Small Fall Wedding Ideas

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Small Fall Wedding Ideas – If your social media calendar and Instagram feed haven’t already given it away, fall is the time of year for weddings (September and October are two places on our list of the most popular wedding months). . If you’re in the process of choosing your wedding date, these wedding ideas can convince you that fall is the perfect time of year for you. While we love summer, summer and winter weddings, there is something special about fall as a season in general. Maybe it means cozy evenings by the fire, leaves crunching underfoot, and the smell of incense for three straight months, but we have to bet fall is a wonderful time. of the year! Embrace the season with these wedding ideas and themes to make your fall experience come alive.

Here are some fall wedding ideas and details you need to know before planning. What is a fall wedding?

Small Fall Wedding Ideas

Small Fall Wedding Ideas

The mating season starts from mid-September to the end of November. Fall weddings are often distinguished by their decorations, which often include seasonal details such as pumpkins, sunflowers, candles, burlap, and wood accents.

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Most locations are ideal for fall weddings, but outdoor locations can be beautiful. If you want to get married in a landscape where the leaves change color, look for places with beautiful scenery and lots of foliage. Some of the best places in the country to get married are New England, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri (especially the Ozarks), the Pacific Northwest, and the Mid-Atlantic region. Here are some of our favorite types of wedding venues:

When planning an outdoor wedding, you need to consider the weather – rain, cold, strong winds, and snow can all affect your wedding location. Consider renting heaters and covered tents to keep your guests dry at an outdoor fall wedding. In the Eastern Seaboard, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, which is about your big day if the station is in the path of the storm. Always plan an outdoor wedding if you’re getting married outdoors, or choose an indoor venue if you’re dealing with bad weather.

Common wedding colors are burgundy, deep purple, mustard yellow, emerald green, navy blue and, of course, orange. What we love most about fall wedding color palettes is that they give you the chance to play with darker and bolder hues that aren’t perfect for a summer wedding. and in the summer. Think about the colors you typically see in the fall months and build your color palette around them for a seasonal wedding.

If you don’t want to see a hint of orange or yellow at your fall wedding, that’s okay too. Precious sounds are luxurious and beautiful. Create a beautiful wedding with beautiful details such as rose gold jewelry, velvet and sequins. A color palette like ivory and gray will also create a welcoming and comfortable reception for your wedding. Combine neutral colors with natural materials like birch, fresh greenery, faux fur, and pine cones to create a forest-inspired wedding theme (cottagecore, anyone?).

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Fall is the perfect time to use seasonal items to your advantage. Pumpkins, corn husks, pumpkins, grass clippings, dried leaves, and corn sheaves or straws are all wedding favors. These details will bring a rustic feel to your celebration, and they are perfect with some of the most popular wedding venues such as tents and other outdoor areas.

Wine weddings are another popular fall wedding theme. Think cork brands, a deep red and pink wine, gourmet wine glasses, and most importantly, plenty of your favorite wine.

We can’t talk about wedding themes without mentioning Halloween. If you’re getting married on or before October 31st, there are many ways to add some spookiness and mischief to your wedding decor. The trick is to choose your Halloween items carefully and combine them with random ideas to balance everything out – that is, less if you’re working with a very specific theme. Choose black or orange as your main wedding color (choosing both can quickly lead to a Halloween wedding going wrong) and then add subtle hints of the other color. Check out this Halloween wedding or this gothic shoot to get started.

Small Fall Wedding Ideas

Finally, a fall wedding is a great time to try out unique lighting options, especially after DST ends in November. Take advantage of the darkness that comes early in the morning using decorative lights, bistro lights, candles, candles or hipped letters to set the mood.

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The flowers at your fall wedding should reflect the season’s dust and love. A selection of colors available in warm tones (deep pink, burgundy, purple, orange, green, yellow) will add fun to any fall wedding. By choosing flowers that bloom naturally in the fall, you can save money and get flowers more easily because florists don’t have to work hard to get them. Please check with your wedding florist to make sure flowers are within your budget and available for your fall wedding. Some of the most popular fall wedding flowers are:

Plant fillers such as gold, climbing willow, eucalyptus, gypsophila, amaranth, pampas grass, succulents, and earthworms are great additions to your fall wedding bouquet or bouquets. other. You can add unexpected items to your fall wedding centerpieces, such as dried moss, miniature pumpkins, eggs, and deer antlers (easily available in stores). artificial in hardware stores and home improvement stores).

Beach season is all about – haystacks, pumpkin patches, corn mazes… you get the idea – so it’s no wonder that rustic wedding dresses are a popular choice this season. This casual jacket is perfect for men who enter a restaurant or farm. If you’re wearing a dress for a formal wedding, look for models with thin, flowy silhouettes and light fabrics like crepe or chiffon. You don’t want to wear a heavy ball gown or a tight dress that will make it difficult to get out (and get dirt on the hem!).

Wedding attire for groomsmen range from tweed suits and bow ties to denim shirts and cowboy boots. Always choose clothes that match the style of the wedding hall – this rule also applies to the wedding attire of the guests. What you wear to a country wedding is different than what you wear to a remote location in the mountains.

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Depending on the day and location of your wedding, the weather can be cold and sometimes even snowy. Consider this a fun time to experiment with tools to keep everything looking and feeling beautiful. Brides, you can surprise your maids with matching flannel shirts to wear while you get ready, or offer denim shirts to wear in colder weather. For casual wear, we love cashmere wedding shawls and faux fur coats.

The type of food you serve at a wedding depends on your budget, personal taste, and the caterer, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about the wedding menu in possible time. Delicious and healthy dishes for a fall wedding. Some of our favorite foods are pork or chicken, baked goods, mashed potatoes, pies and hearty soups. If you want a more traditional approach, consider homemade macaroni and cheese topped with corn or a barbecue dish.

When it comes to food, we won’t leave out the classic wedding cake, but we have to admit that a fall wedding is a great time to surprise everyone with seasonal foods. Pies, caramel apples, pumpkin rolls, and apple cider donuts are just a few desserts your guests will love. If you choose a wedding cake, there are many rustic cakes, black wedding cakes, and fall cakes to choose from.

Small Fall Wedding Ideas

Finally, don’t forget the drinks. Warm up your guests after dark with a hot coke or apple cider center—you can serve spiked versions for those 21 and over.

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If you’re ready to start planning your fall wedding, it’s time to get inspired and post your favorite ideas. From floral arrangements to decor, dresses, stationery, wedding favors and more, here are the fall wedding ideas and themes we’re loving right now.

Magical wedding vow books will make your personal vows extra special. Small brochures with white calligraphy are perfect for a fall wedding.

Orange is one of our favorite wedding colors right now and this color is one of the best wedding colors. Dried flowers and accents like palm leaves and plants are another classic fall wedding theme that you can incorporate into your bouquet.

Decorate your wedding invitation with floral patterns in rich burgundy, fuchsia and green tones to create a romantic vibe.

Small Backyard Wedding Ideas

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