Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

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Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas – Wedding table numbers are an important part of every wedding. Because they guide guests to their correct seats, they are legible and visible. However, just because table numbers are basic, doesn’t mean they have to be boring! There are a number of wedding table ideas that you can choose from to take your wedding decor to the next level.

Decorating with wedding table numbers is a unique way to make your wedding special. You can make wedding table numbers as individual pieces or complement the entire table decoration.

Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

To help you brainstorm decorating ideas for your wedding table numbers, we’ve collected 28 of our favorites and divided them into four different styles: rustic, glam, simple, and floral inspired.

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Create a nature-inspired design for your wedding table numbers by incorporating different types of greenery into the decor. Browns compliment vegetables well, so try placing your table numbers on a wooden background. Add pastel colored flowers to the arrangement for a romantic addition to the rustic design.

For more presence in your decor, try using burlap or variegated wood. Add gold and white to the colors of your table numbers to keep in line with the theme. For a statement piece, decorate the greenery around the design and add small lights. The result: a table number your guests can’t miss!

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Enjoy your wedding with these beautiful design ideas! Stick to golds and pastels to create a chic, elegant look that will impress your guests. Add some sparkle to spice up your design or match the color of your table number with decorative candles. This color combination creates the elegant, classy look you are going for.

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Think outside the box and design figures by letting them stand alone as statement pieces. You can do this by spelling out the number instead of having bits. For a more subtle approach, try placing them in something unusual like a book. Whatever style you choose, make sure it represents you and the vibe of your wedding.

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Create floral-inspired wedding table numbers by incorporating the flowers used at your wedding into the table number card itself. Another way to do this is to print floral designs on paper cards. Place these cards in card holders that match the main flowers in the vase. Create a classy, ​​integrated look.

Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Take your design to the next level by adding metallic accents in a floral print to your table numbers. For a statement, instead of printing a floral design onto your card, place the flowers on top! This creates a conversation starter for your guests that will get them talking once they are seated.

Incorporate Special Dates Into Your Table Numbers For A More Personal And Romantic Touch To Your Barn Wedding At Clock Barn

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If you want a classic look, keep your decorations subtle and fun. You can do this by using soft colors of blue and white in decorating your number. Play around with stylish fonts and find something that suits you and your partner’s wedding style.

Create a beautiful arrangement by combining color with long-lasting white candles. Match the candle flame and gold tone font of your table numbers for an extra classy design. You can make an eye-catching display by making three-dimensional cutouts of your table numbers or placing them in small flower baskets.

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Whether you choose to mix colors and decorate your wedding flowers or incorporate them into the design, flowers play an important role when decorating your wedding table numbers. For more inspiration, check out our wedding flower collection! One thing you don’t want to worry about on the big day is making sure everyone is seated at your wedding ceremony. If you have your wedding table planned, (or if not, we have a very handy wedding table planning tool), you will still need wedding table numbers to avoid any confusion.

Functional doesn’t mean they can’t look good, so we’ve compiled a list of 47 creative table design ideas to give you inspiration. There’s a trendy terrazzo style, eco-friendly bottles, and a whole bunch of DIY options if you’re feeling crafty. Yes, you can make a wedding table number out of an old brick and chalk and it will look great!

Terrazzo from Italy is a material made of marble, granite, quartz, shell and glass in different colors. Jump on the terrazzo trend by printing your wedding table numbers on a beautiful slab.

Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

This wooden block wedding table number with white lettering is a perfect match for a barn wedding. A great DIY project is to use square wooden blocks and paint by numbers.

Acrylic Table Numbers

A rustic wood slice works wonderfully if you are decorating the tables for a woodland wedding. You can pick up natural wood chips from Hobbycraft for £5 for 8 and paint the numbers white yourself – chic

Sophisticated and elegant, a wire table number placed among the flowers lets your guests know where they are sitting without taking center stage. These from Le Rustic Chic are available in a multitude of different colors to match your theme.

Lovely couples will adore the wedding table numbers shown. Not only do they look cool, they create the illusion of a really large room. If you want to go the DIY route, charity shops often sell second-hand mirrors that you can write on with a glass marker pen.

Clear acrylic combines with rose gold accents to create these stunning wedding table numbers from Z Designs. They almost seem to float on their own, creating a beautiful ethereal effect.

Modern Wedding Table Numbers Ideas For Modern Weddings!

If you’re having a rustic wedding, make sure your wedding table numbers don’t clash with the decor by considering brown twine decorations. They blend in well but make a big enough statement to make sure your guests don’t miss them.

Simple wedding table numbers can work as a great, sophisticated option. We love the sleek look of this crocodile clip with monochrome print – available to download here!

Change the white or ivory wedding table numbers by choosing a black color instead. The brass letters contrast nicely against the black card and add a touch of glamor to the table.

Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

This set of 10 wine bottle numbers from Party Fun costs less than £2 so you’ll have plenty of booze! As well as a beautiful table number print, if you look closely the card has a small ‘Drink to Love’ message written on it. It’s good that we do…

Unique Wedding Table Numbers To Recreate

Having picture frames as your wedding table numbers is really fun and personal. You can even have a funny photo of you and your partner, a recent picture, or a nice throwback to how long you’ve known each other. The possibilities are endless!

If your pet is the second love of your life, you won’t be able to resist having sparkling stars in the center of your wedding tables. Cue lots of oohing and aahing from your guests as they find their seats.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful wedding table than this beautiful printed tile? It reminds us of walking through many mosaic paths in sunny weather and it’s good if you plan your destination.

Consider this brilliant idea (sorry) and how about having a light bulb as your wedding table number? You can light them if you are planning an evening reception to create a soft atmosphere.

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You’ve seen sky-themed weddings all over Pinterest, and crystal table numbers are perfect if you’re planning one. They look beautiful on the day but also make a great piece of jewelery to keep in your home after the wedding.

Plant pots are a great way to add color to your wedding tables if you’re not a fan of flower arrangements. We love the idea of ​​having a fragrant plant as a focal point – imagine your reception area smelling like fresh mint!

Gold accents add a special touch to winter wedding decorations. We’re obsessed with the sweet ceremony details on this wedding table card, which fits perfectly into a metal frame.

Table Numbers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Another beautiful rustic option

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