Square Wedding Cakes

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Square Wedding Cakes – If you want something a little unusual for your wedding cake, consider using a cake or cupcake instead of a round shape. Square wedding cakes can be anything from traditional to contemporary for a happy ending to a wedding.

For a new twist on the traditional stacked wedding cake, design your square cake to look like an intricately wrapped gift. Often achieved using soft frostings, decorated cakes look like piles of gifts wrapped with different accents for a cute look that’s perfect for everyday. Frosted bows and ribbons with carefully crafted frosted pearls and beads of different colors.

Square Wedding Cakes

Square Wedding Cakes

Although many wedding cakes use traditional tiered tiers, a single square tier cake has several advantages as a wedding cake. The ease and efficiency of cutting makes it a good choice for very large people. The cake can be decorated with flowers and attractive designs around the edges to match the wedding decoration. They can also be arranged on pedestals at different heights and look good in any wedding style.

Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple

Stacking square cake layers on top of each other is a great way to create a mountain-like shape. Use these natural shapes to create nature-inspired wedding cakes. Place the twigs, branches, berries, leaves or flowers on the cake, arranging the decorations so that they flow in one direction on the cake. For an outdoor wedding, light up the design below to add a touch of shade to the cake with accent decorations.

If you want to add color, but not too much, consider placing small snowflakes in the Corneli lace design. As long as you don’t cross your line, this lace pattern is hard to mess up. It looks great up close and far, and when you incorporate the color of snow into your wedding colors, it makes the design stand out even more. Just set the layer diagonal and each layer with color so you don’t get a polka dot pattern. A lace cake is a good choice for a semi-formal or informal wedding.

The clean lines of the square cake are perfect for modern cake design. Ways to serve a square cake in a modern way include:

Buttercream frosting doesn’t give brides a guaranteed picture perfect finish, but they can still be decorated with beautiful designs. Embellishments that lend themselves particularly well to buttercream include fleur-de-lis patterns, paisley patterns, lattice work, and scroll patterns. Some flowers can be on the cake to add depth and color. For great color, use colored frosting for design work.

Cornflower Blue #83ribbons

Many contrasting images are square, like checkerboards, and are a great idea to go from funky themes to a casual boho vibe. Consider using contrast to create a unique cake, for example:

Individual wedding cakes are a modern alternative to large wedding cakes or wedding cakes. Individual cakes can be stacked on a tiered cake stand for a stunning effect. Individual cakes can also be individually wrapped or boxed with the bride and groom’s message and monogrammed napkins as a wedding favor or arranged as a dessert bar. By doing this, you can incorporate different flavors.

Turn a square tiered cake into a theme and add sharp corners to help design it. For example, this cake is perfect for a wine wedding in a vineyard using the edge as a perfect place to hang wine. When making a rectangular cake, it is important to make sure that the design is visible from all angles.

Square Wedding Cakes

Copy your bridal bouquet or wedding dress with royal icing to add an embroidered design to a tiered cake. Using the opposite lower corner for design works creates a modern look. Design for a garden wedding or a formal, upscale wedding cake any time of year. For a touch of luxury, use black or gold.

Gorgeous Square Wedding Cake Ideas

Most traditional wedding cakes are tiered and covered in white or ivory. Many brides choose a traditional tiered look to decorate their cake in colors that match or complement their wedding colors with sweet accents and real or silk flowers.

Almost any design can be matched with the classic square cake, which is an ideal choice for the bride and groom.

Your cake can be anything you imagine, and with the square background, you can create anything you can imagine in your design. Create a square wedding cake that embodies everything about your special day. If you’re tired of the cute but familiar round shape of a wedding cake, go for a square. Such a cake will add some creativity to your wedding, for sure! You can choose a monophonic cake or choose with interesting or funny prints (polka dots, chevron, etc.), decorated with bows, ribbons, flowers or cool and original cake tops, or maybe make a naked wedding cake. Don’t be afraid to mix round and square cake levels, it will make your cake even more unique! And we have to tell you that square cakes look so beautiful in wedding photos, just scroll down and you will believe!

Naked wedding cakes seem to be common, and many couples choose them for a beautiful look. You can go for a single cake or all the different tiers, decorate with fresh flowers, fruit and berries, try air plants and juices or greens for a more modern feel. Add drops for an even more mouth-watering look! A millefoli wedding cake is a sweeter alternative than usual, it’s a traditional Italian wedding cake, fill it with berries and fruit and enjoy!

Tiffany” Sparkles 3 Tier Round And Square Wedding Cake In White With Rhinestone Border. Feeds 75 80. Msrp $375

Square blank wedding cake with beetle car and VW camper on top with fresh berries and flowers

Buttercream wedding cake in classic white, which is a bit of a hack these days. How to make your buttercream square wedding cake super modern, trendy and bold? If you’re going for a small wedding, consider a laconic wedding cake topped with a single flower, leaf or branch. Marble and ombre effects welcome! They are definitely on trend and add a pop of color. Handmade wedding cakes are all the rage in 2019, so feel free to order these masterpieces. If you’re going for a boho wedding, opt for sugar macrame decorations and some bright flowers on top. Get motivated!

A dirty game inspired white square wedding cake is a fun and unique idea for a modern wedding.

Square Wedding Cakes

Rustic white wedding cake decorated with sugar macrame, natural and fake bright flowers and pale green for a boho wedding

Elegant Wedding Cakes That Will Always Be In Style

An elegant square wedding cake in pure white with raw silver edges is an elegant choice for a small wedding.

Square wedding cake with gold decoration and fresh flowers and air plants for a beautiful wedding

Elaborate wedding cake with white hexes, watercolor blue and gold and navy tiers with sugar flowers and berries.

A laconic white square wedding cake decorated with white flower branches is a great idea for a minimalist wedding.

Top 20 Square Wedding Cakes That Wow

A gray marble wedding cake decorated with gold leaves and a large sugar geode for a purple wedding

Bright square wedding cake with sugar macrame, bright watercolor, fresh flowers for a boho summer party

Bright Turquoise and White Square Wedding Cake with Turquoise Ribbon Design and Sparkling Monogram Topper

Square Wedding Cakes

An ombre coral square wedding cake is a great idea for a spring or summer wedding with some combinations.

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A white textured wedding cake decorated with burlap and some flowers and greenery for a rustic wedding

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28 square wedding cakes for modern celebrations Set your standards with this geometric wedding day delicacy.

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Modern Square Wedding Cake Photos

An easy way to update a wedding cake is to ditch the traditional round tier and opt for a square tier. With clean, crisp lines and perfect 90-degree angles, there’s something fresh and sophisticated about the down-to-earth modern delicacy. Wedding cakes with square covers are especially attractive, so if you plan a modern style celebration, a modern cake will complement the beauty of the wedding.

To be more feminine and romantic, take the corner dessert, decorate the cake with bright flowers or paint, watercolor style, in pastel colors. For a more minimal approach, consider an all-white cake with a floral top or a few berries. For extra glitz and glamor, choose an Art Deco inspired cake, or

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