So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

Friday, December 30th 2022. | Weddings

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique – Lately, we’ve been having fun combining mohair lace yarn with other yarns, creating a beautiful painting effect. Our new Love Note and Posy Shawl sweaters both use this technique.

A few years ago at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival I bought a few skeins of plain La Bien Aimée yarn in I’m still irresistibly drawn to this hot pink Skein Queen Floof. It’s really a set of impulses to come together! last year I have a wedding to attend. And the worldwide love for pink is growing. So I decided there had to be a pink sweater, right?!

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

I’m chasing different threads that I have next to the pink mohair and immediately knew that the stain would win! on the far right You can see the pink mohair, and next to it is the thread that I’m showing. What a difference this combination makes!

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Alexa sees my photo and says So I started refining the details and developing a color palette that would go with the soft, romantic palette I had drawn for our trip to Paris.

From many random samples I have some strategies to share about how to choose color combinations when combining lace weight mohair with sock weight yarn!

There are several ways to mix wool with other yarns. using yarn of the same color darker or lighter color Want to know how to knit two strands together? We have a post about marling here and a post here. Explain how to work with two yarns held together.

The top left of this bar is the color. La Bien Aimee’s “Yellow Brick Road” on both mohair and merino. The bottom is mohair. ‘Yellow Brick Road’ with Merino ‘Romance’

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When you knit mohair lace with sock yarn of the same color The mixed colors will come out basically the same as if you were knitting with one color. Although mohair lace uses a slightly different dye than merino threads But the overall results were pretty similar. The example above combines La Bien Aimée Merino Singles with La Bien Aimée Mohair Silk, both in a signature ‘brick street yellow’.

Here’s Alexa’s Love Note Holiday Sweater in Action They knit it with a La Bien Aimee tank top and mohair, both in the ‘shire’ colour. But merino is weaker. while Mohair adds a darker aura.

Alexa also wore a Love Note Holiday Party sweater in La Bien Aimée Merino Singles and Silk Mohair in ‘Shire’; appetizing bright green You can see how mohair and merino are slightly different in color. And how does this depth and shine add to the finished fabric?

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

Using one color is a great way to combine yarn. but personally I was more intrigued by the combination of colors. and see what effect I can get!

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When you mix dark or saturated mohair with light colored yarns. Lighter colors appear to glow under deeper haloes. I really like this effect. It’s an effect I also used when making Love Note sweaters and heavy Posy shawls.

Deep Dark Love Note is a blend between La Bien Aimée Merino Singles in ‘Rust’ and La Bien Aimée Mohair Silk in ‘Undergrowth’.

Top to bottom: La Bien Aimee “rust” mohair on “rust” merino, then mohair. “Underbush” on “rust” merino, then “bush” on “bush.” But mixing the two colors has a fascinating life.

Love Note Ephemeral is a cross between Rainbow Heirloom Solo Light in ‘drivewood’ and Rainbow Heirloom Kidsilk Cloud in ‘Sweet Dreams’ in my eyes. This technique is more saturated colors as compared to less saturated ones. The values ​​for both threads are quite similar.

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Top to bottom: Rainbow Heirloom mohair ‘Sweet Dreams’ over ‘drivewood’ merino, then mohair ‘look’. The contrast between the merino wood colors is subtle. But the warmth of “Floatwood” makes a very different overall effect.

The original hot pink Love Note prototype I made was a mix of La Bien Aimée Merino Singles in striped ‘static neon’ with ‘Aimée’s pullover’ held together with Skein Queen Floof in hot pink (I lost the thread, oops, but I Think of it like a “barbie bag”).

When I first tried the swatch I think the hot pink Mohair goes best when paired with a darker color. So I tried reds/oranges, neutral pinks, and deep plums. While these polka dot/marmett effects are unappealing, But I’m not satisfied I finally tried the pink over the pale spot and was super excited. This combination is perfect!

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

The light yellow Posy Shawl is a blend of La Bien Aimée Merino Singles in ‘Romance’ and La Bien Aimée Mohair Silk in ‘brick road yellow’.

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You can see that the mohair How much more saturated is La Bien Aimee’s “Yellow Brick Road” than the smeared “Romantic” color? I love this dress; Dark spots are softened and the mohair color is also softened.

For the love notes that just dropped, Alexa uses La Bien Aimée Mohair in “pb&j” rather than Singles in “neon static.” “soften” from the dotted neon light

When mohair is paler than other yarns The colors that are blended will come out as close to the darkest color as possible. The fuzzy radius of the fabric is lighter. I find this combination a little less interesting. But it can also bring about subtle beauty.

This mini Love Note sweater is knit with a green/gold Tosh Merino Light and Debbie Bliss Angel in ’11-mint’.

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Value difference The difference (relative darkness or lightness) between the two colors you combine is important. The example below illustrates this.

I find the dark teal on the pale gray mohair looks more ‘spotted’, with a more marbled effect than the blended one. When I use more teal than teal mohair. The difference in values ​​is more moderate. And the color of the yarn will “blend” more effectively.

Top to bottom: Rainbow Heirloom ‘wicked pacific’ mohair (rather dark) over ‘look’, then Madelinetosh Merino Light in ‘secret’, then Rainbow Heirloom in ‘wicked pacific’. center The merino is slightly looser than the mohair. But I found that the above combinations with high contrast pairs also ‘point’.

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

So, from my point of view The combination of medium rather than large differences between dark mohair and light yarns feels more “blended” and effective.

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A similar example is illustrated by the example below. On the left, Alexa presents two options for her Love Note sweater; La Bien Aimée mohair in ‘shire’ above ‘aquatic’ (top) and ‘shire’ (bottom). The mohair in ‘shire’ is quite dark. And I agree that the effect is a bit too ‘dotty’ for her.

On the other hand, sheer in merino fabric is quite bright and vibrant. So even if it’s the same color But the fabric had the bright depth she was looking for.

Top left: La Bien Aimée ‘Shire’ mohair over Merino ‘Aquatic’, bottom left: LBA “Shire” over “Shire”, top right: LBA “elise” mohair over “Animals.” Water” bottom right: Walk Collection ‘Forest’ mohair over ‘Aqualife’ LBA.

I brought the Merino LBA “life Aquatic” home with me from Paris. and decided to try combining it with mohair options. The top is the LBA ‘elise’ mohair and the bottom is the Walk Collection in ‘jungle’. I judged ‘elise’ to be the winner, in my eyes. It’s just a slightly less intense contrast than the ‘shire’ versus ‘aquatic’ mohair, and the contrast means that the mix works.

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Start watching! Mixing mohair with other yarns It’s a fun way to “Create your own yarn” and you can start using materials from your own area! Try it I think you will like it.

I started pretty early with a modified Lush cardigan. I think I’ll cut it too and wear it with a casual bell sleeve top… I can’t seem to follow the way it’s written, not even mine. Sigh!

This blend of yarn would work great for other projects too… I’ve been thinking about hacking Boardwalk or Lush cardigans and you’ll see what I decided! I was working with 6.0mm needles in the same gauge I made the Love Note sweater, so I adapted the pattern for another gauge. (We have a tutorial on that here.)

So Excited About Adding Pink Lace To My Underskirt Is Your Dress Unique

This wool blending method would work well for fade projects. You can collect your scraps by sock weight and organize them into similar values ​​or to create a blur. You can then mix them all together by adding monochromatic mohair arranged next to it. each color throughout the project I imagine my future oversized pale linen sweater…

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Example below

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