Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas – Whether your wedding venue is a blank canvas or already comes with some decor, there are some great touches you can add to personalize it.

We’ve rounded up some great wedding decor ideas that will transform your space with lots of DIY ideas to keep costs down.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

From rustic suitcases to Moroccan-style living rooms, baskets, vintage bicycles, lanterns and neon signs, the hardest part is choosing from these amazing wedding decor ideas.

Diy Cheap & Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas For Crafty Brides

Don’t miss out on wedding table decoration ideas – there’s so much you can do there, we’ve focused on just the decorations that will bring your venue to life!

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Light letters are still popular for weddings, but you can also get wooden or acrylic letters. They come in big and small: choose the classic ‘love’ or your initials.

Balloon arrangements are perfect for bringing a simple space. You can also add balloons to centerpieces or table decorations, or just have two large balloons as above.

Rustic Wedding Ideas That Are Diy & Affordable

Tables filled with candy, cake pops, pasta, bacon, cupcakes, fruit kabobs and more are as visually interesting as dessert for your guests. Fresh herbs, flowers and confetti on the table make it the perfect centerpiece for your reception.

Create a wall so easily by posting photos of your favorite couples. Easy and simple decorating is even easier when you get this little crochet and thread kit that includes everything you need for just £5.50!

For the perfect wedding, rent LED cherry trees to place around the ballroom or smaller trees as centerpieces for each table. If it’s a winter wedding and it gets dark early, use it outside to usher people into the venue and set the mood.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

Not all seats have the best seats, let’s be honest. A bit of fabric, ribbon and a leaf can completely transform your look.

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We can’t even cover the many wonderful desk plans you can choose from. We’re interested in acrylics for temporary seating plans, but you should really be influenced by your theme and table names.

Glasses in contrasting jewel tones instantly brighten up the table and look great with floral arrangements. If you’re looking for a very bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, it breathes fresh air into your decor.

A wedding card box is very important and a post box is the cutest way to do it. Set up a card table next to the guest book and get one in a style that matches your theme. Find lots of boxes and mailboxes on Etsy.

For parties or tea parties, these giant silk banners will add a touch of elegance to your space. You can get handmade, pastel or vibrant flags from the amazing event flag hire company, so there’s no wedding theme that won’t look great.

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If you want a big message, rent a neon sign or buy small neon signs to place strategically around your venue and when everyone starts dancing when the lights go out.

Do you have an ugly wall that needs to be covered or just want to create a nice rustic feature? Stack the wooden boxes on top of each other – it can be just a couple, it doesn’t have to be a whole wall! – fill one part of the holes with flowers and the other with beautiful decorations like lights.

Paint an old dresser a really bright color or an antique effect depending on the theme and fill the drawers with seasonal flowers. Let them flow down and fill the room with fragrance. A dresser works great, but an old armoire or dresser would look great too.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

There’s no limit to what you can display on a staircase: photos, candles, glasses, champagne glasses, flowers, initials, even a winter wedding blanket. The stair case of the white bookcase is stunning.

Inspiring Diy Wedding Decorations

Arrows help your guests find their way around easily and are just beautiful! This Ginger Ray game is ready for you, but you can also make it out of wood or wooden arrows.

Is it really a wedding without fairy lights? They are such an easy way to transform the inside and outside of your space. Outdoors, place it over trees or a patio to make it more homely. Place them inside, on the ceiling, around pillars, fill lights, create an entire wall with them as a backdrop. So versatile, so cheap! Try these cozy warm white lights.

Chalkboards are really easy to use to welcome people to your wedding, display your menu or seating plan. If you host at a restaurant or bar, you can get free credit!

Use mirrors as you would on a board. You can find old ones in thrift stores, antique furniture stores or charity shops.

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If you both like to travel, equip her with a vintage suitcase or backpack. It’s also a great idea to collect cards. Place one on your table with a guest book and leave out cards and gifts for guests. If you want something a little more cute, choose three matching retro pastel suitcases.

Secondhand books make great centerpieces, but add interest to any reception desk. They are the perfect rustic wedding decorations because you can turn your unloved old books into something beautiful.

A Moroccan themed room is very simple to put together, but perfect for a rustic or boho wedding. Place plain colored rugs on the floor with patterned pillows. You can add a table in the middle to display drinks and candles, and if your guests prefer not to sit on the floor, you can add wicker chairs around it.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

Velvet is a great fabric for weddings because it looks great in photos and adds a nice texture to your reception decor. How cute is it to add this velvet sofa as a seat for those who are tired of dancing? Or you can use it for curtains, table runners, curtains, chairs and hanging tapes.

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First things first, make sure your sails are secure. Display them in lamps or glass jars so they don’t fall or catch anything. If you don’t buy LED candles, make sure your place is OK with candles. If you can use them, they add a lot of character and ambiance to hallways, tables, stairs and more.

From wall hangings to macrame, wall hangings make wedding decorations effortless. With so many bohemian and rustic vibes, tapestries can transform a room.

Use them to hang wedding signs, tie colorful ribbons to handles, and fill front baskets with flowers. Bikes are great props for the happy couple to ride and photograph.

You may already have a bar, but if you’re hosting an outdoor party or allowing you to create a serving area to house your signature cocktails, a bar makes a statement centerpiece. Find a large rustic sideboard and place lots of empty liquor bottles in the center with a display of pre-mixed cocktails. Browse vintage pieces on eBay, Etsy, Gumtree and more.

Fun And Easy Diy Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

Zhuz is above the room with the pencil lines. If you’re crafty and want to do it yourself, we have a DIY tutorial, but you can also shop online in great fabrics and patterns. This multi-colored banner is one of the best sellers on Amazon for a reason.

Lamps and lights of different shapes and sizes add height and interest to a room. Even if you’re not a huge fan of your home’s flooring or carpeting, it helps to have something to keep guests eyeing.

Hang paper lanterns at different heights from the pot. It looks great when you mix white and metallic lights.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

If your place has high ceilings, a really easy way to fill the space and create a beautiful soft texture is to hang strips from the ceiling. IKEA has great fabrics that you can buy by the metre, from beautiful prints to sweeping white mesh.

Tips For Decorating Your Wedding Reception On A Budget

Pom poms can add lots of color to a blank canvas. They can be added to hanging displays around the room, but look great as rustic decor against traditional beams in barns, and paired with pastel or light ceiling fixtures with fairy lights.

This set of 40 pom poms from Amazon is just £12.99 and comes in a range of colors from brights to pastels and seasonal themes to pinks.

An easy way to completely transform a living room is with a floral backdrop. Your flowers may surprise you

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