Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

Thursday, November 10th 2022. | Weddings

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Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

MIL asked to know her future grandchild’s name, the woman lied, almost certain that she would publish it online and she wasn’t wrong.

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It’s great if grandparents want to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives since the beginning, children are surrounded by family and their parents also feel they don’t have to do it alone as raising a person can be overwhelming.

While they are of great help, such a large involvement in the lives of their grandchildren can lead to conflict. This young couple had quarreled with the man’s mother and the baby was not yet born. They were careful not to mention their unborn daughter’s name because they didn’t want her grandmother to announce it on Facebook, which she did after promising to remain silent.

The mother-to-be does not want her MIL to know her son’s name before the birth, for fear of it being announced online

OP is a 23-year-old woman who is 8 months pregnant with her 25-year-old boyfriend. They are expecting a baby girl and are thrilled to meet their first child. All their relatives are also very happy with the new addition to the family and have helped their future parents prepare for what is to come.

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The happiest person is the boyfriend’s mother, even if she doesn’t accept the OP as part of the family. She went as far as to say that her son could have done better, but now he has fallen into the “trap” of having a girl’s baby.

Words like that cause a lot of pain in the OP’s heart, but luckily her boyfriend is by her side and tries to talk to her mom about it. Unfortunately, the future grandmother is not willing to ask for forgiveness. The only thing left for the OP to do is ignore it, that’s all.

Another annoying habit for the future mother-in-law is to post frequently on Facebook. It probably wouldn’t be a problem for most people, and they would deal with embarrassment if they heard one, but the OP provided an example of a post that really bothered her.

Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

Apparently as soon as future MIL found out about her son and OP’s engagement, she took to Facebook to tell the world before the couple could announce it themselves.

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It happened once when MIL posted a Facebook post congratulating her and her boyfriend on their engagement before they revealed it themselves.

If something important happens in your life, you want people to learn from you first. The joy of sharing is not the same when someone has told everyone about it and there is no longer an element of surprise.

The incident taught the couple a lesson about not telling the man’s mother everything because she might say it on social media. But the son slipped and deliberately revealed to his mother that his parents had chosen a name for the baby.

However, MIL is very stubborn and starts blaming her son, saying that she doesn’t love him

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Prospective parents know they can’t tell her this information, but it’s hard because she demands to know. The couple was sure that as soon as they were told, it would be on the Internet, so they did not feel comfortable revealing it when the girl was not yet born.

Excluding his grandmother from such information obviously offends him, so he begins to feel guilty for causing his son to stumble by saying that he does not love him and that he is afraid that he will not be able to see his granddaughter after her birth.

The OP pointed out that she and her fiance never suggested that would happen. That’s when the girl had the idea to tell her grandmother a fake name to see if she would post it on Facebook after she was asked not to.

Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

Sure enough, 5 minutes later, the OP checked Facebook and the future MIL had announced to the world that she was going to be Charlotte’s grandmother. The girlfriend was furious, but her mother’s answer was that she couldn’t contain her happiness and had to share.

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Bored Panda got a message from the mom and she told us that she and her boyfriend were not very surprised to see the post online, but angered the man “that the mother could jeopardize his safety. about her grandson by posting it online What if he posted more information about the baby when he was born on FB that no one other than close relatives should know about?

The rest of the family was confused and started texting the future parents asking if Charlotte was the right name they had chosen as there were no announcements from them, but telling Grandma the fake name was somehow proof that she didn’t have it.

The son told his mother that Charlotte was not her real name and that she would learn what her daughter and others called her when the baby was born. After this phone conversation, Grandma tried to contact her parents, leaving numerous messages calling OP out for lying.

So the mom-to-be told MIL a fake name to reassure her, but after 5 minutes the news was on her Facebook.

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However, since publishing the story, FMIL has changed his behavior and become less demanding. The family had a long talk at the dinner table and the mother hoped that the relationship would improve: “We set boundaries and I talked to him about how he treated me so much, I told him that I was willing. first. on a clean slate and he and she accepted. So let’s see where it ends up and what happens when the baby is born!”

The OP also said that after this conversation she is willing to give her future MIL a chance to prove that she can be a good grandmother because after all, “she raised [her] boyfriend and her brother to be great people and [she’s] good enough. She won’t try to do anything to physically hurt his grandson.”

Her parents-to-be are a bit angry with her because she was specifically asked not to share her name and, in turn, her grandmother is upset that she was lied to.

Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

People in the comments don’t think the OP is wrong because in the end, the future MIL did what she promised not to do. The editor advises that MIL should not be trusted and warns pregnant women that it will only get worse after the baby is born.

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Mom told us she was truly overwhelmed with all the support and kind words and plans to send an update when the girls are born, so the story isn’t over yet.

Do you think the OP could have handled the situation differently? Do you think grandma has the right to know the baby’s name and share it on social media? Let us know in the comments!

People in the comments are interested in the OP’s plan to check if the MIL is reliable and believe it is setting healthy boundaries

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Future Mother In Law Spreading Lies About Me

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