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Suits For Weddings Groom – Just rent a tuxedo, not a big deal, right? Unfortunately, the groom’s suits are a bit more complicated. Being second in command at a wedding means you have to live up to some expectations. If he doesn’t wear a suit to the office regularly and doesn’t keep up with the latest trends in men’s fashion, he needs to learn a bit too.

But don’t worry, it’s not all stress. It’s all about choosing the right color and style to match your theme, and the right cut to match the frame. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it’s a great opportunity to have a little fun.

Suits For Weddings Groom

Suits For Weddings Groom

Wedding suits for men have come a long way in the last few decades, and weddings in general have been a departure from tradition in many ways. This means you have a great deal of flexibility to take care of your business. Let us begin!

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A suit is a suit, right? Not even close. Suits are as unique as the men who wear them. Modern grooms love being able to choose from such a wide selection of fabrics, modern cuts, and classic styles. So get ready. We’ve got tons of inspiring ideas to choose from, each one to help you look and feel like a million bucks.

The bride’s white wedding dress combination is a fantastic modern take on groom’s outfits, especially on the beach. Clean white lines are a stylish way to stand out with the built-in benefit of keeping cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. It is very difficult to list how elegant the groom’s white suit looks.

Tweed vests are making a comeback and we are 100% here. Consider these options for vintage or boho wedding themes, or weddings that take place in the cooler months. As you can see, you have the full option to wear this outfit light and cool or dark and serious.

Neutral tones don’t have to be boring. Beige and all shades of gray can be completely changed with a simple color. The right choice of boutonniere, shirt, cape and tie can create an image that will fit perfectly into any wedding theme.

Wedding & Groomsmen Suits For Men

Sometimes black men’s wedding suits are too hot and too formal. Sometimes light gray is not quite formal. The solution? Charcoal grey, of course. Although gray is considered a rather casual color for a men’s wedding suit, darker shades produce very dignified results for grooms.

If you’re looking for a shade of groom’s wedding suits that’s both stylish and fun, look no further than any shade of blue. Ditch the tie for a cool beach look, or accessorize for the perfect summer wedding look.

It’s your wedding, the rules are nothing more than socially acceptable suggestions. But you can make your own. Ditching the jacket in favor of a bow tie, suspenders, and vest is a great vintage look that’s pretty unique. Summer wedding suits should be cool and allow the groom to feel comfortable, which is achieved with this look. Off the beach, this set works perfectly with vintage, boho, garden, and barn wedding themes.

Suits For Weddings Groom

In most cases, jackets really complement a classic men’s wedding suit. The color, fabric and cut you choose will determine how vintage or modern, formal or informal, playful or understated your wedding look will be. When making your selection, always make sure you have the correct accessories and that your tailor obtains the correct measurements. We’d be lying if we said that the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever had the honor of showcasing didn’t have a serious level of intentionality in the fashion department. Coordinating the groom’s attire with her dress and the overall style of the wedding makes all the difference in the world. And we see couples that get overlooked all the time. But now that you’re here, we know you won’t make the same mistake! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite groomsmen fashions from nationwide online suit and tuxedo rental company Stitch & Tie to show you how to match a certain look with a certain mood. And with these real life examples, we can assure you that your wedding portraits will be on

Matching Groom Attire With Your Gown And Wedding Style ⋆ Ruffled

Bohemian weddings have a reputation for originality. The possibilities are endless (check out one of our favorite boho chic weddings in the Santa Ynez Valley here!). And just as the decorating options are endless, so are the fashion options!

When it comes to bohemian weddings, we may or may not have a soft spot for a dark green suit. While they’re a bit more unexpected than a blue or gray suit, to be honest, we think hunter green suits are the new neutral! Combine it with a long tie, a bow tie or a bowling pin… the accessories only make the look more unique.

Rarely. Our favorite shades are cobalt blue or a shade a bit darker than cobalt because they work well. Many. platforms Here, the groom added a floral tie to his suit, because it’s always fun to bring a patterned accessory to match the style of his wedding décor!

It’s OK now. We understand that a brown suit is the norm for a beach wedding these days. But there is certainly a reason for this. They always look good! In this example, the color scheme for the wedding was warm neutral tones, so the groom added a burgundy bow tie to add a bit of elegance to the overall look. The black tie on the beach is very interesting because of the high contrast and the sophisticated atmosphere it generates. And this is Exhibit A!

Men’s Wedding Suits & Outfits

The term “fancy wedding” often makes us think of black tie and James Bond, so here’s a white tuxedo with a black lapel that perfectly complements this elegant venue. For this style, a black bow tie will probably be your perfect tie along with patent leather shoes. Total tuxedo and pairing 007 approved!

Light suit colors are often best for extravagant wedding designs, especially if the dress has a lace corset bodice like this one. Not to mention, the powdery hue on the groom’s suit pairs well with pastel colors throughout the bride’s bouquet. Softer colors in menswear keep the atmosphere light and fun, and in a way tell your guests that your wedding is going to be relaxed, creative, and authentic.

Pro Tip: Dark tones can be a bit harsh, so remember to keep your accessories simple and monochromatic.

Suits For Weddings Groom

Us! For us, the name of the game for tropical weddings is something brilliant. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been seeing bold and confident colors in groomswear lately to match the mood. Here, the groom is wearing a sexy burgundy tuxedo that stands out against the greenery and matches the formality of the bride’s jeweled gown.

Stylish Groom Outfits From Real Weddings

Couples who love color, laughter, and crazy-great experiences are likely to find themselves in the wedding style next to the coordinates of Playful Paradise and Kitschy Korner. So it’s no surprise that we often see unconventional color palettes, patterns, and design details transitioning from décor to flowers and fashion elements themselves. Here we turn our attention to the dusty pink gown that has taken the bridal world by storm. Wow, we love that confidence.

A coat and pant combo is also a great idea for a fun wedding theme. And we’re going to let you in on a little secret… you can mix and match coat and pant styles to your heart’s content when you order any item on the Stitch & Tie website!

You see it. Matching your groom’s outfit with your wedding style has never been easier! We hope this overview has given you a lot of useful groom’s styling inspiration. Stitch & Tie has personal stylists available via chat, email, and phone if you need help perfecting your looks. And if you book a wedding group before May 20, 2020, you can use RB10 to save 10% on each order for your group. I’d say that’s a win!

This post was sponsored by Stitch & Tie. All opinions are ours. Thank you for supporting our sponsors! Go ahead guys, because now is YOUR time… time to find the perfect men’s wedding suit! A lot of attention is paid to wedding dresses, but we know you won’t let it get stolen. You have a great style that you want to show off and you should!

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That’s where this roundup of the best wedding suits for men comes in to save the day. We have compiled a list of fashion brands that offer a wide range of the best wedding suit options.

Maybe you are looking for something elegant and classic. You may want to cast caution aside and go for a more casual men’s wedding attire! Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find “the one” in the list below. After all, you deserve to have your moment too.

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Suits For Weddings Groom

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