Tablescapes For Fall

Tuesday, December 20th 2022. | Weddings

Tablescapes For Fall – Before this house was even a twinkle in our eye, I was dying to have a dining room to create tablescapes for the holidays. There’s something about displaying your creations on the table that makes it one of the most fun places to be. Space is limited but the possibilities are endless. Creating a fall table has been something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I moved into our new home.

My “everyday” look in our dining room is peacock inspired and this fall is the first time since our move that I’ve branched out to include a little variation. I love reds, oranges, and all the fall colors, but for my dining room, I wanted to focus on mixing metallics and neutrals. I use metallics and neutrals year-round, so lots of table decorations and accessories can be mixed and matched for different seasons and occasions. Read on to see how this theme was created and how it came about step by step.

Tablescapes For Fall

Tablescapes For Fall

At first, I was looking for silver branches, but I did not succeed with the people who were holding them. I picked up three of these golden branches from Home for $6 each.

Simple Rustic Christmas Tablescape

I cut the stems to make them easier to work with and pile them on the table with just a little overlap to create a continuous runner of leaves.

I found these placemats at our local HomeGoods for $4.99. Again, I would have preferred all the silvers, but they only had four silvers and two golds. Impatient, I bought gold to hang on the head of the table.

Instead of using chargers and buying decorative plates, I decided to use what we had and take the opportunity to look at some of our china. Instead of one identical pattern, I decided to coordinate two Waterford sets and mixed them up. Shown below are a dinner plate and bread plate from the Bassano collection and a salad plate from the Padova collection.

I found these little silver pumpkins at Michaels; I picked them up for $1 each with the sale price and coupons I had.

Affordable Country Fall Tablescape

I really like the crackle glass at Pier 1 and have a blue one for my usual table setting. I scored these champagne colored white wine glasses when they were 20% off.

Tip: When it comes to special wine glasses, my mother taught me to get more than what is needed to calculate the fraction on the way. You never know when the ingredients might disappear. The table is set for six people, but I bought ten.

For a visual “punch” layers can make a big statement and depth adds more interest than static elements. I like to take full advantage of the opportunity to create some sparkle and drama, so I decorated the decorations, the plates and even the napkins. White is the standard I bought in a set of 12 from HomeGoods. Pier 1 beaded napkins are a staple for me. I got four of them several years ago, and when we moved we bought a few more to complete the collection. They are very versatile and I can usually line them up, no matter what “happens” on the table. Silver leaf napkin rings were also purchased at Pier 1.

Tablescapes For Fall

I bought a pumpkin from HomeGoods to use as a centerpiece; Unfortunately, this is the first injury at the start of the new season. About a week later I went back to HomeGoods and was in luck; They had the same piece as the one I dropped and it broke. I bought it back, and when I got home, I knew it wasn’t meant to be while the pumpkin was dead like its twin. Instead, I took out the pumpkin I had elsewhere and shared it with my two little friends. All pumpkins shown were purchased from HomeGood. I got these silver tapered candle holders, yes, also from HomeGoods, and the other pair from Pier 1. The mercury glass candle holders are also from Pier 1. I like a variety of sizes and heights, but I keep it. The same color families and candlesticks are all white to maintain a cohesive look.

Colorful Farmhouse Tablescape For Fall

After everything was in place, I inserted the decorative inserts and inserted them into the sheets until everything was level and secure. Believe it or not, I had extra items for the table that were clearly loaded and sent to the nearby buffet. Below are additional resources and screenshots of the completed schedule. In one post I am sharing 10 best fall-themed tablescape ideas. I thought it would be fun to put them all in one post, and I hope it inspires you to create your own scene.

Many of these tablescapes feature pumpkins, some have fall colors, some have Thanksgiving turkeys, and some have all of the above! All can be used during Thanksgiving or fall. I’ll share a little information about each table below and you can click on each link to get all the details on each one!

This is what I call “end of summer and transition to fall streams.” To create ten place settings, I used colors that fit both seasons and changing foods.

This burnt orange and tan pumpkin palette is still one of my all time favorites! The dishes have pumpkins painted on them and I just love the color combination. I also love the velvety pumpkins in the middle of the wreath.

Cozy Fall Tablescape With Pink And Plaid

This table is a mix of old and new dishes. I mix Limoges Haviland gold and white dishes with some new strong green dishes. The top plates with the golden pumpkins are from your local Fred Meyer/Kroger grocery store.

I have already created two versions of the tables using two sets of plates. This is another one of those “end of summer to fall transition” table views. There are no pumpkins or turkeys in the wreath, but you could set this table for early fall and then add some Thanksgiving touches to the pumpkins and turkeys.

I set one table outside for the kids and one for the adults. I was able to switch the plates from the two sets of dishes and create enough place settings for sixteen people. This is a great way to make enough place settings if you don’t have enough food for a large group.

Tablescapes For Fall

This kind of blue and orange night stand appeared by chance. I never thought it would be like this but there is nothing I set out to do so I started playing around with different foods and this is what happened. I used paper doilies which added a pop of color to the table. The wreath is topped with pumpkins, artificial flowers and blueberries. This was so fun I did a poll on my Instagram stories to see how many people liked it and 10% answered! Ha-ha-ha, that’s good, because I liked it and 90% of the people I asked did too. I can’t please everyone! so funny! I made two variations! With or without bowls. Which do you prefer?

Fall Tablescapes Fall Tablescapes: 5 Tips For Creating A Classic Tablescape Sarah Tucker

Every winter I set up a new table at our cabin in Montana. That’s what I did this year (2020). I set the tablecloth at eight and the theme is black and white with mustard yellow. I foraged for some wild plants and flowers around the yard and that became the focus. I love how this turned out!

Here is another variation of the above green and gold pumpkin. I swapped out the top plate for these green and gold pumpkins and swapped out the napkins and drinkware. I love how easy it is to switch things up.

This is what I jokingly call my turkey counter! I like to use turkey cuttings as part of the table setting. I also used some tan velvet pumpkins and mini turkey banner holders. And the turkey salt and pepper shakes made a perfect Thanksgiving.

One of my favorite things to do is set the table for Thanksgiving and then take out any fall or Thanksgiving related decorations and replace it with Christmas. Here I used fine china and added some silver mercury pumpkins and a silver turkey to the center of the wreath. When Thanksgiving was over I took it all out and added some mercury silver ornaments and it became my Christmas table.

Simple And Stunning Fall Tablescape Ideas

I prepared this for a dinner party in our backyard in Washington that marks the end of summer outdoors and the transition to a fall tablescape. This is in my top five of my favorite desks. It was recently published in American Farmhouse Style magazine. I created this table with the help of my friend Amy Brown, owner of Laughing Goat.

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