Simple Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Sunday, September 25th 2022. | Weddings

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Francesca Barger is a freelance writer and founder of First Vanguard, the first management group that integrates talent agents and management in the bridal industry.

Simple Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Simple Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Photography by Branco Prata; Plan by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Floral design by Areias do Sexio; Rental by Aqueduto Events; Wake up Portugal

Simplest Diy Wedding Ideas With Wood Slices, Stumps & Crates

From beautiful flowers to simple candle lighting, wedding favors are one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Deciding how much you are planning to spend actually sets things in motion in terms of incorporating personal taste into the overall design.

Florist and event planner Kiara Hancock says there are a few things you can focus on when trying to stretch your dollars when it comes to wedding venues: budget, time and creativity. “Your budget is the biggest deciding factor at the heart of your marriage,” she says. Make a wish list and contact a few florists to see how best to achieve your budget.

Augusta Cole, a Charleston-based wedding planner, believes that communication starts with something that makes something affordable. “Something can be more convenient if it is also durable and reusable,” he said. “Especially something that translates easily into your home life after the event, something that can get a second life that is probably a first investment considering how it has a long-term life and value.”

Whether you decide to rent or buy the components that come together as a hub, when it comes to affordability, it can be cost-effective. You want every table to feel like they’ve been treated with the same thought.

Easy Diy Fall Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Read on to discover 34 centerpiece ideas that make a big impact on design, but not on your wallet, regardless of the style of your wedding.

Photography by Branco Prata; Plan by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Floral design by Areias made Sexio; Aqueduto Events Rentals; Wake up Portugal

The presence of a candle brings an elegant element to the collection at the reception. Even if you want a minimalist feel, part of this design will make a great statement, as it takes up more space on the table and the overall design, and investing more than individual candles will be effective.

Simple Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

“One of my favorite ways to decorate is with potted plants,” says Cole. Keep them at home—you can even donate them to the church or synagogue where you got married so they can plant them. Property!” Your choice may include personal preferences, or perhaps anything of value within the community. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Photography by Kate Hadley; Planning a Day in May Events; Bloom Floral Design, Floral Compass

The concept of sustainability is not new to the wedding industry, but it is an easy one to plan and incorporate into the overall vision of a wedding weekend celebration. Simple vegetables and flowers are replanted in bright and colorful containers at this recycled dinner in Michigan, adding fun color as an affordable and fun way to reduce and recycle.

“I like to mix things up in the collection to create visual interest and add context. It’s also a technique you can use to help keep the cost of your flowers down,” Hancock said. “Instead of having a company on each table, you can have 2-3 selected designs for your collection. For example, some tables can have flower companies, others can have loose green, while others may have designs of jewelry with their favorite flowers and election classics.” This vintage in the Bronx. A garden wedding inspired by the 1970s with large vases. on some tables and small compote arrangements on others, scattered flowers in various ways.

Look at the focal point and choose exactly what you want to pass the wedding day and be part of your entertainment arsenal. A great way to do this is with centralized agencies. “The more intimate the marriage, the easier it is to do,” shares Cole. “If you’re doing a table for 50, or even a party for 100, some money can be invested in fun pieces that you’ll also use at home.” When the party is over, share the wealth! “Give some pieces to your parents or in-laws. You get something really special, and then the investment continues.”

Wedding Flower Pricing: Table Centerpieces

If sustainability is on your mind, Cole encourages dialogue with your creative partners early in the process. One way to bring it to life is to use existing family heirlooms as part of the design of the center companies. Working with what you already have opens up a level of tolerance, and the amount of enthusiasm can’t be beat! Displaying a family collection of silver or other vases adds a touch of substance and your guests will love the story.

Photography by Branco Prata; organizer Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Fair Design Areas owe Rentals Akidoto Events. Wake up Portugal

Perfect for the frugal couple, a division of vases with single fruits can significantly reduce the cost of flowers. In this example, choosing more large or unique flowers that make a big impact on each other can raise a collection that is focused on information. Each vase essentially becomes a work of art, like this table at this couple’s wedding in Portugal.

Simple Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

A design that we hope does not go away, Cole shares this fruit as an additional element of color and beauty that can make a big impact even on a small budget. “Fruit picks up instantly! Cut lemons, bowls of cherries.. it adds color, season, personality, without needing a lot of planning or preparation.

Cute And Simple Diy Centerpieces

“Polyflowers are a very sweet and beautiful way to create a floral arrangement,” says Cole. “So even if it’s just a hydrangea, in general it will look much more ‘design’ instead of putting together a bunch of different flowers with their different values.” Cole even suggests color blocking anything from mums to carnations, both of which are incredibly affordable.

A design that features minimal floral detailing within a table will make things more affordable based on quantity alone. This fall wedding featured large dahlias and roses, a true manifestation of “less is more.” By doing so, it becomes more about a flower that has its time to express itself, than many different flowers do in one arrangement.

Cole suggests a design idea for beautiful white pottery or pottery from a local craftsman. It’s a design feature that will last long past the big day. “Wherever we can, we would love to add a ‘second life’ perspective for plants, flowers, etc.” You can be proactive rather than reactive. More and more companies are coming up with ways to support this – putting a real plan in place that will make you successful.

Is it possible that the most affordable center is… possibly no center? The couple’s lakefront Illinois wedding was heavy on the details and light on the centerpieces. The combination of texture and color that the collection of floral printed curtains and tablecloths brings to the table may eliminate the need for a centerpiece, but is full of life and vibrant design. “If you go with heavy patterns on the tablecloth, you can go easy on the flowers,” Cole said. Regardless, “every visitor should sit between the layering and intrigue of such cultures.”

Spring Wedding Centerpieces We Love

The dreamy quality of a candle-only design of many shapes and sizes, like this stunning wedding reception in Mallorca, is a design that Cole can fully embrace and fully embrace, no matter how important the wedding style is! “It’s always a great solution; you can even rent voting racks cheaply. If you time it right, you can start right as the lights go out for a big wow factor.”

Photo: Leron Earle of Echo and Wildheart of Wedding Artist Collective; Floral design: Green Factory Chania

While some couples prefer favors more than others, incorporating gifts for your guests as part of the focal point of the design is a unique and wonderful way to elevate the centerpiece. This summer wedding on the Greek island of Crete has bottles and bottles of local olive oil and salt for guests to use.

Simple Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Go a step further and get a similar design idea, allowing guests to take something of the day home with them.

Diy Wedding Centerpieces For An Unforgettable Reception

For a classic tropical design, palm branches spread across the table are perfect for the beach.

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