The Best Spots In Croatia To Get Married

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The Best Spots In Croatia To Get Married – You can’t control the weather and that’s the truth. Maybe in a few decades you’ll be able to pay enough money to have as good weather on your wedding day as it’s going to be. Who knows, maybe air conditioning will be one of the most important aspects of wedding packages in the future. Very important as a wedding photographer or wedding dress photographer.

But for now it’s not like that and it’s better to stay here. Many couples want to know what to expect each month if they are planning a wedding in Croatia. Like any other place in the world, Croatia looks different in different months. Good weather, bad weather, more people, less people, cold sea, warm sea…

The Best Spots In Croatia To Get Married

The Best Spots In Croatia To Get Married

In this article, we bring you everything you need to know about what Croatia looks like every month and what you can expect if you want to get married in Croatia. Not only in terms of the weather, but we will also discuss other aspects of Croatia that may be relevant for your Croatian wedding.

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Let’s start with the general weather and climate in Croatia. Let’s face it, you’re probably checking the weather every 10 minutes a few days before your wedding. Everyone wants sunshine and warmth, you can handle cloudy weather, but when it rains it feels like the end of the world. Here are some encouraging points – 99% of all our weddings and weddings in Croatia have been dry and smooth. And trust us, we’ve had a lot of them.

The southern part of Croatia (and where 99% of the slopes are groomed) has a Mediterranean climate that doesn’t tell you much at the moment. It’s hot and humid. A great combination if you ask us, and one of the reasons why Croatia is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Europe. The winter season tends to be mild due to the influence of the sea and the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Even when the cold wind called Bura blows, it can be cold. And it doesn’t snow on the beach.

Summer in Croatia is very hot, July and August are the hottest months and peak tourist season in Croatia. Usually, during these months, the daily temperature ranges from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Central and northern Croatia have a different climate – one continent. It basically means that the winters are cold and the summers are hot like a beach. There is usually snow every year, especially in the central part of Croatia – Lice and Gorski Kotar. The summer days are hot, but the nights are nice and cool.

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We’ve answered this question many times on this site, and we’ll answer it again. When you ask us when is the best time to get married in Croatia, we always say pre-season and post-season. This includes the months of May, June, September and the first part of October. The closer to summer, the warmer the weather and the sea will be. July and August are usually the busiest months in Croatia and most of the time there are more tourists than people living in Croatia. Just kidding, but almost.

Many venues and weddings are planned and organized in the hottest months of July and August and we understand why. We also hope it doesn’t change and that’s a good thing. People want to combine vacations and weddings, and most of the time it’s a good thing. When you get married in Croatia, walk around afterwards, enjoy the nightlife, all your guests love it… Until the ceremony and other wedding events. That’s when you realize that heat and marriage don’t mix well. Our best advice if you want to get married in Croatia in the summer – don’t do anything outside before 6pm.

If you want to get married in Croatia at this time, there are a number of things to consider and this could make all the difference for you. Firstly, your Croatian wedding can be cheaper if it is planned outside the high season. Accommodation is easy to find and prices are lower than in July and August.

The Best Spots In Croatia To Get Married

The weather is still mild, although not as hot as mid-summer. Traveling in Croatia is easy and there are no traffic jams and long queues. Many restaurants and other tourist shops are open. Wedding services like wedding planners, photographers and videographers, florists etc. It’s a simple book.

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The list goes on and on. The final choice is of course yours and getting married in Croatia is possible at any time and still look great. However, we hope it will help you find out what you can expect in Croatia from different times. Especially if it comes from someone who shoots weddings all year long and sees what different weddings look like.

Here comes the part where we give our best and try to explain what each month looks like in Croatia. Not only in terms of the weather, but also other aspects that may be important to you if you want to get married in Croatia.

January and February are the coldest months in Croatia. The weather is unpredictable and the days are short. There are many rainy and windy days along the coast and in central Croatia. This is the usual time for snowfall in Croatia, mostly in the northern parts of the country. Most weather services are closed. By many we mean all. Along with November, it can be said that January and February are the most boring months in Croatia.

However, this can be advantageous if you want to get married in Croatia in winter. January and February are good for cold winter weather. There are no tourists at this time, so you can feel like you are alone in an area that is usually very crowded in the summer. If you dream of winter in Croatia, where you and your partner will be alone, then these months are right for you.

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The moon is waking up. The days are slowly getting longer and the weather is becoming more typical with sunny days and less rain. A cold wind called Bura usually blows 3 times on the coast. This wind brings a little cooler air, it also clears the air and you can see clearly. Spring begins at the end of March and the temperature rises.

However, it is still too early for nature to wake up, so no real flowers bloom until late April or early May. In the month of March, the environment still looks like winter with the difference of high temperatures and sunny days. Most tourist services are closed except for a few tourist spots like Dubrovnik where tourists are slowly starting to arrive.

April is characterized by a further increase in temperature and day length. Nature starts to wake up at the end of the month and everything starts to bloom. At the end of April, the pre-season starts in Croatia and some tourist activities (hotels, restaurants, bars…) start with this activity. The sea is still a bit cold for a long swim, but good for a short snack.

The Best Spots In Croatia To Get Married

May is the month when true happiness begins. The weather is perfect for light clothes and nature is starting to bloom. Everything is fragrant and everyone feels good. More and more people are coming to Croatia (still not nearly as long) and more tourist services are opening. There are many sunny days and it is getting warmer as June approaches.

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If you ask us, May is one of the best months to get married in Croatia. Accommodation is easy to find, not too crowded. May is especially suitable for small intimate weddings and resorts in Croatia.

We like to think of June as the start of the real training season in Croatia. You can see it as May promoted. It is very hot and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius can already be expected, but still more bearable than in July and August. June is great for weddings as many weddings are easy to find and book during this time and everyone is fresh and full of positive energy.

Most tourist attractions and services are already open. The sea is very nice and good for swimming.

The busiest and hottest months in Croatia. All tourist attractions are crowded. The wedding venue for this period can be reserved 2 years before the wedding

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