Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

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Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched – Have you ever thought that the diamond you bought is not real or wonder if your diamond jewelry is real? If the stone has a GIA or AGS certificate, you can be sure it’s legit. However, if the diamond is a gift or an inheritance and you don’t have a certificate, you are right to assume.

People used to think that the “scratch test” was the easiest way to test a diamond. The test is simply to dig up a loose rock in the mirror. The idea is that if a rock is hard enough to scratch a mirror, it’s probably a diamond.

Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

However, in terms of the Mohs scale, this test proved to be incorrect. The Mohs scale is a scientific measurement of mineral hardness. Glass is rated a 5.5 and diamonds, the hardest mineral, a 10. So real diamonds will scratch glass. On the other hand, there is also quartz (7), moissanite (9,25) and cubic zirconia (8). Moissanite and cubic zirconia engagement rings are almost as hard as their diamond counterparts.

The Lure Of The Diamond

Most well-made synthetic diamonds look real when you use the scratch test. Here are some more tests with more reliable results.

First, look at your suspicious stone under a microscope. Then look at the real diamond and compare the differences. A real diamond has some internal or external flaws, known as inclusions. If the second stone is cubic zirconia or moissanite, it is hollow and likely free of external defects.

This is because real diamonds are natural stones formed in the earth, while cubic zirconia and moissanite are grown in laboratories. They are not subjected to all the environmental pressures that diamonds are when they are formed, so they do not have the characteristics that characterize a real diamond.

Go to a relatively cool place and blow hot air on the stone. (Just don’t do this in the middle of Central Park unless you want to get some funny looks.) You’re trying to surround the rock with warm, moist air. Since a real diamond doesn’t retain heat well, your breath won’t create a mist on it. But a piece of moissanite can easily fog up, just like your glasses, sunglasses or cell phone screen.

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Hold the stone under UV light and see if the color changes. If the stone emits a blue glow, it is probably a real diamond.

Due to the fluorescence of real diamonds, this test is not conclusive. Since some real diamonds do not have fluorescence, you will not see the blue light even if it is real.

Emits a blue glow or glows a different color under UV light, you can try another one of these tests at home. To get the most accurate answer, you should take it to a professional jeweler.

Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

Place a rock on top of the newspaper and see if you can read the words on the page through it.

Cubic Zirconia Vs Diamond: How To Tell The Difference

A real diamond of decent quality will reflect light so much that you cannot see through it. On the other hand, cubic zirconia is more transparent and you can see through it.

This test is less reliable if the stone is relatively small (less than half a carat) or set in a piece of jewelry, which may obstruct your vision.

Holding the loose stone with tweezers, heat it with a lighter or candle flame for about 30-45 seconds. Then immediately drop it into ice water. A real loose diamond will not respond to this drastic change in temperature (it is made of a very strong material). However, many fake diamonds – including those made from glass, cubic zirconia or quartz – will crack or crack under this test.

If your stone passes this test, congratulations! But be prepared to remove the remaining ash from the flame afterwards. The easiest way is to soak it in a solution of warm water and toothpaste for at least 3 minutes, then gently brush it with a toothbrush. And don’t forget to wash!

Is It Normal For A Gold Ring To Scratch?

Just throw a loose rock into the water. Because loose diamonds are so dense, they should sink to the bottom when dropped into a glass of water. Many fake diamonds – including glass and quartz – float or don’t sink as quickly because they are less dense.

This test is not in vain. Large pieces of cubic zirconia and moissanite sink easily when they are heavy, although they are not as dense as diamonds.

One thing that many people don’t know about diamonds is that they don’t resist electricity. Testing a loose stone for electrical conductivity is especially useful if you are not sure whether your stone is a diamond or a moissanite. Moissanite (if well made) can be difficult to distinguish from a real diamond, which has the same level of thermal conductivity. However, an easy way to tell the difference is that moissanite conducts electricity while natural diamonds do not.

Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

With the rise of moissanite in today’s diamond market, most jewelers have an electrical test tool to tell the real from the synthetic.

How Can You Tell If A Diamond Is Real?

If you have a loose stone or piece of diamond jewelry and are unsure of its authenticity, try some of these tests at home. Or, take the stone to any of the retail partners, who are sure to have current testing, UV lights, and other tools that can tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake.

Have you ever tested whether a diamond is real or fake at home or in a jewelry store? What are the results? Please share any comparison photos, comments, or additional questions in the comments below!

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The better the proportions and symmetry of the diamond, the more sparkle it has. Cutting is the most important of the 4 Cs.

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Some diamonds glow blue or green when exposed to UV light. Because fluorescence is rarely seen, it has little effect on the appearance of your diamond. To save, choose medium fluorescence.

Symmetry tells you how well the diamond’s facets line up to create the light. Diamonds with perfect symmetry produce the most sparkle and are graded Good or Excellent. Two lines crossed forming an ‘X’. Indicates a way to close the interaction or dismiss the notification.

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Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

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Top Differences Between Cubic Zirconia Vs Diamond [full Guide]

One of the most common questions asked by gemologists is how to tell a real diamond from a fake stone.

We spoke with Reyne Hirsch, an expert on 20th-century decorative arts and consultant to global online marketplace Lofty, about how to know if a diamond is real, and when and why to take it to a expert.

“We’ve seen a lot of real estate jewels emerge in our business,” Hirsch explained to Business Insider. “People who sell their parents’ estate believe the money is in the house itself – but sometimes things in the house are worth more than they think.”

For jewelry you’ve inherited or found at garage sales, it’s best to do some simple DIY tests before taking the pieces to a gemologist.

Moissanite Vs. Diamond Jewelry

A magnifying glass is a magnifying glass that you can buy at any jewelry store and will allow you to closely examine your gem and its surroundings.

“When you look at a diamond, you notice a few things,” Hirsch told us. “First, most diamonds are made by nature, so that means you’ll see some imperfections in the carbon. A fake stone can be perfect—absolutely perfect.”

Hirsch cautions that some lab-grown stones can also look perfect under a magnifying glass, so you should be careful before dismissing perfect gems. However, this may be a sign to take a closer look or take the stone to an expert.

Can A Real Diamond Be Scratched

Second, look at the edges of the diamond. “If you look at a diamond through a magnifying glass, a real stone has sharp edges, and a fake stone has rounded edges,” Hirsch explained.

Elongated Blue Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring Blue

Finally, look at the mounting and engravings, especially any markings that indicate what metal was used. “If the metal is plated with gold or silver, it’s probably not a diamond, because why would you put a beautiful stone in such cheap metal?” Hirsch said. “Most diamonds are set in gold or platinum.”

“Also look at the mounting itself and how the diamond is set,” he added. “If the setting looks like it’s low quality, it probably isn’t a real diamond either.”

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