Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas

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Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas – Brides always go to great lengths to ensure that their wedding dresses are in perfect shape for the big day. But at the end of the day, many women decide to relax with the shirt – throw it in the trash! We’re not talking about downsizing… Read on for 25 fun ideas.

The couple wore their wedding dresses in a dark part of the forest during the rain. The light source is located behind them, creating a beautiful backlit effect that creates a forest vibe around them. Check it out at Del Sol Photography.

Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas

Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas

Here, a couple bravely dived underwater in a lake to capture this romantic shot that looks like something straight out of a movie. The key to this effect is to extend the train of the dress around the bride. Go to Karina Medvedeva’s Instagram account to check it out.

Riviera Maya Cenote Trash The Dress

Here’s another creative idea – wear your outfit with skis to the mountains! Apart from being a great fun and unique subject for wedding photography, it also offers amazing views due to its height. See Steve Z’s website for more photos.

If standing on a cold mountain top in a strapless dress isn’t your idea of ​​fun, try this idea. Sit on the beach with your fiancé, where the ocean waves splash you. Head over to Bodas Y Weddings to check it out.

If you’re really brave, try this amazing underwater photo shoot. To attempt this, your photographer will need an underwater camera and a healthy dose of courage. For more underwater photos of the couple, go to Dean Sanderson Weddings.

Here is a stunning image of the bride beaming around her gorgeous circular train lying in the shallows of the ocean. The key to achieving this look is to choose a location where the waves barely touch the shore. Check it out at Innovias.

Never Wear It Again? Give Your Wedding Dress Life After The Big Day!

If you prefer something more interesting, try this urban photo shoot. Find a brick wall with colorful graffiti and casually relax in front of it. The addition of casual sneakers gives it a more memorable look. Check it out on Alternative.

This active couple decided to take a photo on a pair of SUP boards… and the photographer went even further and took the camera partially underwater. Head over to Mon Cheri Bridal to check out these ideas and many more.

On the other end of the spectrum, the pair ventured out into the frigid winter weather for a series of shots in the snow. And of course, a snowball fight ensued, resulting in an amazing photo series. For more beautiful images by David Meyer, go here.

Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas

And if you’re feeling really brave, try this idea…jump off a cliff into the ocean, as this brave couple decided to do! Croatia’s beautiful turquoise waters also make a great backdrop for shots. Check it out here.

Creative Ways To Trash The Dress

If you have a vintage car that means a lot to you, you’ll probably like this idea. Open the hood and stand at the front of the car… what a fun concept! Check out Darby Elizabeth’s website to see more fantastic shots from this shoot.

If you’re like most brides, you’ll spend most of your wedding day trying to avoid spilling red wine on your dress. So, if you do it on purpose, it will be more fun! So grab a few glasses of wine and head over to Fabulously Wed for all the amazing photos of the day.

This bride couldn’t control herself and got down and dirty – literally – in a big pile of dirt. Talk about total commitment! The key is to get as dirty as possible. Check out BuzzFeed for these and many other great costume ideas.

If you love color, you can use paint to break up the outfit. By putting bright paint on glass bottles, you can achieve a really interesting effect shown above. Check out Happy Wed to see this image along with many other creative images.

Cenote Trash The Dress Photography Riviera Maya

You don’t need a large body of water to create a great look with a dress…a small pond or even a puddle will do! The couple chose a swampy location and wore rubber boots to enhance the bride’s effect. Head over to Poster Jack to check it out. This month’s popular idea for your wedding is to… trash the dress photos. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. But the truth is, it’s a pretty cool concept.

I first discovered this concept of “Drop the Clothes” photography many years ago a few days before my cousin’s wedding. We were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and she invited me to the mall to look for a dress for her Trash The Dress photo shoot. I had never heard of this concept at the time, but I understood immediately. And a few years later, it became an absolute must for my wedding.

I thought for a while. This is one of my favorite parts of a wedding abroad. Throw away dress photos are usually taken the day after the wedding. It’s so fun, sexy, romantic, and makes great photos that you’ll cherish forever. And while anyone can take dress photos, they’re especially popular for weddings abroad because you can take advantage of the gorgeous backdrops available abroad.

Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas

Check out more photos from this shoot with real trash in Mexico and read a great tip from a bride on how to use trash during your shoot.

Underwater Trash The Dress Wedding Photography

Not sure if you want to rock your designer dress? Personally, I’m all for it, because do you (or your daughter) want to wear this dress again one day? Really?? Why not enjoy and make memories for a lifetime? I will never regret throwing away my designer clothes. Even though I was submerged up to my neck in ocean water and then rolled around in the sand with my wet shirt on, the dry cleaning was able to restore my clothes to their original state. Still loathe the idea of ​​throwing away your expensive wedding dress? Then do what many other brides do and buy an inexpensive dress just for your photo shoot.

But whatever you do, if you can, go ahead and book a thrash photo shoot. You’ll be glad you did!

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Trash The Wedding Dress

One of the most common questions girls ask is what to do with their dress after the wedding. It’s hard to answer because it’s the most expensive dress you’ve ever bought (but only worn once). Those who can’t part with it prefer to keep it for sentimental value or give it to their daughters, while others take a more practical approach and give it away or sell it. But there is a third option: ruining the wedding dress.

The dress photos are the post-wedding photos of the bride that literally ruin her dress. This is a great way to do the ultimate creative dress photo shoot.

Whether you’re surfing the waves or throwing colorful smoke bombs, shirt throwing is a fun experience captured in a unique way. While many may gasp in horror after soiling a four-figure shirt with sentimental value, there’s no denying that shirt photography turns great (and equally memorable) photos into trash. doesn’t.

Trash The Wedding Dress Ideas

Blue-grey seas and rocky cliffs bring a touch of romance to a coastal demo session full of elegance and love. We also love the photographer’s wide shots that capture the expanse of the water as the bride’s dress sinks into the ocean.

Trash The Dress — Montana Based Wedding And Portrait Photographer Dax Photography Blog Dax Photography

Another smoke bomb moment where your clothes can’t recover. But who cares when that turquoise cloud makes such a gorgeous backdrop for this kiss?

If you’re not ready to completely ruin your outfit, run

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