Teal And Orange Wedding Colors

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As we look ahead to wedding events in 2021 and 2022, we thought we’d dive into some of the scariest things couples will find when they start searching for their wedding day. Every year and round of weddings there are different styles and colors, from bold to classic, to help inspire you. For this honeymoon, two of the most intimidating colors to work with are bright orange. Both of them are very strong with a recent presence, and at first they can feel strong and powerful. But once you dive deeper you can see how amazing they work. And with the right combination of supporting colors and details, yes, you can create a colorful and modern wedding color that looks boho or retro vibe. This post will look at how these colors work and how they can be combined to create a beautiful wedding decoration with a stunning modern boho-retro vibe.

Teal And Orange Wedding Colors

Teal And Orange Wedding Colors

The tea itself has many colors that include green to green. It is very unique because it can combine all the elements of water and earth. It is very complex, rich, dreamy, bold, reliable, but at the same time it is calm and impressive. If you gravitate towards blue tones, but are looking for a more modern or sophisticated statement, teal is a great color to consider working with. The tone of the blue bridge allows us to explore and work with different shades of blue and gray to make it amazing. Similarly, it connects us with different types of green that green tones can work with. This creates a universal color that can be adapted to any season and most places and places. Using it as a main color is a great way to instantly set the tone of your venue and wedding reception and provide a focal point for your flowers and decorations. If you don’t want to use it as the main color, it can be a great color to use as an accent color to catch the eye and take your wedding style to the next level.

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Orange colors – especially burnt orange – are considered a “retro” color. Think mid-century, late 60’s – early to mid 70’s, Southern California style,   Palm Springs chic. It is very strong on earth, inspired by earth, heaven and fruit. It is heavily influenced by California and Spanish influences: think terra cotta, ceramic tile roofs, desert landscapes, Spanish oranges, persimmons, earthenware pots and bowls. It also takes a lot from the natural sun, especially the Mediterranean climates – orange sun waves that deepen into a fiery red orange color. It is touching, loving, down to earth, humble but has a lot to say. Burnt orange can be a difficult color to work with. Many people are turned off by its earthy tones and find it too old or boring. But color is actually on a spectrum. Indeed, in its darkest form it looks like brown, but in its lightness it reaches the area of ​​peach, with strong and interesting colors like tangerine and Valencia orange. At full volume, it sounds like a rich baritone, which allows for deep color exposure to soft romantic orange tones.

They play well with each other: teal catches the eye and is smooth and calm, while orange burns and sets you on fire with a romantic sunset. Then expanding your color palette to the fullest with neutrals and greens will create a stunning statement that suits any season, location and style.

As we said at the beginning, burnt orange will give a retro look to your wedding style. I wanted to create a color palette that wasn’t too heavy on the retro vibe, but instead I liked the Spanish vibe. I’m thinking a late summer wedding – maybe September – is a place with a nice neutral look like brick or sandstone that I can work with as a background. Sometimes the floor tiles and wooden tables can hit that vibe a little tangible. But I want this to feel romantic and beautiful – I want to create a design with a vibe that’s mostly botanical but retro and has a modern and stylish feel to it. And it still sounds like Ireland.

Then I choose the teal tone – the same in the blue and green tones to tone it all down and incorporate the green into my main colors. I’ve chosen a bright orange tone called “Fire Dragon” so I can obviously use it as an eye tone that will stand out boldly, but also allow me to play with darker tones and soft neutral tones. This is why I choose peach as another main color – again, the neutral tone here immediately softens the dark orange and starts to tell a story. I want to keep a sweet and Irish touch, so I’m going with Rosemary for my leaves – earthy, it still fits the Mediterranean tone but will also act as a good base to start off with some of my Irish leaves (light to dark). ) growth. And voila! I present my mood board with tea and burnt orange, one of the wedding trends of 2021-22:

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I love the exposed wood table to also hit the earthy and botanical tone. A teal table runner is eye-catching and gives my spring flowers and decorations a pop. Floral I want a neutral tone – soft, romantic, elegant, very bright with lots of greenery and movement. I love this floral print that shows off my color perfectly. To be clear, I love the modern gold trim and mirrored glassware. A neutral table cloth like sand will perfectly complement the modern and bright charcoal table, giving this orange tone a metallic look this time. Accents of orange and gold antique brass candles are the perfect compliment to the tea table cloth. For my centerpiece cake, something like this cute cupcake topper from Cupcakes and Counting shows off my theme and colors, as well as serving as a decorative piece.

I hope you can begin to see how you can take steps to encourage you, without dictating how to work with it. We didn’t want to do a burnt orange 1970s style wedding; All we had to do was get into the spirit of it and see what spoke to us and how it worked with our style and space and interpret it to make it work for us.

I’m excited to see how you use the 2021-22 wedding colors with burnt orange on your wedding day!

Teal And Orange Wedding Colors

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Teal And Orange Wedding Colors

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