So Long A Letter Chapter Summaries

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So Long A Letter Chapter Summaries

So Long A Letter Chapter Summaries

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One such long letter begins when Ramatoule, a Senegalese woman living in the country’s capital, Dakar, decides to write to her old friend Aissat, who lives in America. A letter regarding the sudden death of Ramatulaya’s surviving husband Modu. According to Muslim tradition, Ramatulai must observe Miras, a period of forty days of seclusion and mourning. During this period, she keeps a journal, which she eventually intends to send to Aisatu.

So Long A Letter Chapter Summaries

Ramatulai begins by reflecting on the long funeral rites that followed Modu’s death. According to Senegalese-Muslim custom, Ramatoule is instructed to welcome mourners and all well-wishers, opening her home to them and offering them food and drink. This was a grave injustice to Ramatulai, as Modu wanted nothing to do with her in his later years. The mourners practically ransack her house, and although they bring gifts—mostly notes—most of them end up in the hands of Maud’s second wife, Bineteau, and her greedy mother (mother-in-law).

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Ramatulai goes to talk to Modu about his marriage. She didn’t understand what made him lose interest in her. Their first years as lovers and together as a young couple seemed promising. They got married despite the protests of Ramtulaye’s family who saw Moda as something of a loafer. In her diary, she admits that they were right, and why she chose Daudu Dieng, an older and more established, financially stable man, the wiser choice, despite her education.

Like Rama’s, Aisat’s marriage also fell apart. While Ramatulai was married to Maudo, Aisatu was married to Maudo, a medical student and exemplary citizen. These two are very much in love. However, Maudo gives birth to greatness, while Aisatu is just a jeweler’s daughter. Maudo’s family, especially his mother, Aunt Nabu, opposed the union. In an attempt to undermine the marriage, Aunt Nabu goes to her ancestral hometown and convinces her brother to name one of his daughters after her, Aunt Nabu. Aunt Nabu continued to raise and groom little Nabu. Then, when the girl was old enough, Nabu’s aunt begged Maudo to take little Nabu as his second wife. Maudo, afraid that his mother would be upset and sick if he refused, agreed. He assures Aisata that he does not love young Naba and has children with her. Aisatu could not accept this and broke up with him. She focused on her education, earned a diplomatic degree, and moved to America to work at the Senegalese embassy.

Meanwhile, Ramatulai experiences her own family misfortune. Her daughter befriends a girl named Daba Binetou. Binet often talks about a “sugar daddy,” an old man who buys her clothes. After some time, Binetto’s family started pressuring her to give up her studies and marry a man for his money. Binet reluctantly agreed. Ramatulai was dismayed by the news, but not suspicious. A few days later, Maudo, Modu’s brother Tansir and the local imam Ramatulai showed up at the house. Together, they inform her that Bineteau’s father is actually Ramatulai Modu’s husband, and Bineteau will soon become her wife.

Ramatulai leaves heartbroken and effectively when Modu starts a new life with Bineto. However, she decides to marry Maud, accepting it as a duty that must be fulfilled. Her children protested, but she remained steadfast.

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Now with the death of Modu, Ramatulai is faced with a strange situation where she has to mourn her husband who left her. As her miracle draws to a close, Tanseer approaches her, announcing that he will marry her. Ramatulai was deeply offended by his ridiculous proposal and rejected him in front of Maudo and the Imam. Dauda Dieng later proposes to her. Ramatulai also rejected him, though he did so with more cunning than Tamseer. She decided to focus her efforts on child rearing.

Thanks to the pervasive forces of modernity, Ramatulai’s adolescent children are exposed to many new dangers from which she believes they must be protected. While playing baseball in the street, Ramatulai’s two sons were hit by a motorcycle and injured. She caught her three daughters smoking. Aisatu’s name will become pregnant out of wedlock. Ramatulai reacts to all these crises with strength, calmness and poise.

Ramatulai concluded his long letter with a suggestion of Aisat’s speedy return to Senegal. She looks forward to meeting her friend and believes that despite their physical changes, their friendship will remain as strong as ever.

So Long A Letter Chapter Summaries

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