Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

Saturday, January 21st 2023. | Weddings

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Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

Your wedding day is the day in your life when you need to look your best. WHO

Secret’s Out! 7 Hair & Makeup Artists Most Loved Bridal Look

Do they want to go together on their big day? Glamorous wedding makeup must include clear contours, black eyelashes and

The brighter and brighter the better. The look can be complemented by a traditional minimalist wedding dress or complemented by a sparkling dress embellished with rhinestones and intricate beads. This is also timeless; makeup can be vintage, modern and extravagant, or smoky and sophisticated.

“One of the most popular glamor looks is the old-fashioned Hollywood look that will never go out of style because it suits every woman’s face,” says makeup artist Danielle Rochon, who describes herself as having “smoky eyes, plump lips and luxurious fake makeup.” leather and carved leather. “Bright eyeliner, blush, and soft skin are back, along with hot pink lipstick and 90s-inspired lip liner paired with a bare lip.”

If you’re unsure if glamorous bridal makeup is right for you, we recommend trying out a full hair and makeup look, knowing you can always tone it down on your wedding day. Get inspired by your favorite celebrity red carpet looks or makeup artists on Instagram, or work with a makeup artist to bring out your best features and create the glamorous bridal makeup of your dreams.

Glam Wedding Makeup Ideas For A Luxe Look

From thick, buttery lashes to shimmery eyeshadow and shimmery glitter, read on to see 26 glamorous bridal makeup ideas to add to your inspiration folder.

A simple smoky eye is the centerpiece of this look. Everything else is built around the eyes, including a blurry outline and natural pinkish lips. To make your wedding day amazing and fun, add a string necklace to it that will make your eyes really shine.

Applied with a light hand, eyeliner can enhance your natural eye shape and color. You can keep the eyeliner from looking too harsh or heavy by blending it with a pencil brush, especially on the lower lash line, as the bride did. Don’t forget to bring some mascara with you to complete the dewy smoky look.

Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

Who said you have to follow the trends in bridal makeup? Don’t be afraid to paint your lips with bright colors, as this bride did at her wedding in Florence. A rich coral hue highlights her lips, bringing out the rich colors of her regal headdress.

Video: Bridal Makeup For Hooded Eyes

The skin is fine, and there is nothing more glamorous than showing off perfect skin. “In order to create the perfect image, our skin must be in good shape,” says Rochon. “Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are important steps we can all take. Exfoliating the skin once a week removes all the dead skin that is on the surface, and drinking water is real! If we start with a smooth, well-moisturized canvas, everything we put on it will run smoothly.”

Sometimes the skin is not really dry, but dehydrated due to lack of water or drinking too much soda, coffee or alcohol.

Photo by Paige Vaughn Photo; Event Planning KMW Weddings & Events; Hair and makeup by Luna Beauty & Bridal

“A good look doesn’t always have to include all the fashion trends you see in one season,” Rochon says. “It’s good to choose a certain look and adjust the make-up around that element.” This bride chose to show off her eyes with a soft, diffused slit that looks very romantic. The rest of the face stays natural, fresh and vibrant for an Austin outdoor wedding.

Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup— Soft Glam Wedding Makeup Ideas

Photo by Twah Dougherty Photography; Event Planning by Eleni & Co. New York; Hair by Mia Farah Beautique; Makeup by Paulina Allure Beauty Icon

For a modern glamorous look, apply metallic eyeshadow to accentuate brown eyes. Keep the rest of the look monochrome with a bronzed goddess glow on both cheeks and a glossy lip. The result is a chic Hollywood masterpiece that doesn’t feel too distracting or overwhelming.

Photo: Roberta Facchini Photography; Event Planning – Giusy DaAmbrosio; Hair of Mantas Tautvaisas; Makeup by Neringa Kukiniene

Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

The contrast between the light eyes and the depth of the beautiful eye shadow makes this little bride very delicate. Rich, chocolate brown colors work best with blue eyes, and this look suits everyone. Lush eyelashes add to the image of flirtatiousness. “If you don’t normally wear dresses, try wearing them to your wedding events to get used to their style and feel, especially if you’re going to dress up,” says Rochon.

Best Wedding Makeup Looks For Black Brides

Photo by People Photography; Event planning from Steve Bar Productions and Vanessa Events; Guy Samuel’s hair; Makeup by Ortal Elimeraki

Channel your inner glowing goddess into this sparkling bridal look. Everything from the eyes to the cheeks to the lips has a crisp finish. Moist eyeshadow pairs well with bright cheeks and vibrant lip color.

Glamorous bridal makeup is not the same as glitter. It’s possible to wear eye-popping makeup without looking like a disco ball. Take a cue from this bride who opted for dark chocolate eye shadow and soft smokey eyeliner for a sweet and passionate effect on the eyes. Bold colors paired with skilful contouring and a matte neutral lip color complete the look.

Glowing highlighter will brighten up any makeup. Even in low light, you can spot this bride’s radiance, enhanced by well-defined brows and deep merlot-coloured mouth, from a mile away. For long lasting radiance, apply Illuminating Cream under Illuminating Powder for maximum shine and radiance.

Wedding Makeup Looks & Ideas For Every Style

A traditional smokey eye doesn’t have to be too complicated. Mix different deep shades on the eyes, applying dark color to the outer corner, and blending Kohl black eyeliner in the top line. A hint of natural moisture on the cheeks softens the look, perfect for any blushing bride.

Hello all round bridal glow! Apply your favorite sun-kissed tones to your eyes, lips and face with a more reddish-than-orange bronzer for a sun-kissed effect. “Sometimes warming up the skin with a bronzer and highlighting with a less shimmery one will give you just the right amount of radiance to enhance your look,” says Rushon.

Glamorous wedding makeup doesn’t have to be dark and smoky. This crimson hue brings out the bride’s complexion while adding sparkle to her bright blue eyes. “Think about what you want people to look at when they see you, and focus your full attention on that,” Rochon says.

Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

Soft eyeliner and lots of shading is the key to getting a smoky eyeliner. Apply darker shadows to the outer corner of the eye and a lighter color to the inner corner for a natural lift and lengthening effect. Add liquid eyeliner to the outer edge to complete the look.

Types Of Wedding Makeup

A set of flowy lashes is a must for any glamorous bride. Roshon says: “Rashi will brighten up any makeup. If I go for extreme eyeliner, sometimes I add another natural eyeliner on top—or add individual lashes in the middle or at the end of the eye—depending on the shape of the eye. we’re trying to achieve.”

Do not wear false eyelashes that completely cover your eyes. Choose a pair of false lashes with a slight gap between the leaves to highlight your eyeshadow.

. The 90s supermodel look will never go out of style and is the perfect transition from daytime to evening. Be inspired by your favorite models and Hollywood actors of the era and don’t be afraid to stock up on a natural bronzer.

Accentuate your style with crisp, chiseled lines. Cool Tone Contour mimics a natural hue, adding soft depth and volume to your features. For a flawless face, don’t forget to contour the nose, temples, and jawline.

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Add some rose gold. The soft, romantic colors look stunning on any bride and are less aggressive than the traditional black or brown smoky eye. Accentuate muted tones with light blush and blush. And don’t forget the pink flute!

Photo by Gaby J. Photography; Event planning and event planning; Hair and makeup by Amelia C & Co.

Gradient shadows provide all the drama of smokey eyes without sacrificing that big, eye-catching look. Keep the colors deep towards the outer corner of the eye. The lighter colors go towards the inner eye, blowing it out to look like a dove eye. Neutral tones gently blend contrasts to create a cohesive look. We love how this bride paired cool eye makeup with hot pink blush and lips for her rustic Las Vegas wedding.

Soft Glam Bridal Makeup Looks

Glamor is all about showing your best face, so customize your bridal makeup to match your beauty, not just yours.

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