The Bf Just Brought Me Flowers Just Because

Sunday, January 22nd 2023. | Weddings

The Bf Just Brought Me Flowers Just Because – We all work from home at my house. So when the flower delivery came on Monday, it was my husband who answered because I was in a meeting.

As longtime readers know, we recently moved back to Colorado after 6 years in Texas. We had planned to move after our daughter’s high school graduation, but as soon as everything went online and we were no longer “stuck” in Texas, we decided to quickly take the plunge and head back. He missed the clear mornings and views to the west.

The Bf Just Brought Me Flowers Just Because

The Bf Just Brought Me Flowers Just Because

We just bought a house and will be moving into the new house in February. (We rented for 6 months while we shopped.) So the blog can be a bit low key with shorter posts and announcements rather than a more in-depth series for a few weeks while we resettle. I’m so excited to be able to unpack my genealogy books soon!

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I took a little break last week because we’re heading back to Colorado! We moved to Texas six years ago to provide my husband with a new job opportunity. Long story short, he’s at another company now and they’re letting everyone work from home until at least next June. My daughter switched to an online school. I already work from home. We finally realized that we didn’t have to stay in Texas! (I didn’t like the heat and humidity!) We had been talking about moving back to Colorado for the last four years, so we “seized the day” and just did it.

So adjusting my life will get me back on track with my blog posts next week. I’m not done with my thoughts on newspapers yet, so stay tuned for these ongoing posts!

We went to Estes Park this past weekend. I missed the mountains and fresh air so much!

[Author’s note: Sorry for the delay between posts! I’ve been really busy with some projects lately. One of them was preparing for the Northwest Genealogical Conference. I’m looking forward to giving three talks this Friday and Saturday in Arlington, Washington (near Seattle) and have taken some time to prepare. I also had a few other projects in the works, so these posts had to wait a while. So without further ado…]

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When we move, everything is different except the things you brought with you, and even those end up in different places. (Spoons are no longer to the left of the sink. They are now in the island drawer.) In the first few months, I felt a little scared when I had to do something simple, like going to the supermarket. Traffic patterns are different. Street signs are different. Traffic lights are on the side here instead of up and down. It took us a while to find a decent breakfast restaurant. Not to mention all the trouble we went through to get our new driver’s licenses, plates, health professionals… I’m still trying to find a decent dentist. (Miss you Dr. Simpson in Boulder!)

Moving to a new place forces you to create a new network, a new FAN club. (I detailed the FAN Club in the previous post.) One of the most common ways to do this is to get to know your neighbors. (Unfortunately, we have found that the neighbors here are not as friendly and/or talkative as our old neighbors. We miss you, Judy and the Williams family!) Our neighbors tend to be isolating. In fact, most people in our neighborhood are very private. (Except for a kid who lives down the block who became friends with my kids…

My favorite way to meet new people, especially like-minded people, is to join a new genealogy society (or three, as I did). It will connect you with others who appreciate family history, research, share genealogy tips and tricks, and who won’t roll their eyes when you start talking about the latest records you’ve found. (Not that my husband likes it, but my kids do.) There are two paid societies in my area that I’ve joined, the Austin Genealogical Society and the Williamson County Genealogical Society. There is also an informal genealogy group that meets at the Pflugerville Public Library. I also joined the Texas State Genealogical Society. They don’t have monthly meetings, but they do have a lot of member benefits that I’ve already benefited from: the speakers office. I am pleased to speak ahead of the Central Texas Genealogical Society meeting in a few weeks.

The Bf Just Brought Me Flowers Just Because

Other ways to meet people and meet new people include volunteering for these genealogical societies or other community organizations such as the library, school or animal shelter, finding a new church or other house of spirituality, attending community events like festivals or neighborhood, or take a class around (art, movement, dance, cooking, etc.). These are just some of the ways to expand your FAN club after moving. These can be really fun and engaging.

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As an aside, an interesting thing I realized after moving: I didn’t have to give up my Colorado friends as much as I did when we moved when I was a kid. Back in the day, keeping in touch included actual letters sent by the United States Postal Service (*gasp*) or expensive long distance calls, both of which are being eradicated from our modern lives. The internet has allowed me to stay in touch through social media and video chat, and smartphones make that communication possible anywhere. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I moved to a town very close to where one of my best friends’ parents from Colorado lives, so I can see them whenever she visits. The same applies to my children. They still chat, text, and video call their Colorado friends. While we may have expanded physically as a society, the internet has given us the ability to stay connected in ways that our ancestors would likely have considered magical or mystical. (Damn, I think that’s magical too.)

In genealogy lectures, we are taught to examine our ancestors’ friends, associates, and neighbors, as people often associate with relatives and/or have moved to other places with associates who were not related. As I ponder this concept and compare it to my current situation, I am struck by how different our lives and connections are now than they were for our ancestors.

Nobody moved with us. It was my husband and I, our two children and four pets. Our next of kin now live over 3 hours away, relatives we are getting to know again but weren’t very close before the move. The only people we knew in Austin were acquaintances, our realtor, and I also knew some genealogists in the area. My husband doesn’t have a proper office in the building here yet because the project is so new they haven’t finished building it and getting the whole project team organized so no real work friends for him yet. The thing is, if you tried to find a “Fan Club” reason for our move, you wouldn’t succeed.ยน

I imagine that today’s migration patterns will look very different to future researchers, perhaps more confusing than those of our ancestors. In general, US migration patterns generally move from the east coast to the west. (I know this is a huge generalization, and I have several exceptions in my research.) Also, you can usually find groups of people who migrated together. I’m sure it’s happening today, but I wouldn’t be too suspicious. We are much more independent, we need less support from family and neighbors to survive. From grocery stores to gas stations, indoor plumbing to wifi, we usually have everything we need or can find ourselves.

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Does it feel more isolated? Or maybe I’m still adjusting to a change and still finding my new network of friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Do not worry. We adapt. My next posts will be about how we are working to build our new FAN Club.

1. The “FAN Club” principle is attributed to the work of Elizabeth Shown Mills. Elizabeth Shown Mills, QuickSheet: The Historical Biographer’s Guide to Cluster Research (The FAN Principle) (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2012). See also Elizabeth Shown Mills, “Quick Lesson 11: Identity Problems & the FAN Principle,”

In my research, I often think about why my ancestors did what they did. I am particularly curious when I find out that they have moved from one state to another. Sometimes it feels like there are “loners” who go off on their own. Those I usually call “adventurous” people who wanted to see the countryside instead of staying at home tending the family farm. Sometimes entire groups of extended families would move together or in chains, one moving first and then the others following. I usually assume these people have moved to a new place in search of opportunity or a better life.

The Bf Just Brought Me Flowers Just Because


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