiest way to make sure your big day is sprinkled with country spirit is to host it at a barn wedding. But if the cache is not enough, do not lose hope. You don’t need a family farm to create an interesting wedding. a pile of grass

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