Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

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Rustic Country Wedding Ideas – You’re planning a bucolic wedding complete with all the awesome decor – a fireplace, lots of accents, and oaky wood decorations. If this is your wedding vision, or at least close to the vibe you’re going for, then you, like many brides, love the rustic aesthetic. And we can’t blame you. We often use lush, nature-filled countryside as a backdrop. Wouldn’t it be great not to carry these relaxing things right into your big day?

However, don’t confuse a country wedding with a formal wedding. As they may be, this type of wedding can be as luxurious or formal as you want it to be. The secret comes down to perfecting the details of your wedding day. If a wedding full of chaos and dirt roads isn’t for you, consider a functionally inspired venue with a vintage feel (think restored homes or the barn is over!). Or, opt for a more refined interpretation that still reads urban. This beautiful house seen here, used as a luxe event and a show of goodwill, is a perfect example of elegance. On the other hand, if a casual backyard wedding is on the rise, prepare to be a cool DIYS spirit (think chicken wire and pallets!), leafy floral backdrops, lantern accents, and more. .

Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

Next, you will find ideas that cover two types of weddings of chaos – formal and informal. However, you will find that each idea is new and advanced, regardless of the level of the legal system. Are you ready to explore all these country wedding ideas? Click for all the rustic love and inspire your own party.

Top 20 Rustic Wedding Ideas For Wedding 2022

The right decor can turn any space into a focal point, but a real album can add a lot of weight. If a rustic red barn is more country to your taste, look for a barn (like the White Sparrow Barn, seen here) complete with amenities that the time you need for your event.

Put a dramatic (literally) scene on your reception table, complete with beautiful flower arrangements filled with dahlias, mums and lots of greenery, natural plant chargers and linens. The Greenwood event concludes this tableau with a horse-drawn boat from TOP.

If you are planning a spectacular wedding, you will attract a lot of plants and greenery. This event’s aisle vignette, which features visuals from Floral Hot and lanterns from Junk & Disorderly, fits the bill on both fronts.

The World Invitation School is the perfect way to introduce your guests to the beauty of the pastoral. Get inspired by this dress by Nicolette Selman, which looks like it’s ripped from an old book in terms of style and color palette.

Eight Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

Notice how this Faye + Renee color scheme is drawn in many autumn colors like green, yellow, cream and rust. Use this classic fall color palette as your guide, because the best decor will come out of it.

Enlist an artist to hand-paint small awards on simple escort cards (made by Dusty Boy Designs), then display the notes in carved wood.

Or turn to another farm purpose (chicken wire!) while setting up a desk painting display. Display the quilt on a barrel-legged table with some distressed lanterns to complete the look.

Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

There’s a way to marry the country with the country’s charm – bring in some industrial touches. We love how the Eclectic Hive Event Design by Design Collective combines a farmhouse table with a manly metal chair. The wire chandelier (which hangs from the stage’s exposed beams), however, is the finishing touch.

Boho Wedding Ideas

When it comes to finding flowers for a beautiful bouquet, wild flowers are often the best. The dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies and calves found at Sassafras Fork Farm look fresh from the cut.

The best part about the rustic aesthetic? It’s easy to feel like home. That’s why you and your new partner should eat at the table that was taken from your house – or at the house that you have been working together for many years.

The brown tiara is a flower crown. This unique theme was created by Ornate Event Design.

Mix fresh and dried flowers when setting up a rustic reception centerpiece. Here, a brown palette contrasts sunflowers, grasses and wheat against cream roses. A wooden boat makes the display look unified.

Country Wedding Decor And Ideas

The above flower arrangement can be made into a room decoration with a dramatic effect, arranged and refined. Mindy Rice Design spent months cultivating 2,000 PG hydrangeas—a summer crop—for this city-inspired November celebration.

Rustic decor can be combined with modern accessories. Posey Floral + Event did just that by creating a pampas grass event with a small triangular shape.

It’s not a country festival without lots of string lights! We’ll go ahead and recommend a wicker chair and manger (like this one, found at the Inn at Warner Hall).

Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

Homemade BBQ sauce will serve both your theme and your guests. They definitely use delicious food after the wedding.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Since color is often associated with simple things, a simple cake decorated with just a few flowers will look right at home on your dining table.

There’s nothing more to farming than helping plants—and that’s exactly what this duo did. They displayed the Arbor Day Foundation’s pine tree on the oak steps (another touch!).

The well-kept flower garden is filled with dried hydrangeas, wild flowers and beautiful pampas grass. But turning fresh fruits such as pomegranates, plums and blackberries into runners has the advantage of being natural, organic and, best of all, edible, especially on a soft table. It’s a bonus if you pair it with a palette tablecloth (like these burnt orange tablecloths from West Country Wedding Planner) and set the scene with a vintage wooden table.

A sure way to break the ice? Have guests bring their sheep bells and cow bells with their traveler’s card. It is suitable for calls to meals, table work and groups. In addition, it makes the process of finding seats like a game of musical chairs.

Creative Rustic Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

Spread your big story in a small-town way with this cross between a border poster and a modern music magazine. Place them around town to guide guests to your location, or line the walls of your reception area to create a photo gallery.

Small flowers speak poetry when they are swept into a simple and large bouquet. Try chamomile, heather, and coreopsis—or choose flowers specific to your mood.

A monogrammed scarf also looks great on your shoulder at night or on the lawn at a wedding picnic. Better yet, you’ll treasure it for years to come. Commission or DIY needle.

Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

A depressing silo provides a photo-worthy festival backdrop. A shelter made of old farm machinery and covered with beautiful flowers is also an altar. A popular wedding theme is popular for any occasion, it’s fun, beautiful, fun, and most of the decorations and other touches are cheap and can be done yourself. them. Rustic touches can be added to the forest, rustic, boho, modern style and other styles for a more relaxed atmosphere, but if you are one of the couples who really want to try it, I got it you many ideas! Are you ready to start?

Rustic Wedding Ideas [to Make Your Country Chic Dreams Come True]

To add a rustic effect to the celebration space, line the aisle with a bucket of fresh flowers of your choice, we recommend wild forest or young breath for a beautiful touch. You can also hang these buckets on a chair if they are not too big. Another idea is to decorate the chair with burlap and lace bows and baby breaths. Place wooden markers here and there – Make them yourself and voila!

If we talk about flowers, the main thing is not the flowers, but arranging them in the containers and vases you choose. These can be mason jars wrapped in burlap, twine and lace, buckets, wooden boxes, watering cans, galvanized tubs and baskets. Baby breath and wild forest is a great choice for a rustic event, but you can go for roses and other flowers, flowers should match your wedding colors and shades. As for your bouquets, wrap them in burlap and lace and add pearl studs for an elegant look.

Wedding food, especially cakes and cupcakes, is another great idea to add a special touch to your wedding. For cake, the nude ones are so beautiful, they will make your mouth water just looking at them! Top the blooms with fresh tomatoes and powdered sugar for a beautiful look. It can be a white cake that is decorated with fabric and lace, put it in baby’s breath, and put it on a tree. Serving the cupcakes in a cool bucket and bath stand decorated with flowers for a soft look is very original!

Use decorative items and decorative pieces: hardwood, old windows, buckets and baskets, wine barrels and serving on a wooden board. Give your guests a wedding wish and add a wooden sign

Gorgeous Rustic Country Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas

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