Scandinavian Wedding

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Scandinavian Wedding – When it comes to style, Scandinavians know that the less-is-more-and-lovely tradition brings warmth to a cool, simple aesthetic. But what about weddings? How can you create something light and airy even if you are away from the foam mountains? Today Norwegian film photographer and Fine Art Curation member Isabel Johansen shares her tips for creating a stylish Scandinavian-style wedding anywhere in the world. Isabel is from Norway; Filmed in her signature Scandi style, the love-fest throughout Utah and Florida. We know you’ll love it as much as you do.

Location Location Location Scandinavians love the outdoors. Open fields with mountains in the background, In front of the ocean; On a yacht or on a high cliff. My wedding was at my sister’s farm in Norway, on a forest cliff overlooking a sparkling lake. Nature has more than enough beauty and is the perfect starting point for a beautiful ceremony.

Scandinavian Wedding

Scandinavian Wedding

In my previous career as a ballet set designer; The dancers tried to minimize distracting elements in order to stand out and unify the scene as a whole. The backdrops I drew supported the feel of the ballet without drawing attention to themselves. Designing a simple wedding in a Scandinavian style is all about the colors around you. I wanted to combine textures and flowers so it was very similar. Your color palette is soft; Keep it soft and fluffy.

Beautiful And Airy Scandinavian Wedding Tablescapes

In a Scandinavian setting; Texture adds visual appeal to muted palettes. It creates depth and visual appeal in a minimal environment. flowers cake It can be combined with a wedding dress and a table setting. Algae, stones Consider natural materials such as fur and patterned fabrics.

From wild flowers covered in forests to majestic mountains. Edward Grieg Romantic composers for artists such as Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand have deep romantic roots in Scandinavia. Don’t be afraid to add a little romance to your minimalist Scandinavian style wedding. soft Simple flowers and bright, flowing lines can add a touch of romance. Candles add a warm glow and warmth, which is especially important in winter when there is little light.

Kransekake is a very popular wedding cake in Scandinavia. It is made from almonds and baked in 20 round shaped balls. An ancient wedding tradition is for the bride and groom to lift the top layer of the cake and tell the number of rings that hang from the top layer and the number of children the couple will have.

It is traditional for a Norwegian bride to wear a crown or hair flowers on her wedding day. Along with the cutting of the bride’s hair, the bridal crown is a symbol of her purity. More modern crowns are still worn at Scandinavian weddings today.

Minimalist And White Wedding Inspiration

Toasts are an integral part of Scandinavian weddings. Father of the bride best man Honorable housewife father of the groom The bride and groom always speak, but everyone is welcome to attend. Toasts are spread throughout the meal and anyone who wants to talk is introduced to anyone who wants to speak. photograph Small wedding ideas brought to us by Nicola Belson Photography, behind the concept and co-styling. But you know what? These attractive captures are versatile enough to be used all year round. The shoot was inspired by Scandinavian design. natural materials Think clean lines and neutral earth tones. The results are a watercolor cake; She looked beautiful with divine green flowers and stunning dresses.

Acorn Barn has nice touches that really add an edge. A hexagonal patterned backdrop makes a great statement, as do chipboard signs and cozy bridal pieces. I also like beautiful hair and makeup. The three hairs are very beautiful. There’s a lot to consider in the small details like calligraphy and delicate jewellery, and all the little things can really make a difference in wedding day style. Get ready to feel inspired.

Minimalist Scandinavian Wedding Ideas Scandinavian Shoot – Nicola Belson Photography // Acorn Barn With a longstanding love of minimalist style and Scandinavian design, this shoot has been around for a long time. clean lines; A neutral color palette and understated style is the goal. If Acorn Barn, Its wooden exterior at the new location in south Oxfordshire; Thanks to the neutral interior and quiet gardens, the shoot materialized quickly. Starting with Nicola and Caroline, a team of like-minded and creative wedding suppliers from Berkshire and South Oxfordshire brought every element of the shoot to life. I love working with neutral colors to create a fresh, contemporary look while bringing in a touch of the greenery and wood elements of the natural world.

Scandinavian Wedding

Floristry When we started the concept for the flowers in this collection, we knew we wanted it to be stylish yet simple. To add interest to the arrangements, we use a variety of plants, including seeds and succulents, and foliage, including eucalyptus. The tablescape is kept clean and natural colors with gold and green accents.

Scandinavian Inspired Wedding Shoot // Barn At Avington, Hampshire — Rachel Lou Photography

Bridal Dress Charlotte Balbier (Dress #1) A stunning classic flare with clean lines. Keyhole and lace detail. Perfectly complemented with a statement train to enhance elegance and femininity.

Three sets of hair and makeup were created throughout the shoot that built on each other. The first one has soft romantic waves that keep it strong and natural with a contemporary edge. For this first makeup look, I like to use a minimal amount of swipes to enhance the eyes with soft pink shimmery lashes.

Photography Reflects the Scandinavian theme and uses natural light throughout the shoot to capture every detail, with plenty of fresh contemporary portraits and stills. We tried to create natural and believable images, so you can see our models smiling and talking at the wedding. We feel we succeeded in making our models feel comfortable and creating a fun and relaxed environment during the shoot.

Stationery Scandi style is characterized by clean lines, Through the use of subtle colors and subtle details, the stationery is brought into play. clean and neat calligraphy With a simple design, the writing desk is made to look contemporary.

Scandinavian Winter Wedding

Cake I decided to keep the colors fresh and simple for this cake, but made a statement with the placement of the layers. I thought the best texture for the cake would be smooth to match the theme. So covering it in fondant was the obvious choice. The cake was then painted in green and gold with a brush in a watercolor style. For a modern Scandi touch I placed dried gold spray flower heads next to the cake.

Bridal Dresses Sassi Holford (Dress #2) Beautiful and glamorous with a stunning high-low hem with a flattering bodice and stunning satin trim.

Vaessen Walker’s elegant and contemporary jewelry exudes warmth and luxury. Rings from their ALLORA collection, linked by a beautiful geometric design that mirrors the hexagonal background of Bramble Cottage Flowers; Necklaces and earrings.

Scandinavian Wedding

Bridal Gowns Essence of Australia (dress no.3) A gorgeous tulle and organza regency gown with hand-stitched beading in soft rose.

Minimalist, Scandinavian Inspired Greenery Wedding Inspiration

HAIR AND BEAUTY In the second look, a soft braid is pulled around the face and finished beautifully. Add some softer smoke to the eyes and brighten the cheekbones.

Her hair was pulled back into a thick braid with lots of loose hair for the final look in hair and makeup. It pulls off the latest look with a luxe jacket in a red wedding dress. For a more evening look, I added a berry lip and a bit of shimmer to the eyes.

Thanks to the entire creative team above for sharing these amazing wedding ideas with us and xo Lou.

DIY Find luxury and affordable top wedding decorations in style. No matter what your opinion is, you will be very excited by this theme.

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Join over a thousand engaged couples (and counting) who have my fun regular wedding tips and inspo typed straight into their inbox! Plus you get checklists and spreadsheets for absolutely nada. There are two main trends in Scandinavian weddings today: traditional, festive and boho, and minimalist and modern. Today we’re talking about how to pull off a simple Scandinavian wedding.

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