Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Thursday, November 17th 2022. | Weddings

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Summer weddings bring to mind chilled mocktails, cozy baggy dresses, canopies, teepees, flower arrangements and lots of vibrant elements and cheerful colours!

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

And believe me, like year-round weddings, summer weddings also need to get the decor right. That’s because decor, an important aspect, can make or break your soiree. Treat your guests to cheerful pastels, tropical curtains, bright elements and flower arrangements.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

If you plan to have an outdoor lunch on a summer afternoon party, I suggest you choose large curtains that will act as a canopy as the centerpiece of the decor. The cherry on the cake would be if these curtains are in eye-soothing pastel colors, like this peach color! In addition, elegant white chairs and floral arrangements add warmth to the overall affair.

Flowers have always been sacred to Indian weddings. How about wrapping the summer wedding mandap in bright flowers? You definitely can’t miss the comfortable seating arrangements either!

I am seriously in love with this elegant and understated table decoration idea! Table dressed in beautiful baby pink Banarasi fabric with gold Maheshwari border; Funky tea lights, rose petals and a Mughal-inspired element sit on top. Does not invite it?

You can’t possibly imagine the extent of my joy when I stumbled upon this image while scrolling through inspiring decorating ideas! A hexagonal cabana in ruby ​​pink and royal blue drapes and pom pom buntings is an irresistible seating option for another summer wedding! Don’t miss details like rustic flower baskets for a floral Holi!

Summer Wedding Themes Archives

I’m looking at this lovely floral peacock sitting in the middle of the yard under the pastel curtains! A unique idea to impress your guest list.

Sitting under interlocking curtains, the tables below are adorned with unique elements, acting as the centerpiece of the table! Roses and marigolds in shukurs and traditional pickled bernis give a “country” twist to wedding decor.

The idea of ​​having a wall of potted plants as a backdrop for one of the smaller events has become quite the trend these days. It’s a great alternative to the otherwise monotonous henna/turmeric backgrounds. A cozy wooden bench combined with unusual upholstery, and a wall filled with pop-up colorful terracotta pots is an idea worth bookmarking!

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

These days, couples are going for a more casual vibe, especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies like henna and haldi. This boho chic arrangement with divan-like seating, Moroccan-inspired carved tables and beautiful dream catchers is pure bliss!!

The 50 Best Summer Wedding Ideas: Outdoor, Backyard & More

How about a small nook to serve your guests juice on a sunny afternoon? Don’t miss that these juices are named after the bride and groom, to make things a little more fun!

I am totally drooling over these Mediterranean dishes with vibrant colors, warm vibes and a rustic feel! Bougainvilleas, cactus pillows and amphorae add to the overall beauty of the look.

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Summer Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

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Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Top15 Spring/summer Wedding Color Ideas For 2023

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Your email ID has not been verified. A confirmation email was sent upon registration. Check your inbox or click here to resend the email. Summer weddings are bright, fresh and very romantic, especially if you celebrate outdoors. How to decorate your summer wedding tables so that they are bright, vibrant and festive and embrace summer at the same time? Here are some ideas.

One of the best and most widespread ideas for wedding table decorations, floral centerpieces and table runners are flowers. Flowers in whatever colors you like to match the wedding decor are great and reminiscent of summer. You can also choose succulents and cacti for decoration – they are fashionable and touch the desert. Consider planting plants to make your wedding more eco-friendly and save a little on your budget. Try overhead centerpieces, cluster centerpieces, terrariums and single flower centerpieces – there are so many hot trends and you can try anything you like. Keep an eye on the vases or planters you use – they should definitely match in style and colour.

A beautiful light blue summer wedding table with runners, white candles and pastel flowers and gray chargers.

Rattan Wedding Décor Ideas We’re Loving Right Now

A bold summer wedding table from the 70s with pink petal runners, bright napkins, pink glasses and pastel and muted flowers.

A bold and fresh summer wedding table with lots of green, pink flowers, white candles and blue linen.

A bold dramatic summer wedding table with teal tablecloths, pink napkins, bright flowers and greenery and lit candles.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

A bright and fun summer wedding cover with printed runners, pink fabric, candles and glass, cactus in a pot.

Cheery Orange Summer Wedding Decor Ideas

A bright and lush wedding table with lots of lush flowers and greenery, pastel and printed plates and chargers plus candles.

A bright summer wedding table with black and white plates, yellow and white candles, colored napkins and yellow flowers.

A bright summer wedding table with pink and red flowers, blue linen, colorful vases and candles and gold cutlery.

A bright summer wedding table with elegant blue linen, pink and red flowers and branches and gold cutlery.

Gorgeous Round Table Wedding Décor Ideas

An elegant Italian summer wedding table with olive greens, lemons and limes, candles and bread on plates

How to make your tablescape more unusual and embrace the season and the place at the same time? How about adding lemons and other fruit? They can be cut or uncut and placed directly on the table or placed in centerpieces to make the look more special and juicy.

An elegant summer wedding table with pink and yellow flowers, pink napkins, yellow porcelain and gold details.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

An elegant summer wedding table with pastel flowers, zebra print napkins, gold cutlery and lots of flowers hanging at the venue.

Summer Wedding Table Décor Ideas

An elegant summer wedding table with printed plates, beautiful pink flowers, pink and amber glasses and silver cutlery.

A colorful and dramatic summer wedding table with a printed tablecloth, fruit, gold china and a super bold floral centerpiece with cutlery.

A colorful summer wedding table with printed table runners, bright flowers, glasses and neon cutlery, colorful plates

Bed linen is a must for any table setting, and here it is up to you which fabrics to use and how much. You can have tablecloths and napkins, or stick to layered table runners and napkins and skip the tablecloths. Keep them bright and lively, go for printed or dip-dyed colors to show that it’s summer and your tablescape will look wow.

Cacti And Succulent Ideas For Summer Wedding Décor

A super bright summery lemon table with bold flowers, pink candles, yellow chargers and lemons right on the table.

A super bright summer wedding table with sparkling glass placemats, colorful flowers and candles, gold candlesticks and bright napkins.

A neutral summer wedding table with lush flowers, greenery and black and white place settings

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

A colorful and refreshing summer wedding table with bright flowers, greenery and some fruit plus colorful napkins and favorite boxes.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

An elegant neutral summer wedding table with burlap table runners, neutral flowers and wooden plate holders plus candles.

A neutral summer wedding table with yellow and white flowers, neutral place settings and table greenery and crystal chandeliers

A colorful summer wedding table with purple linens, moss, candles and purple and neutral flowers in purple glass.

A bright and whimsical wedding reception with purple chairs, a large mirror, large lush flowers and candles.

Refreshing Decor Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

A colorful summer table with printed runners, bright flowers and pastel fabrics for a bold and cool space.

Coral and starfish look very romantic with flowers for a beach wedding. Bits of birch, moss and grass are a good idea for a rustic wedding. There are many ways to add different little details of each style or theme to your tablescapes. You are sure to find your summer wedding table decorations in the gallery below, take a look!

Bright pink flowers and greenery are an elegant and bold idea to rock a summer wedding table.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

A pastel colored summer wedding table with peach tablecloths, bright linens, green glasses and super bold summer flowers and fruits.

Unexpected Color Palette Ideas For Your Fresh Summer Wedding

A beautiful summer wedding table with blue tablecloths, blue linens and lush blue and white large flower arrangements.

A summer wedding table with pastel linens, super bright flowers.

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