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Shower Decoration Ideas – After years of trying for a baby and finally getting pregnant, I have been dying to have a baby. Most of my close friends moved away a few years ago. So it’s the perfect time to gather our friends, family and some of my mom’s best friends to celebrate Baby Champion. The baby shower is a long tradition. But that doesn’t mean you have to do the status quo! The whole “blue for boys” and “pink for girls” thing is gone. Of course, if you like it, you can do it! But these days, a baby shower can be anything a mom-to-be wants it to be (and it should be!).

I had a vision for my baby and made it a reality with a few vendors and my best friends, balloon garlands and flower arrangements. Of course, baby bathing suits were needed too! Today’s post features my collection of baby shower decoration ideas that you can use as inspiration.

Shower Decoration Ideas

Shower Decoration Ideas

Planning a baby shower is like planning a wedding. There’s a guest list to consider, invitations, and what color scheme and theme to go with (if you have one). Afterwards, there are cocktails, appetizers and food, tablecloths, chair rentals, signage, games, party favors and more. You’ll also need to start planning your baby registry so guests can buy the gifts and items you need most. In most cases, the sites you’ve signed up for will be included in your invitations. It can be overwhelming, so ask for help! If you have friends who are organizing an event, ask them to help you with a few things. Or ask your mother or mother-in-law for help! From the start, you’ll want to have an idea of ​​your budget. This will determine whether you hire suppliers for custom products or go the DIY route. Plus, it can make for cute baby shower decorations!

Shower Themes For Girl Themed Party

Maybe you just found out your baby’s gender. Or maybe you’re waiting and it’s still a secret! Your baby shower theme and decorations can be neutral if you want. Below are a variety of baby shower ideas that I considered when planning our party!

The first place to start is deciding if you want a theme for your baby. For girls, mermaid themes are very popular right now! Or, for little kids, bows are always a cute idea. Then there is a child with a flower theme or a winter theme if you have a winter child. Finally, I used a star and moon baby shower theme to match the nursery decor.

You have already reserved your date and place! So now is the time to get the invitations out the door. This will set the tone for your baby’s bath. Places like Target have pre-printed invitations that are really cute. Or you can find designs on Etsy or Minted and have them printed at your local Staples or Fedex. We used this design and then incorporated signs, party gift tags and more with the same design from the Etsy shop.

One of the most popular trends for baby showers (and parties in general) are balloon arches or balloon garlands. For my shower, the Poppy & Posh team created a mechanical structure in the background, a gift-opening chair and around the cake table (pictured above and below). They are a plus in the South Florida area if you live nearby! You can definitely DIY this part of your bathroom decor. Balloon kits on Etsy come in a variety of designs and colors (love this kit and this one ). Just be aware that construction can take a long time.

Themes For A Fabulous Couples Baby Shower

I have always loved beautiful flowers. So, sprinkling beautiful baby shower flowers for centerpieces and special themes was a no-brainer for me. You can find local florists by searching on Instagram (that’s how I found Sam’s Blooms). There are also some great options on Etsy. Or, you can buy flowers at a local flower market or grocery store and make the arrangements yourself.

If you’ve decided on a theme for your baby shower, there are certain elements where you might want to implement that theme, namely the welcome sign. Naturally, wherever you get your invitations there will be branding options too!

One of the best parts of any shower is baby shower games! And, they don’t have to be gross (hello…I guess baby food in the diaper game…gross!). My fellow hosts hosted games and got this set. I also like the games in this bundle.

Shower Decoration Ideas

For our star and moon themed baby shower, I knew I wanted to place a few different areas around the room. The (Instagram worthy) photo shoot used a custom oversized moon theme with balloon flowers and a miniature cloud theme by The Styled Kind. For anyone planning a baby shower in South Florida, the team is professional and affordable! We also rented a gold round metal arch (similar here) for the back of the cake table.

Baby Boy Shower Decoration Ideas And Themes

The mom-to-be may not drink (I treated myself to a mom-osa!), but creating a fun mom-osa bar is a treat for guests. Grab a fun tile like this one (or this one), OJ, prosecco or champagne, and frozen berries from the store to set up your display.

One of my favorite baby shower decorations were these giant cribs we rented from The Styled Kind. I was originally looking to buy something like this. But, they charge by mail! For a similar and cheaper look, you can choose something like these boxes. Wrapping them in flowers adds a feminine touch.

Another thing to consider may be your dessert table. Decorated with simple linens and a fun gold runner, the theme cake and cake pops take center stage! CurlySu Cakes in South Florida is incredibly talented and recreated this cloud and star cake from a Pinterest photo! What’s more, their cakes not only look perfection, they taste good too. This two-tiered cake had a delicious dulce de leche on the bottom and red velvet on top.

Another baby shower trend right now is personalized cookies that match your theme or have the kids’ names on them (if you’re sharing!). The cookies above are made by Bake My Day, a local South Florida baker. Their cookies are

Baby Shower Decorations — Best Baby Shower Ideas

The vanilla almond flavor is plain and you can also order plain vanilla (which is what I did). Since they come individually wrapped, they would also make a great party favor.

You can have flowers on the cake table and elsewhere. But, I highly recommend that your shower favors be a beautiful floral arrangement. This is another area where you can save and configure yourself. Personally, I think flowers are what make your shower stand out! Sam from Sam’s Blooms is a genius! She created all of our flowers, including the centerpieces that were placed in gold mercury vases.

Your site may only offer plastic folding tables and that’s okay! There is a great selection of inexpensive tablecloths to match your color scheme. Pro tip: Steam theme before the shower! Three of our tables used plain beige linen and the other two had a secondary addition of lace linen.

Shower Decoration Ideas

It’s hard to imagine, but something as simple as chairs can elevate your baby shower decor. I originally wanted to rent French wicker dining chairs. But, they were

Baby Shower Balloons The Best Diy Ideas

One area we saved on the budget was in our lunch paper products. You can find tons of inexpensive dishes and flatware that won’t break the bank. There are many napkin options (we used them).

You’ll probably want to place a few baby shower posters that match your decor in places like the actual table or near the entryway. The party city has a lot to choose from. Or, you can pick up a custom banner in advance from Etsy.

Another alternative to a baby shower banner is something more decorative like clothespins and bodysuits! They are easy to DIY with a few supplies, yarn and a few clothespins. Or you can also grab something like this one from Etsy.

One of the last decisions you have to make is whether you want to offer food at your baby shower. If held during lunch, I highly recommend offering at least appetizers and dessert. Or, if you have guests, consider hosting a lunch. We went with an Italian Hellenic Republic theme and I still have people asking me for information! Every dish, from the charcuterie to the chicken parmesan to the pasta, all tasted amazing.

Little Snowflake Baby Shower Hosting Guide

Who doesn’t love party favors?! It’s always a nice touch to leave your guests with a parting gift. This can be anything from small bottles of Prosecco to specialty cookies. We got chocolates from a local store and then used a matching favor tag for our theme as an extra touch. Guests will love it!

The bathroom may be over, but you can’t forget one of the many

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